Excited for Game of Thrones Season 8? Here’s How to Stream HBO on Your Phone

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Winter is coming this April. Whether you’ve been following all Game of Thrones episodes or not, you are probably aware that this hit HBO TV series is set to conclude with season 8. Its season premiere is scheduled to air on April 14.

If you are an avid GOT fan, it is likely that you have already caught up with the first few seasons of the show. However, if you haven’t watched any episodes yet, you can still catch up so you can also experience the show’s conclusion with everyone else. This now leaves you looking for ways to watch Game of Thrones.

Your first option is probably to watch it on Netflix on your phone. Unfortunately, that is not possible because this streaming site does not have the rights to air Game of Thrones.

So, while GOT is not yet available on Netflix, you can try alternative apps to watch Game of Thrones episodes on Android and iOS.

5 Android and iOS Apps to Watch Game of Thrones Season 8

Thanks to technology, everyone has a chance to enjoy watching GOT episodes on their Android and iOS smartphones whether they are at home or on the go. While some options are paid, others are completely free to download.

We’ve listed five of the most popular apps for streaming HBO below. Take note, though, that they’re paid options. We suggest that starting today, you set aside a few bucks so you can enjoy high-quality video streaming services for HBO shows. Once you’re ready, download and subscribe to any of the following Android and iOS apps for some fun viewing time on your phone:

1. HBO Go

In 2010, HBO introduced an official method to stream GOT in HD. They called it HBO Go. Since then, many other streaming methods were introduced.

Despite having many options, HBO Go is still probably your best choice as it provides you unlimited access to all HBO shows, including the previous Game of Thrones seasons and some behind-the-scenes footage with the primary cast.

To access HBO Go, you need to subscribe to HBO’s premium package at $15 per month via your cable service provider, and then download the Android app. Once a new episode airs on HBO, it’ll be immediately available for viewing within HBO Go.

C’mon, there is no other better way to watch Game of Thrones than the source itself. Get HBO Go for Android and HBO Go for iOS today.

2. HBO Now

HBO Now works much like HBO Go, providing quick and easy access to all HBO shows. What sets it apart is that you no longer need a satellite or cable subscription to use it.

For new users, HBO is currently offering a one month-free trial. After that period, you need to pay $15 per month to continue the service. Once subscribed, you can access HBO’s vast library of content, including Game of Thrones in its entirety.

Long ago, HBO Now was only exclusive to Apple devices. Today, it can be accessed on a variety of platforms, web browsers, and devices. Get HBO Now for iOS and HBO Now for Android!

3. Hulu

For network television fans, Hulu is one of the best go-to streaming platforms. For only $8 per month, you can watch your favorite TV shows without commercials.

Compared to Netflix, Hulu may have a smaller catalog. But it boasts a plethora of exclusive content that is often reserved for those subscribed to a cable service.

Hulu currently offers subscriptions to Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime. It also offers access to behind-the-scenes content and popular flicks. But the undeniable star of Hulu is HBO. Download Hulu for iOS and Hulu for Android today.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon seems to have everything you need, from clothes to kitchenware and food to gadgets. And now, this online shopping giant has ventured into offering video streaming service with its very own Amazon Prime Video. This service allows Prime members to subscribe to premium channels like HBO via Amazon.

If you decide to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you can access the HBO channel using your Amazon credentials. A subscription only costs you $15 per month on top of your Amazon Prime subscription, which is $120 annually.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for Android or Amazon Prime Video for iOS today!

5. DirecTV Now

If you want to gain access to all the newest and hottest shows on television, DirecTV Now is a budget-friendly option.

To use this service, be sure you have signed up for the HBO add-on from DirecTV Now. You just need to add $5 per month on top of your DirecTV Now service package. After signing up, install the HBO Go app on your phone. You can see above how to get the app.

Once you have HBO Go app installed on your phone, open it and tap the Sign In button. Select DirecTV Now from the list of service providers and enter your DirecTV Now credentials. That’s it! You should now have complete access to HBO’s content library.

Wrapping Up

The final season of Game of Thrones is rumored to be insanely bloody and lengthy, so you should find a way to stream HBO if you don’t want serious FOMO. And by now, we’re assuming you already know how to stream Game of Thrones season 8 on your phone.

Your best options are probably HBO Go and HBO Now as they’re backed by HBO itself. But if you choose any of the two, you should prepare to pay $15 a month.

For the record, HBO restricts the use of VPN services to stream any of its content. So it could be futile to attempt to bypass their services.

Before you enjoy watching any HBO show you like on your Android phone, we suggest you download and install a reliable Android phone cleaner app. Of course, you don’t want to be interrupted by ads and random errors while watching an exciting fight scene.

Do you know other ways to stream HBO shows? Share them with us below.

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