Many of the apps we have and use on our smart devices rely on the Internet to perform their functions and features well. This shouldn’t pose any problem if you’re connected to a secured and unlimited wired connection via WiFi. However, if you’re outside and relying on mobile data, you can expect your data allocation to be spent up pretty quickly if you don’t restrict apps from accessing the Internet in the background. Keeping your mobile data turned off might be the first solution you might think of, but what if you need to use or access particular apps, such as Gmail or Maps? Eventually, you’ll have to turn mobile data on your phone to use some of its most essential apps and functions. To make sure that no other apps unnecessarily consume your mobile data, you need to block Internet usage in individual Android apps — and this is […]

Rooting an Android phone allows users to unlock their device’s full potential. Even though this task does come with a few risks, many users still choose to root their devices, as doing so lets them do things and apply changes on their devices that an unrooted device will otherwise not allow. Rooting an Android nowadays has also been made more accessible, thanks to the growing number of resources and rooting apps. But what if your device begins to exhibit problems after rooting itself? What if there’s an app that you really want or need to use but it requires a non-rooted device? What if Android simply refuses to work after you root it? What if you need to have your phone serviced under warranty? What if you just want to make your device secure again? Now, this is where learning how to unroot Android comes in handy. In this post, […]

iTunes is a top-rated multi-media player app that lets you download and play music, videos, and even full-length movies. However, just like all Apple signature apps, we all know that it is only available for iOS devices and Macs. Sad as it may be, there is no iTunes app for Android, so Android users cannot enjoy the features of the app. It might not be a big deal for some, but it could be annoying for others who are used to finding songs on iTunes. Some artists and singers also prioritize iTunes when releasing their albums. Plus, it is heartbreaking to think of all the music in your iTunes library that you can’t access just because you are using an Android smartphone. But, even though iTunes is technically not available for Android, there are several ways to download and play your iTunes music on Android. These methods are easy to […]

On and off –that’s pretty much what your Android’s power button does. You press it to turn off your home screen and put your phone or tablet into standby, and you press it again to turn it back on. You hold the power button to turn off or reboot your device. Other devices will show additional options like toggling Airplane mode on and off or changing sound profiles. However, one thing is common –the power button is one of the primary and redundant buttons of every Android device. But, did you know that you can customize your power button to make it more interesting? The beautiful thing about Android is that you can customize practically everything to spice up your life –that includes buttons. So if you’re not happy with how essential your power button looks like, there are simple ways to customize it and get more out of your […]

There are a million games available on Google Play Store –ranging from kids games and puzzles to graphic-intensive multi-player games that can be demanding for your device’s hardware. Playing on an Android device, with top-notch hardware, guarantees excellent gameplay. However, Android devices that are made for gaming are costly but there are several game-performance boosters on Android that will help you maximize your device’s performance. If you like playing graphics-heavy games like Asphalt 8, Need for Speed, Injustice, Age of Empires, or FIFA on your Android device, it can be annoying when you experience lags, freezes, or network interruption when you’re in the middle of the game. In this article, we’ll show you how to boost game performance on Android so you can enjoy a good game even with a not-so-top-tier phone or tablet. Game Performance Booster for Rooted Android Device If you have a rooted Android device, you can […]

As Android devices are becoming more advanced each year, we can do more with them than just sending messages and taking photos. Thanks to new features and functionalities added to our devices, it is now possible to make epic time-lapse and stop frame animation videos of beautiful scenarios or anything around us that captures our attention, but our eyes cannot keep up. Yes, you need not buy a brand new high-end video recorder for this. A reliable Android device and any of the stop-motion and time-lapse apps for Android listed below are already enough. Before we reveal these apps, allow us to differentiate a time-lapse video and a stop-motion video first to avoid confusions. Time-Lapse Vs. Stop-Motion It should be clear that time-lapse and stop-motion videos are two different things. A time-lapse video has consistent breaks between frames, where the subject is captured from one position. The aim is to […]

Have you ever left your phone at home while you’re waiting for an urgent call or an email, so you wished there was a way to access it remotely? Or are you too busy (or lazy) to get your phone you left in the bedroom while you’re working in your home office? Fortunately, there are several ways to do that. If you’re an Android user, you can access your phone even if it’s not with you. You can reply to messages and emails, retrieve bookmarks, or log into your home network just by using some apps. It is fresh and pretty handy, especially during emergencies. Airdroid is a handy mobile app that lets you control Android from PC. All you need is a web browser to do things that you usually do with your Android device –remotely at that. There’s no need to get up and get your device to […]

No doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today that allow us to share beautiful photos and videos with people all across the globe. Unfortunately, no matter how much we like to download beautiful images and videos uploaded by other users and save copies of them on our devices, Instagram generally doesn’t allow doing so. Then again, that does not mean you cannot do anything about it. Of course, there is a way on how to download Instagram videos and photos! You need to install Instagram photo downloader apps on your Android device, and you can begin downloading images and videos from IG. Below are some of the favorite Instagram photo and video downloader apps we recommend: 1. Instagetter If you wish to grab photos and videos from a public Instagram profile, Instagetter is the app you need. Here’s how you use it: Download Instagetter from […]

Do you send out a lot of messages on your Android device? Or are you always on the go and need to reply to work and personal emails frequently? Typing a lot of messages, emails, and documents is not a problem, especially if you can type 70-80 words per minute on your computer. But if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet to do all that, then that’s a different issue. Typing on a computer is very different from typing on a phone or a tablet. First and foremost, a computer has an actual keyboard while Android devices don’t. Second, there’s also the issue of screen space. Working with a 13-inch monitor is so much easier compared to a 4-inch or 5-inch screen. Fortunately, there are shortcuts to fast typing on an Android device. These tricks might not help you reach your typing speed on a computer, but at least, […]

Using two monitors for a computer setup can boost a person’s productivity. If there is a need to perform multitasking, the second monitor can help you go a long way and get things done. But the problem is not everyone has an available spare screen. Plus, it can be rather expensive. Now, if you find yourself in a situation where a second screen is badly needed, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to share ways on how to use an Android as second monitor for your PC. And don’t worry; it’ll cost you nothing at all! 1. Install iDisplay on both your computer and Android device. Android devices can be handy productivity machines. Fortunately, with iDisplay, you can quickly take advantage of these gadgets and do more on your computer. Just follow the steps below to know how to use iDisplay: Download and install the iDisplay […]