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Students today are pretty busy and cannot get everything done. There are many online free writing apps and software that professional writers use and college students who do not have time to write independently. Writing a good essay can be a simple process as discovering the proper content creating sites to use.

Many online tools accessible for free can help students get better grades at universities. Let’s see some popular online tools for creating a prominent start and improving your writing skills.


Our first recommendation is Readable, a perfect tool for good-quality content and helps you make sure your essay is suitable for your audience. If you have ever wondered what your content’s quality is, this tool will let you know. There is a limited free version, but there is also an option to pay $4-$24 per month. It all depends on the features you want to use.

ProWriting Aid

It is not free, but ProWritingAid promotes itself as having the all necessary options such as writing mentor, editor, and grammar checker. This tool offers you basic editing and helps with issues and content mistakes for a price of $70 per year. For all students in college or universities, the plagiarism checker that this tool has is a great way to assure that they will write professional academic content.

Hemingway App

Hemingway EditorOne of the most popular tools on the market is Hemingway App. This online editor helps you with your writing by highlighting various mistakes and complex issues your essay might have. This tool is particularly useful for those writers who get lost in their thoughts as it helps you detect and edit lengthy sentences with dense meaning.

This app is available online for free, or one can get a paid desktop version. After all the great edits this tool will help you make to your essay, paper or another piece of writing, the only thing a student would need will be a prominent title. Luckily, free essay title generator at GradesFixer will help students discover several catchy options for their piece.


GrammarlyGrammarly is considered one of the best free online tools that offer grammar and spelling mistakes edits. It provides basic writing improvements, but there is an option to upgrade your plan for $11.66 per month, and if you consider paying the subscription, you will meet many great features worth paying.


StayFocusd is a free tool that offers you features to stay focused. It will not affect your writing skills, but it will help your content be completed quickly. This software for students enables you to increase productivity by not allowing you to waste time on different sites. Great opportunity, isn’t it?Angry Writer


We all hate when we need to add citations to papers, which is why BibMe software makes your sourcing work less complicated. There is also a free option to use it and an upgrade option for $9.95 per month. You decide which one will suit your needs. Plus, it is perfect for checking plagiarism and citations.


Every writer should be careful about its content’s length. This online tool is very quite easy to utilize. Word Counter, as its name says, can count everything in your document: pages, words sentences, plus it can check grammar and spelling mistakes. Just copy your content into the tool, paste it and check everything you want.Online Writing Tool


OneLook is a tool that can make your sentences unique and less repetitive. It contains a dictionary tool that provides many different sources to help you choose the right words. Moreover, it offers a reverse dictionary and thesaurus to help you create appropriate language in your essays.


This editing software for windows is a new writing app for writing. Living Writer is accessible via your web browser and contains a series of outline templates that you can use. It is perfect for writing short essays and novels. Plus, there are available apps for Android and iOS.

Write! Pro

Write Pro works on Mac, Linux or Windows as an app on a computer. It offers backups of your work to the cloud for safety. Write Pro is a distraction-free writing app with a perfect focus mode and a different Write! Pro offers different fonts and editing tools than many other devices does not.

When writing an essay, you should be creative, have time and excellent concentration, and need a lot of help. Online tools for creating content can facilitate the content creation process and eliminate the confusion out of the way for you. Just some clicks on your computer, and there you go, you have permission to many tools that will take your content writing to the next level.

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