How to Pair the Elegant Apple AirPods with Android Devices

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Although Apple AirPods are designed for Apple devices like iPhones, not everyone knows they are compatible and work well with Android devices. This means everybody can take advantage of it. But since this wireless technology is designed with Apple devices in mind, some of its features may or may not work on Android devices.

AirPods Features That Do Not Work on Android

It is true that Apple AirPods can be used with Android phones. However, the following features might not work:

1. Siri

Siri is the voice assistant of iPhone owners. She can be asked to do things, such as change songs or adjust the volume. She can also answer simple questions and crack jokes. If you are using a pair of AirPods on an iPhone, you can use it to activate Siri. But you can’t do it on an Android device.

2. Customize Double Tap

On an iOS device, you can control and change what the double tap gesture does. You can set it to access Siri. You can also use it to move forward to the next track. But this is not possible on your Android device.

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3. Check the Battery Life

If you are using an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you can use your pair of AirPods to check your device’s battery life. While this is not doable on Android devices, this functionality can be replaced with other apps like the Assistant Trigger or the AirBattery app.

4. Automatic Switching

Apple users need not worry about linking their AirPods with their iCloud accounts. They’re already automatically linked. This means they can use their AirPods with their Apple Watches, Macs, iPhones, or iPads any time they want, as long as they sign in with the same iCloud account.

5. Single AirPod Listening

Listening to music using a single AirPod is only limited to iOS devices. This is because the technology uses an ear detection functionality that is not supported by Android devices.

6. Automatic Ear Detection

When you remove an AirPod from your ear while using an iOS device, whatever you’re currently listening to will pause. It will only resume playing when you put the AirPod back into your ear. This feature is not available on Android devices.

7. Simple Setup

Pairing your AirPods with an iOS device is easy. You just need to open the case near the device and then follow the setup instructions. After that, you should be all set. But when pairing Apple AirPods with an Android device, it’s the complete opposite. You have to undergo a few verification processes for the pairing to be complete.

8. Call Audio

The call audio will automatically transfer back to your iOS device once the AirPods are removed from your ears. This is not the case with Android devices.

AirPods Features That Work on Android Devices

Even if there are some features that don’t work when you connect AirPods to an Android phone, let nothing stop you from enjoying this innovative technology. In truth, there are still plenty of AirPods features that work. We’ve listed two of them below:

1. Double-Tap

If you double-tap on your AirPods, it may pause or play music. It may also move to the next or previous track. What it does depends on what you have set.

2. Long-Range Connectivity

Unlike typical Bluetooth-enabled headsets, AirPods have a longer Bluetooth range. Thus, they will still work at a certain distance. This is true on both iOS and Android devices.

How to Pair the Elegant Apple AirPods With Android Devices

The process of pairing the Apple AirPods with an Android device is like connecting and pairing devices via Bluetooth. But there’re just a few specific steps you need to follow.

Here’s how:

  1. On your Android device, go to the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Choose Pair a New Device.
  3. To allow pairing, open the case of your Apple AirPods.
  4. Once your AirPods are detected, they will show on your screen. Confirm pairing by tapping the Pair If your AirPods don’t appear, press the button at the rear portion of your AirPods case. Hold it until the AirPods start to flash.
  5. The AirPods should now be successfully paired with your Android device.

Will Android Owners Benefit from Buying AirPods?

AirPods sure do have many attractive features that sound appealing to Android users. Then again, there are other options that Android users can also look into.

Aside from the quality of the sound that comes out from the AirPods and the comfort of wearing them, the battery life of this wireless technology is extremely appealing. They come with a compact and portable charging case that provides 24 more hours of battery life. This case is also easy to charge, as long as your Lightning cable is with you.

The Bottom Line

The Apple AirPods are great wire-free options that outperform most Bluetooth earbuds for Android devices. But before you consider using them, it is worth noting that as with other earbuds available today, they also come with some cons. Make sure you take those cons into account before making a decision.

And if you ever make up your mind and decide you want to get a pair of Apple AirPods for your Android device, we suggest that you download and install Android cleaning tool first. This app will ensure that your device is free of viruses and tuned for optimal performance. Therefore, you can enjoy a great listening experience!

Do you think that Android users can benefit from using the Apple AirPods? Comment on it below.

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