Comparison of Features: Jira Service Management vs ServiceNow

Comparison of Features: Jira Service Management vs ServiceNow
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In the operation of the help desk, the ticketing system is crucial. If this is not taken into consideration, requests, queries, and complaints of customers will be lost in a flurry of emails. So, Jira Service Management vs ServiceNow has been on a shoulder-to-shoulder level in providing better solutions to this.

These two solutions are massive in integration, which makes them doubtlessly position better as an enterprise software vendor. There are other areas of advantages that these two platforms offer to several businesses concerning their help desk functionality.

Here are highlights of areas that make Jira System Management vs ServiceNow a close competitor to each other in the ticketing system.

Jira System Management Vs. ServiceNow: Comparison of Features

Consider the most important points below.

Capability Set

The two platforms are competent for managing an IT enterprise help desk. Jira thrives more on Atlassian products, while ServiceNow on the other hand offers a great deal of integration, making it compatible when working with other tools.

Ease of Use

Jira has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. As captured earlier, Atlassian customers would enjoy its admin console better. ServiceNow has a highly usable frontend. At the same time, it is enterprise and ITIL-centered. Some smaller businesses and shops have limited access to it.

Communal Support

Jira offers a great deal of support to its users’ community, platform developers inclusive, giving them an extensive developer portal and a website for questions and answers. ServiceNow offers a unique kind of support to its users’ community, giving them access to the community portal and product wiki.

Pricing Plan And Support

Jira offers a reasonable price that almost any category of organization can afford. In addition to their fair pricing, they also offer an on-premise version, which is charged per agent.

ServiceNow on the end of a yearly payment plan. Their Express version fits the financial capacity of an enterprise more than a smaller IT shop.

As it concerns support, Jira offers both standard and premium support options. They can come in the following arrangements:

  • weekdays and weekend coverage;
  • committed support staff;
  • fast response windows, etc.

ServiceNow offers round-the-clock, all-year-round phone support alongside web/email for customers within the US.

API and Extensibility

When it comes to providing a powerful API, Jira supports this. This makes it possible for add-ons to be built and makes integrations possible with other applications. ServiceNow is not left out in this, its API makes interaction with the platform’s service instances possible.

Integrations With Third Party

Jira has an amazing third-party integration. Its marketplace provides over 2400 add-ons. So, it is possible to extend the functions of the platform. ServiceNow offers integrations on its website. Some are additions, while the rest are custom-built.

Curve of Learning

ServiceNow tilts more towards enterprise and concentrates around ITIL. Jira was uniquely designed to be adopted by organizations of various types in their IT department. As a result, Jira is easier to be grasped by an average IT professional when placed side by side with ServiceNow.

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