Most of us know how to use the Mac reminder app to set up appointments, create to-do lists, and manage our daily appointments. This application comes as standard with iOS and macOS, so most of us are familiar with it. But, Apple’s built-in reminder app for Mac is actually more potent than you might think. Its function is not limited to storing to-do items and creating reminders and lists. It is a feature-packed app that can make our lives easier and more organized. The Mac reminder app has many useful features that not many users are even aware of. This includes setting priorities, location alerts, sorting and working with multiple windows. In this article, you’ll discover these not-so-popular features and how you can get the most out of Apple Reminders app. How to Open Lists in a New Window Reminders is a single-window app by default, with a sidebar that […]

If you’re an avid Android mobile gamer, you have probably watched a couple of gaming videos and gameplay walkthroughs online. But have you ever wondered how those YouTubers manage to record their gameplay and incorporate them into their videos for posting online? Well, wonder no more. In this article, we’ll show you how you can record gameplay yourself. The Ideal Method: Record Your Gameplay With Google Play Games Back in 2015, Google updated their Play Games app to fulfill the goal of broadening the reach of mobile gameplay videos. They added video recording and publishing capabilities to their proprietary online gaming service app. While using the app, you can now record what’s happening on your screen while also having the option to record yourself doing a commentary using your device’s front camera while playing a game on your Android device. You can select which Play Games-supported game to play and […]

With billions of users actively watching music videos, funny clips, and tutorials every single day, it is without a doubt that YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming sites today. However, as much as we want to keep watching videos all day, we have to admit that staring at our screens, especially at night, strains our eyes. To ease eye strains, Google has released a new feature for YouTube called Dark Mode but it is only available in iOS devices. According to reports, Google’s team is still working to make it possible for Android. YouTube Dark Mode for Rooted Android Devices Now, if you are an Android YouTube streamer, the Android developer community – XDA Developers, has good news. They created their own version of the YouTube Night Mode and made it available for you. To use it though, you need to root your Android device and if […]

If you are reading this article, you are probably among those people who enjoy reading articles before calling it a day. Whether it’s news or literature, you feel such pleasure and comfort while reading stuff on your Android device. Unfortunately, those vibrant and glorious screens emit blue light that may trigger headaches, cause eye strain, and disrupt sleep. What is Blue Light? Many of us think that the sunrays are colorless, but they’re actually composed of different hues – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. While the red and the orange rays are at the visible end of the light spectrum, the blue and the violet rays are on the opposite. The red and orange rays have longer wavelengths but produce inferior energy. The blue and violet rays, on the other hand, have shorter wavelengths but produce stronger energy that tends to affect our eyes the strongest. Interestingly, the […]

As a Mac user, you probably share this one guilt among other users: deleting a system file. Whether accidental or not, this is actually a common occurrence. It’s not exactly a good thing, but it happens. And because it happens to a lot of users, naturally, solutions to the problem have been found. So, if you are wondering how to restore deleted files, mainly system files and folders deleted from your Mac, this article has all the info you need. What Are System Files and How Does One Get Deleted on Mac? Simply put, a system file is any file that has the system attribute on. When system attribute is turned on in a file, it means that this file is crucial to the overall function and performance of an operating system. Given its importance, the System Files naturally should be left alone. Changing, moving, and deleting them can cause […]

Duplicate photos are a common problem among Android devices. They accumulate because of different reasons, such as data backup, file downloading, and file sharing. Another possible reason why they are generated is that you might be taking photos in continuous mode. Apparently, all these duplicate photos exist for no good reason. They only consume a considerable part of your device’s storage space and affect your device’s overall performance and speed. So, to get rid of these duplicate photos, you may use any of the duplicate photo finder apps and tools below: 1. Duplicate Photos Fixer One of the top duplicate photo finder apps today, Duplicate Photos Fixer offers reliable and instant results. When used, you can effortlessly remove any duplicate image files from your Android device. Thanks to the fast algorithms used in developing this app, users will enjoy instant and accurate results. In addition to getting rid of duplicate […]

Today’s smart devices have proved very useful for people of all ages, status in life, and profession. Our smartphones are no longer just for leisure and entertainment. We can also use them for school, work, and business. Because many mobile devices are now equipped with powerful hardware and reliable software, it has become possible to accomplish some, if not most of our tasks that would otherwise require a computer several years ago. This is especially true if you are in the IT or Information Technology industry. Thanks to the continuous advancements being applied to mobile devices, Android IT apps have become more capable and valuable than ever. If you are a budding IT professional, these apps can help you hone your skills further and achieve pro status faster. In this article, we list the top Android apps that every IT beginner should have on their device. Evernote Just like every […]

It is true that Android devices are becoming more powerful than ever. Unfortunately, not can be said when it comes to the device’s battery life. Several factors affect battery life, such as programs and apps running in the background, brighter screens, thinner architecture that give less room for bigger batteries, and power-hungry radio, 3G and 4G networks, to name a few. But then again not everything is at lost because there is good news, there are ways to actually improve your Android battery life. Read on below: 1. Avoid exposing your Android device to high temperatures. One way to increase the battery life of your Android device is to avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. Believe it or not, heat waves play a vital role in the lifespan of your device’s battery. Unlike humans, Android devices can’t sweat. Without a way to cool down, they suffer – either the screen […]

Installing a new version of the macOS is not as difficult as you might think. More often than not, your Mac will tell you if there is an available update via popup notifications. In some cases, the update will be downloaded directly on your Mac. It’ll just wait for you to initiate the installation process. Though it rarely happens, there are times when the entire macOS update installation process gets stuck or frozen. If you get caught in such situation, fear not because we made this guide to help you get through, but before we proceed with the steps you have to take, allow us to enumerate the possible reasons why your macOS update installation is stuck. Why macOS Installation is Stuck There are many possible reasons why the macOS update installation is interrupted. One is that the power may have been cut off in the middle of the update. […]

The latest iTunes version no longer creates an iTunes Library XML file. This could be sad news for some iTunes fans because this file is responsible for granting apps permission to easily interact and connect with the iTunes Library. But what exactly is an iTunes Library XML file and what other purposes does it serve? What is an iTunes Library XML File? As described by Apple: “The iTunes Library.xml file contains some, but not all, of the same information that’s stored in the iTunes Library.itl file. The purpose of the iTunes Library.xml file is to make your music and playlists available to other applications on your computer, such as iPhoto, Garageband, iMovie, and third-party software, in OS X Mountain Lion and earlier. These applications use this file to make it easier for you to add music from your iTunes library to your projects.” Simply said, the iTunes Library XML file […]