Apple Notes is a powerful notes app that makes the process of note-taking better and faster. The Notes app for Mac offers a wide range of features, making it the go-to notes app by Apple users. Plus, it comes pre-installed with your Mac and iOS devices, making it more convenient for you. The Notes app for Mac lets you quickly jot down random thoughts, ideas, to-do lists and grocery lists, among others. When an idea pops in your head, or you thought of an interesting topic, all you have to do is open the Notes app and jot it down fast so you can come back to it later. The great thing about the Notes app is that it can be synced across all your Apple devices, letting you access whatever you’ve jotted down on your iPhone, in your iPad or Mac. Mac Notes is not only for jotting down […]

If there’s only one thing we could love about Android, that would be how it gives us the ability to personalize our devices while making them more functional. This is better exhibited by the ability to add widgets on our home screens. In this article, we tell you more about widgets for Android and which ones you should add to your device. What Are Android Widgets? If you’re new to Android and you’re not yet very familiar with widgets, here’s a quick background. Widgets are basically an extension of an application that is already installed on your device. They often come in different sizes and shapes and are usually customizable. They are designed to remain visible on the home screen, providing quick access to the primary functions of the app they are linked to. How to Choose and Add a Widget to Your Homescreen The exact process of adding widgets […]

Every traveler knows and understands the hassles and stress involved in navigating a new airport, this is especially true if one has never been to an airport before. With the busy ground personnel and ongoing operations here and there, asking directions can be quite hard. It seems like you need to navigate a maze within a specified time limit to find your gate and board your plane on time. Fortunately, Apple has a solution for you. With the Apple Maps app, you can virtually navigate an airport and reach your assigned gate on time. That way, you can make your travel stress-free! By using the Apple Maps app and enabling airport exploration mode, you can navigate any airport to locate terminals, baggage claims, security checkpoints, bathrooms, restaurants, boarding gates, souvenir shops, and a lot more. And the good news is that you only need an Apple device to do this. […]

Your Android’s lock screen — whether you set up a complicated pattern or a simple swipe — is something that you use many times every day. Most Android devices let you choose from different default lock screen options that include swiping, tracing a pattern, and setting up a PIN, password, or fingerprint. Indeed, there are quite some options readily available for you, but if you’re getting bored of your Android lock screen or hoping you can set up an even more secure and feature-packed one, you’re in luck. Among the many things you can do is personalize your device’s lock screen, thanks to various lock screen apps for Android available today. Hi Locker: Stylish Yet Convenient One of the excellent Android lock screen apps out there is Hi Locker. Although it’s a fairly basic app when it comes to Android lock replacement, it has other features that could make you […]

Our smartphones won’t be as useful as they are if not for the apps that we install on them. Thankfully, there are millions of apps available on Google Play Store for us to choose from, whether they be games or productivity apps, and everything in between. Add to that other non-Play Store apps that we can also install on our Android devices. The downside here is that with more apps, come more significant storage space requirement. If you keep on installing apps on your device’s internal storage, it will eventually run out of enough space to maintain smooth operation and quick response. There are various solutions to this, including deleting apps that you don’t use anymore and moving app files to the SD card. Unfortunately, you can’t always install apps on SD card automatically, mainly if your device is running on an Android version higher than 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). […]

Is your Mac experiencing any hardware problems? Is it still running in good shape? The only way to answer these questions is to check the SMART status of your internal disk storage and hard drives. But wait, what is SMART status? SMART stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology System, it is a mechanism used to report any disk problem or disk health issue to the operating system. Though its function may seem quite simple, it’s convenient. If the SMART status on Mac says that a drive is failing or a fatal error has been encountered in the disk hardware, it only means there is an urgent need to back up all critical files and data to keep them from being corrupted. After that, the drive has to be replaced. Now that you know that a SMART HDD’s status plays a vital role in maintaining your computer, it pays to […]

Apple has recently unveiled and released a new macOS version, the Mojave OS. It’s still in its beta stage, but we already know a few things about it. This latest macOS version comes with a Dark Mode theme and a plethora of exciting features that are designed to improve every Mac user’s experience. And with all the excitement, you’re probably wondering if your current Mac hardware can support the latest macOS version. Don’t worry because we have all the information you need right here. Can You Upgrade to macOS Mojave? It seems that not all Mac users are able to upgrade to the Mojave OS. According to the release notes of this OS, the minimum hardware requirements needed to install it have been tightened. Only Macs with Metal-compatible graphics cards can support Mojave. That means the oldest Mac versions that can run this OS are the 2010 Mac Pros. Macs […]

Many of us would agree that having a new phone is one of the best feelings this material world could give, especially now that smartphones are being made more high-tech and feature-packed than they were years back, no doubt that you want to get started with entirely using your new gadget. However, one thing might take you a step back: transferring files and apps from your old device to your new one. Of course, you can go ahead and set up your new device as an entirely new one, but if you have a lot of necessary files and data on your old one, including app data and games progress, it could be difficult to let go. Fortunately, there’s such a thing as phone cloning. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to clone an Android, which allows you to get all of your data from one Android device […]

Many of the apps we have and use on our smart devices rely on the Internet to perform their functions and features well. This shouldn’t pose any problem if you’re connected to a secured and unlimited wired connection via WiFi. However, if you’re outside and relying on mobile data, you can expect your data allocation to be spent up pretty quickly if you don’t restrict apps from accessing the Internet in the background. Keeping your mobile data turned off might be the first solution you might think of, but what if you need to use or access particular apps, such as Gmail or Maps? Eventually, you’ll have to turn mobile data on your phone to use some of its most essential apps and functions. To make sure that no other apps unnecessarily consume your mobile data, you need to block Internet usage in individual Android apps — and this is […]

Rooting an Android phone allows users to unlock their device’s full potential. Even though this task does come with a few risks, many users still choose to root their devices, as doing so lets them do things and apply changes on their devices that an unrooted device will otherwise not allow. Rooting an Android nowadays has also been made more accessible, thanks to the growing number of resources and rooting apps. But what if your device begins to exhibit problems after rooting itself? What if there’s an app that you really want or need to use but it requires a non-rooted device? What if Android simply refuses to work after you root it? What if you need to have your phone serviced under warranty? What if you just want to make your device secure again? Now, this is where learning how to unroot Android comes in handy. In this post, […]