Top 6 Android Apps to Create A Dynamic Resume

Dynamic Resume

Job searches have become really stressful nowadays. And the global pandemic coronavirus outbreak has added fuel to this. Apart from your skill, your resume is the most important thing for any job application or job search. You can consider it as the first impression. Most employers judge the candidate, whether he or she will be a fit for the specific job profile or not by seeing their resume.

A resume should have all your personal details along with contact information, educational details, work experiences, and anything that you think the employer should know about it. It is a single document that you can send to multiple employers. It is really convenient to simply send a resume rather than filling up an application form each and every time. Many employers also need a resume along with the application form. In case you are not so comfortable using these ads, you can take help from the best website builders.

Best Android Apps to Create Dynamic Resume

As they say, your first impression is your last impression. And as I said earlier, your resume is your first impression. So, you cannot apply for your dream job with a moderate resume. Your resume has to be perfect. There are many apps available that are capable enough to come up with an excellent resume.

Here are the top android apps that can create a dynamic resume for you.

#1 Aristoz Free Resume Builder

Fee: Free (With Ads)

Aristoz Free Resume Builder is a reasonable resume builder app. This is compatible with any android device. For a variety of job profiles, this app appears with more than 75 templates. The best thing is that it is totally free, but it shows ads in between your work. Once you are done with building the resume, you will be able to download the final draft in PDF format.

In addition to this, you can customize the templates and share them with your email or cloud storage as well. The complete finished PDF will be saved in your download folder. Some users have faced an issue of getting deleted the resume in case they leave the app and come again. This is one of the free resume builder apps that are actually free and supported by advertisements.

#2 CV Engineer

Fee: Free / Up to $5.99

CV engineer is another popular android app in the world of resume builder android app. Some of the features that this app has are simple controls, a bunch of resumes, and the facility to save it in PDF format after completion. A recruitment consultant has designed this app.

And as a result, the templates are affordably decent for anything. All you need to do is fill up the field until you are done. So, now you can see how easy and convenient this app is. You can create resumes and CVs for free. You also can contribute later in case that is convenient for you.

#3 Free Resume Builder

Fee: Free / $1.49

Free resume builder is another solution of resume building but a better one by the magnetic Lab. you can build any kind of resume here as per your voice and requirements. And a bunch of customizable sections that this app has will help you with that. You can reformat the offered templates with the help of an advanced resume editor as per your choice.

The additional features include adding a photo, PDF format support, and duplicate resume. The UI and information are really impressive. This easy-to-use and good-looking app allow you to remove all the ads with a payment of $1.49 in-app purchase.

#4 LinkedIn

Fee: Free

Who does not know about LinkedIn? Everyone knows about it. This is a perfect combination of social media website and a job search website. It is also a source of various information about different types of professions. The profile that you create on LinkedIn is itself your resume. So, make sure that you are providing your educational experience, job profile, and background there.

People can connect with you, and you also can directly apply for jobs on the website. It is one of the popular apps and is the best in what it has to offer us. Linked Learning is another app by LinkedIn for excellent professional learning. You can brush up on some of your skills here. You may have seen this in any social media magazine.

#5 Microsoft Word

Fee: Free / $149.99 once / $6.99-$9.99 per month

Well, we all have heard about Microsoft Word and it is the original resume builder app. This is being used in the present and also will continue for decades. Along with the templates, this app is able to create some neat-looking stuff due to its word processing capabilities.

This will allow you to export in different formats, which also includes Word’s narrative format or PFD, in case you choose that. Though the mobile version of this does not have many templates, it has some good basic options. The web version or desktop version will be more appropriate for using all the features that it has to offer.

#6 Professional Resume Builder

Fee: Free / $2.49

In case you are searching for a decent and more specific resume app, then you can try the professional resume builder. It offers a bunch of things to customize your resumes, such as multiple languages, your signature, picture, and publications.

If you want, you can create custom sections as well. This app allows you to use its features with ads, and with a payment of $2.49, you can remove those interrupting advertisements as well. This simple and easy-to-use android app will also export in PDF.


You can choose any one of the six free resume builder apps. In case you are not very happy with them, there are some more names for you. And they are Resumaker, Resume Builder App, Resume Builder Free CV Maker, Top Resume. All these are ready to help you in creating a piece of excellent CV that will reflect your intention for the job. This will lighten up the job searching pressure a little. Now, create a resume and crack the interview. All the best.

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