The Best Android Browsers for Effective Surfing in College

Android Browsers
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With the advent of technology, almost all devices require a browser that can be used to access the internet. Web browsers are ranked among the essential apps that mobile devices should have. Browsing requires that one uses the correct browser that contains the right features whose performance can be optimized at any time. Students are among the highest internet users, hence the need to know the available browsers.

As internet users, students find it hard to identify the best browser because of the many options available. As such, there is a need to take a look at some of the best Android browsers for the year 2020, including their characteristics. Some of the outstanding browsers include:


This is the best browser for any Android user. It is well-known and boasts of a large market share among the other browsers. It has many characteristics, ranging from syncing with the chrome desktop to its built-in password management system. It also boasts of its data saver functionality.

Chrome is built to give google more options that can be used to track the user’s activities. For users who are fond of Google applications, this is an app to use. Its compatibility with the desktop version, making the mobile app very popular with mobile users as well. The password manager capabilities are top-notch. It is reliable since most web developers use it when building their websites.

The browser has a high memory compounded with a data saver tool, facilitating faster browsing and an efficient bandwidth. With all these characteristics, students find the browser very ideal for their day to day online activities.

Brave browser

This is a free browser that hit the market in 2016. As a user, one does not need a subscription. All that a person needs is to download it and start browsing. It has an array of features such as a built-in ad blocker that prevents advertisements from popping up onto the screen. On the same note, it has applications that can block third-party cookies and brock scripts.

The browser is built in a manner that it has its HTTPS everywhere. Other important inbuilt characteristics are speed optimization and battery life improvements. The browser is fun to use and has basic features such as history, extension, and incognito mode.

The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The browser is ideal for persons who value online privacy. Those who rely on essay writing service can use them since they may not want people to know about their online activity. The browser comes with many options such as forced HTTP, privacy search, and a close button to delete the entire browsing data and close all the open tabs at the end of a browsing session.

The browser is built to give each website a privacy grade to see how bad the website performs. Another added advantage revolves around the fact that the browser blocks all those who want to trace a person’s online activity. On the other hand, it does not have useful characteristics such as sync saved details found in Firefox and Google Chrome.

College Students

Dolphin Browser

The browser is very effective for android users since it comes with a myriad of features. Some of the major features include theming, ad-block, the flash sort, incognito browsing, and the ability to control gestures. The browser is also characterized by some add-ons and extension support that allows users to add and install many more features should they desire to do so. The browser is as good as any other popular browser in the industry, and many students find it worth installing.

A very good aspect of this browse is just how fast it is. It comes in handy when you’re just browsing the web, loading up web-based apps, or ordering yourself a royal essay. This web browse is hands down one of the best performing browsers currently available on the Play Store.

Ecosia Browser

This is a very environmentally friendly mobile app. It has many features such as multiple tabs, incognito browsing bookmarks, as well as downloads. Other features include the chromium open source project that makes it appear like Google chrome, one of the most popular browsers. The browser’s main objective was to make donations towards tree planting, and 80% of its proceeds have been channeled to tree-planting programs. The browser is ideal for people who do not often browse but will want to be on the net for a while.

In recent days, more mobile apps have emerged, just like they are for computers. Most of the web browsers used for mobile devices have been tested before being released to the market. Most of the web browsers are available both for iOS and Android. Before downloading the app, it is necessary to check for the app requirements to ensure that it is compatible with the device on which it should be installed. The availability of many browsers has made it easy for students to pick one that best suits their needs.

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