Feast on This New Feature for WhatsApp Android Users

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Whatsapp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is playing Santa to Android users.

The new feature for WhatsApp Android users now allows video content to be viewed picture-in-picture. What this means is you can soon be able to watch videos while still having access to your precious chats.

Find out a bit more about this new handy feature.

The Details

Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging service that has over 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide as of mid-2018, according to Statista. It ranks as among the most popular and widely used social platforms around the globe.

It’s so widely used that it surpasses the monthly user base of the likes of WeChat, Skype, and even Facebook Messenger.

But while it regularly provides new features as well as functionalities to users, Whatsapp updates don’t usually arrive on iOS and Android simultaneously.

A case in point: the chat service’s iPhone version received a cool new update back in May, allowing video content to be consumed in a picture-in-picture manner. What this meant: users can watch content while keeping their access to chat. Once they press the play button on the video clip, the video would show up in a floating window, which they could reposition as they please.

Now Android users can receive and enjoy the same update. This feature no longer needs to be enabled in their settings; instead, it will be applied automatically. The update has already been rolled out to Android devices through an update from the Google Play Store.

Here are some notes to keep in mind:

  • Even when your video clip is playing picture-in-picture, you can still opt to go into a full-screen mode any time.
  • Swipe the video away to get rid of the content currently playing.
  • Can’t see the feature yet? Check the digital store manually to download.

WhatsApp Today

In February 2014, the internet roared with news of Facebook’s plan to acquire WhatsApp for a cool $19 billion. Back then, it wasn’t clear yet how the app will fortify Facebook’s already formidable portfolio of social media as well as messaging apps.

At that time, WhatsApp had some 465 million monthly active users versus the 1.2 billion of Facebook. Its growth was promising, but it wasn’t particularly sought after in the United States. But it appeared to be a sound move for Zuckerberg’s social media giant, as WhatsApp’s user base has more than tripled since then and has emerged today as the most popular messaging platform in the world as it connects over 1.5 billion people.

Here’s a closer look at WhatsApp by the numbers, based on Statista and BusinessofApps.com reports:

  • In October 2009, WhatsApp raised $250,000 in seed funding.
  • Whatsapp founder Jan Koum, owing to his profits from the Facebook deal, now ranks third among social media billionaires. He is estimated to have a personal net worth of US$9 billion as of March 2017.
  • WhatsApp isn’t dominant in the United States with a mere 39 percent of the population aware of the mobile messenger. But these users are projected to grow to 6 million in year 2021.
  • WhatsApp users today send a whopping 65 billion messages per day through the mobile app (and web client to a lesser degree).
  • WhatsApp average user value is pegged at $42.
  • The average WhatsApp user sends 1,000 messages a month.

How to Use WhatsApp on Android

The first step is to download WhatsApp on your Android device. Make sure to keep your phone in tiptop shape through a trusted third-party Android care tool that can help extend phone life and optimize performance. Now here’s a quick guide on setting up and using WhatsApp:

How to Create Your Account

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tag Agree and Continue found at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Hit Continue on the popup.
  4. Hit Allow on both boxes to give access to your files and contacts.
  5. Enter your phone number, and then tap OK to confirm it.
  6. Enter the verification code texted by WhatsApp.
  7. Hit Next, and now you’re officially signed up for the app.

How to Add a Status

  1. Tap the Status bar located on the home screen.
  2. Tap the camera icon found at the bottom right.
  3. Take a photo! Add filters, stickers, or whatever else that you feel like using.
  4. To add a status, hit the green circle at the bottom right.

How to Refresh Your Contacts List

  1. Tap the green chat circle you will find at the bottom right.
  2. Hit the three dots at the upper right section.
  3. Tap Refresh.

We’re happy about this WhatsApp feature finally becoming available to Android users! What are your thoughts? Share them with us below!

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