How To Build a Live Streaming App on iOS and Android

Build a team
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Consumer culture is burgeoning these days, with people longing for more content with just a few clicks. And this, of course, touches upon streaming services. Within the last five years, the number of people using streaming services grew by 25%, and that number is about to skyrocket even more.

Covid has given rise to various online services, boosting the number of people using them daily. And when it comes to streaming platforms, their prevalence is evident. They’ve successfully satisfied people’s needs for content since their emergence.

If you are ruminating about launching your streaming app, a few words must be said first. The entire process of building a live streaming app is not nearly elementary. It requires completing plenty of steps before releasing a full-fledged app. Besides, considering heavy hitters like Netflix and HBO, you’ll need to cooperate with influential people, like Twitch streamers, to reach out to as many potential subscribers as possible. Fortunately, you can use this free twitch banner maker to grow your audience swiftly!

Let us look closer at what you need to design a successful streaming app on iOS and Android. Additionally, integrating features that foster community building and interaction can contribute to the overall success of your live streaming platform.

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First things first: what makes an excellent live streaming app?
First things first: what makes an excellent live streaming app?

Keep in mind that whatever app you will develop, people will likely compare it with potent players like Netflix. And it should come as no surprise to you, as for many users, Netflix is a prototype of a good streaming app. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to pursue its design and functionality. What’s most important is to remember that your streaming app must be:

  • Fast
  • Visually appealing
  • Smooth
  • Responsive
  • Unique

With that in mind, here are aspects that will help you build such an application.

Things to secure beforehand

Budget resources

First off, you should determine how much time and funds you can invest in your project. Let us be clear here: creating a streaming app isn’t cheap. Depending on the list of options you want to include, the total app development cost will differ. Yet, it is unlikely to be under $50 thousand. Likewise, it won’t take a little time to come up with a ready-to-roll-out app. Thus make sure you have at least six months to create the app and test it.

Decide on the app’s type and its options

Are you going to create a live broadcasting app, an audio streaming service, or a video-on-demand app? You don’t know yet? Well, you should, as every type is different and requires a unique approach. Overall, the sooner you determine your app, the better.

Think of fundamental and additional features

As mentioned above, the total budget hinges on the options you want to include. Therefore, analyze what you need to have (e.g., from basics like chat, donations, and signup, to advanced features, such as screen sharing and collaborative stream) before looking for competent people, speaking of which.

Build a team

No project will be successful without an efficacious team. Creating a streaming app requires finding people of diverse expertise. That is to say, whom you will need for sure are developers, UI/UX designers, marketing analysts, and writers. These are core experts who’ll work on different areas to ensure an impeccable and user-friendly app.

Build a team
Choose a host, CDN, and streaming platform

If you know your way around in app development, there is no need to highlight the importance of hosting, CDN (content delivery network), and a technology stack to make the app work. Other than allowing you to build the app, such tools will also let you manage content and monitor the system performance.

From the ground up: Building a live streaming app

Creating a streaming app requires a lot of effort, and in no way is it a universal process. What one team may find effective might be disastrous for another. That’s why the best way to come up with a strategy is to gather around and work out the strategy together with your team. Below are just a few recommendations that may come in handy.

  • Let designers work on a sketch: Drawing up a sketch can be beneficial in a way it may provide you with a concept of your app’s final version, visually-wise.
  • Analyze the mapped-out version and start coding: Developers can benefit from visualizations and code all the focal elements.
  • Create the draft and improve it: Once you build a beta version, start testing its options and features. You can hire a QA specialist or a group of people to learn the app’s pros and cons.

Upload the server to app stores

The final drill is to ensure the app doesn’t contain bugs, works perfectly fine, and is ready to become available for the masses. Before releasing the app, we suggest composing a detailed advertising plan. Even if you see that you won’t need it, it’ll help you learn the market alongside your competitors.

Upload the server to app stores

In conclusion, it would be reasonable to reiterate that building a streaming app isn’t an easy or inexpensive undertaking. You should be ready to spend plenty of resources constructing a streaming application. And it might not pay off very well at first. But is it profitable? It sure is, more so it’s worth the effort. So, if you have dreamed of designing a streaming app, now’s the best time to do that!

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