Windows 11’s Wi-Fi Adapter Disappeared: Quick Fixes

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Windows 11, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s widely used operating system, has brought about many improvements and new features. However, users have reported an intriguing issue: the WiFi adapter disappearing from their devices. This article seeks to delve into the shared experiences of Windows 11 users dealing with this issue and the various solutions they have proposed.

In the realm of user experiences, a common problem reported is the spontaneous disappearance of the WiFi adapter on their devices. This issue primarily involves the WiFi adapter vanishing from the system settings, leaving users unable to connect to the internet. This can occur unpredictably on different types of devices including ASUS laptops, Razer Blade 2020 models, and various others.

User-Proposed Solutions and Experiences

Several solutions have surfaced from the collective experiences of Windows 11 users. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. The Power Button Trick: A solution widely praised by users involves holding down the power button of the device for a full 60 seconds while the computer is on. After releasing the button, the device powers off. Turning the computer back on, according to multiple users, typically results in the reinstallation of the missing WiFi adapter.
  2. Hard Shutdown: Another proposed solution suggests users perform a “hard shutdown.” This involves pressing and holding the power button until the device fully powers off, then restarting it. The results have been mixed, with some users reporting success, while others have found no changes post-restart.
  3. Network Reset: A more elaborate solution involves resetting the network settings. This process includes navigating to the “Network & Internet” tab under “Settings,” clicking on “Advanced network settings,” and then selecting “Network Reset.” After waiting approximately five minutes for the system to process the reset, the computer needs to be restarted. Following these steps has been reported to resolve the WiFi adapter issue.
  4. Hardware Check: Another approach to this issue involves inspecting and adjusting the hardware of the device. This method has reportedly fixed the issue by removing and reinserting the WLAN wireless card. This procedure does require a certain degree of technical proficiency and may not be suitable for all users.

Challenges and Limitations

Despite these suggested solutions, it’s important to acknowledge that not all solutions work universally for everyone. Some users have reported the recurring nature of the problem, indicating that these solutions might only be temporary. A note of caution: some solutions may require technical skill, and attempting them without the necessary know-how could potentially harm your device.

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Considering Downgrading to Windows 10

Given the difficulties in permanently resolving the WiFi adapter issue, some users have contemplated downgrading to Windows 10

While this could potentially avoid the issue, the effectiveness remains uncertain, and the implications of downgrading need to be carefully considered.


The experiences of Windows 11 users highlight a range of solutions to the disappearing WiFi adapter issue, from power button tricks to network resets and even hardware checks. However, as these solutions don’t work universally and may only provide temporary relief, it underscores the need for an official fix from Microsoft. Until then, users are advised to back up their data and proceed with caution when attempting to resolve this issue.

If you’ve experienced the WiFi adapter issue and found your own solutions, or if you have thoughts on those shared here, please comment below. User-generated solutions often provide valuable insights, and your experience could potentially help others navigating the same issue.

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