Wish Android Had iMessages? RCS Messaging is Coming to Android

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Every day, thousands or even billions of people connect via SMS. It’s the most convenient way to communicate, no wonder why it’s still around even after 3 decades.

Interestingly, a new SMS-protocol-based technology is being championed and introduced to many mobile phone manufacturers and mobile carriers: RCS Messaging or rich communication services.

Let’s take a look at how this technology is rolled out to consumers.

What is RCS Messaging?

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, RCS is basically a part of the new Advanced Messaging standard. It is introduced for the purpose of improving the current messaging functionality that is, by default, built-in on most smartphones.

Aside from having the text messaging features, RCS allows sending quality picture messages of up to 10MB in size. It also allows location sharing, group chats, and video calls. In addition, this service also supports read acknowledgements and typing indicators, which you’re probably already familiar with.

Unlike traditional SMS, RCS can be easily integrated with contact apps to know who else uses the services. The same applies to sharing contacts and groups.

Obviously, RCS is going beyond the features and capabilities of modern messaging apps. It’s shaping and changing the standards used to share location, media, and other information.

Then again, to receive and send RCS messages, both parties must use a compatible messaging network and app.

The Benefits of Rich Communication Services on Android

RCS offers four major benefits which businesses can take advantage of. These are:

  1. Verified Sender

An RCS message shows the brand name a marketer likes to display. This is very much easier to remember, unlike the traditional 10-digit phone number or 4-digit code sent via SMS. Thanks to RCS messages, consumer trust is improved and interest to a brand’s message is increased.

  1. Custom Branding

When sending an RCS message, marketers and business owners can employ and use a brand image next to their responses. It appears like personal conversations on other messaging apps that contain photos or avatars. With this feature, customers can be easily engaged. They’d think that they are really in an actual conversation with a brand representative.

  1. Suggested Actions

Replies in the RCS messaging format may include suggested responses or actions that can be accessed by tapping a certain icon. These actions may be as simple as a text response. They can also be as complicated as a message with multiple links that are then associated with external apps like Google Maps.

  1. Rich Media

An RCS message can take different media forms, such as video, audio, and still imagery. For customers, it’s something very fun and interesting because they can easily respond to the message in the same form as the message was sent. That means, they need not open another browser or app just to see the message.

The Future of Messaging

It was in 2007 when rich communication services were introduced as a smarter way to send messages. Since then, Google supported the concept of RCS by developing a platform that supports it. They call it Chat.

Although Chat is not technically a service powered by Google, it’s something quite promising. Because it is a carrier-based service, it does not have to be downloaded. Its interface looks a lot like the usual SMS, so if you know how to send a text message, you should not have any problems with using Chat.


From snail mails that take months to arrive to online messaging apps that send messages in real-time, the way we communicate has indeed changed through the years. However, as new technologies shape our means of communication, do not forget to take care of your mobile device. After all, it’s what gets you connected. We suggest you install Android cleaning tool today to keep your Android device’s performance at its best.

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