It is irritating when you answer a call just to find out that it’s spam. It is even more annoying when you have to drop whatever you’re doing just to accommodate the call, only to realize that it’s a total waste of your time. Spam calls are entirely bothersome, but we’re lucky because there are several ways to block them. We will teach you how to prevent spam calls with this article, and get rid of this nuisance for good. Three Types of Spam Calls To Block But before we do that, let us first take a look at the three common types of spam calls and what makes them annoying. 1. The first type is what we get from telemarketing people calling us to sell products and services. These telemarketers are usually from your carrier or internet service provider, offering upgrades, boosts or new products to keep you subscribed […]

Through the years, Google’s mobile operating system, Android, has continuously evolved and improved. A lot has been introduced and changed since its inception. Hence, it’s not surprising why Android has become one of the most powerful operating systems today with its many hidden features. Sure, you already know how to send messages and make phone calls using your Android unit. But, we bet there are Android tips and tricks in this list you’re still not aware of. Interested to know what we are talking about? Continue reading to find out. 1. Disabling Pre-Installed Apps Most of the Android devices come with pre-installed apps that we do not know how to remove. Worse is that they continuously annoy us with regular updates. Although we cannot remove them permanently, we can disable them to keep them from occupying your free space. To disable a pre-installed app, here’s what you should do: Go […]

With the internet so readily accessible about anywhere you go, it’s easy to get carried away and use more data than you planned. In fact, you could quickly reach the limit of your data plan resulting in a much slower internet connection or none at all depending on your carrier. The only way you can make sure you’re not inconvenienced with slow or lack of data coverage is to monitor your data usage and ensure that you’re using your allotted coverage as efficiently as possible. In the past, failing to monitor Android data usage often resulted in absurdly high data and phone plan bills. Fortunately, today, providers offer data plans that will prevent overuse, thus avoiding high bills. Nevertheless, not being able to use the internet on your phone or having an extremely slow connection can be quite frustrating. If you’re using an Android device and want to make sure […]

Every Android mobile device today has a built-in media and video player. Unfortunately, these default apps leave much to be desired that we often find ourselves wanting more. Naturally, developers treat this as an opportunity to offer other feature-packed options. You’re here with the goal of finding the best HD video player for your Android device, and we’re here to help you out. To make everything easier for you, we already did the hard work of searching the depths of the Internet for video player apps that could suit the taste of every type of Android user. This list is in no particular order, so we suggest that you try each of the apps that offer the features you are looking for to see if any of them suits your taste. MX Player Even if you check other top HD video player app lists, you will eventually stumble upon MX […]

There are many reasons why you would want to switch from iOS to Android. It could be because you want better and more options when it comes to devices, or maybe you want to save money while still covering the basics. Another reason could be the varied customization options offered by Android – or perhaps you’re tired of Apple products. Whatever the reason is, you have to understand that the move from iOS to Android is a monumental task. It’s like moving house – you need to pack up your things, then sort them out and arrange them in your new space. Plus, you need time to get used to your new platform. Here’s the good news: this article can help make the transition more comfortable for you. You’ll learn how to transfer essential data like contacts and email, which apps you can and can’t replace, and how to move […]

Whether you’ve entirely given up on Android or you want to switch to a new device, one of the things you should do is delete your Gmail account. Android is closely linked to Google. In fact, when you buy a new Android phone or tablet, most of them are pre-installed with Google services like Gmail, Hangouts, Chrome, etc. You also need a Gmail account to download apps from Google Play Store. Removing your Gmail account from an Android device is a tricky process. It is not as simple as deleting the Google apps installed on your phone and then removing your Gmail account because you might lose valuable data this way. Within this article will instruct you how to delete Gmail while still being able to save your data. Let Us Start But before you get started, it is advisable to do some spring cleaning first. Use Outbyte Android Care […]

Science has already said it — electronic devices can mess with our sleep. But, let’s get real — these gadgets have become such huge parts of our daily lives that we find it so hard to put them down even when it’s already time to hit the sack. Indeed, too much of anything is bound to have negative outcomes. Then again, who’s to blame? These gadgets allow us to perform various tasks and stay connected, which is why we tend to not notice the time passing by. How many times have you found yourself surprised that it’s already past your bedtime and you’ve spent over an hour lying awake on your bed, scrolling through your social media feeds? This is a result of two things: the blue light emitted by your gadget and your own habits. While we can’t help you with the latter, we can teach you how to […]

Before the advent of smartphones, mobile phone batteries were not an issue. The batteries of bar phones could hold a charge for days on end. When smartphones came out, people didn’t easily understand why the battery on these new phones couldn’t last for even an entire day, despite advanced technology. It’s unfortunate that the battery life on smartphones is still to be desired to this day. Although it’s understandable that new phones do a lot more power-hungry tasks than only making calls and sending messages, we all could use a few more hours of battery juice, right? In the meantime, we’re left with no other choice but to make the most of what’s available. Fortunately, with a little bit of tech know-how, it is possible to extend your Android phone battery life. Read on to check out our Android battery saver tips. Choose a Phone With a Larger Battery If […]

Wi-Fi is one of the few things that keep us connected nowadays, and the best thing about it is it is usually free, as long as you know how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere. So, while you are on the go, use the following tips and tricks to enjoy free Wi-Fi anywhere. Scan for Wi-Fi Connections Your Android device can tell you if there are Wi-Fi connections nearby. Simply go to Settings -> Wi-Fi. You should then see all the secured and unsecured connections in your area. If you find an unsecured or an open Wi-Fi connection, then you are in luck. You can easily connect to that network by tapping into it. Now, if the network is secured, don’t worry. You are only a password away. If it is your neighbor’s connection, you can politely ask them if you can connect to their Wi-Fi connection for a bit. But […]

Using smartphones and tablets for internet surfing and browsing is very common nowadays. Thanks to modern technology and wireless Internet connectivity, we no longer need to turn to desktop and laptop PCs to perform basic web browsing. Our mobile devices are very well enough and equipped to do that. Surfing the web on an Android device is pretty straightforward. Anyone with basic mobile device know-how shouldn’t have any problems launching their browser and start searching for stuff — until they encounter issues and challenges, such as those related to deleted browsing history. Many of us clean our browsing histories for security and efficiency purposes. While the primary intention is good, doing so also brings about some issues that may affect how we use our devices for web browsing. See, when you clear browsing history, you are also practically deleting most, if not all, of the data exchanged between your browser […]