Samsung brings a lot of new things into the table. There are some Samsung tricks that you won’t find on any other Android device or iOS device and these features are considered to be the brand’s top-selling point and the primary reason why users prefer Samsung over other Android phone manufacturers. In this article, we will feature the top Samsung tricks other Android devices lack and we’ll show you how these features work to make the most out of your device. 1 Customize Reminders If you’re someone very busy or easily forgets things, phone reminders will be your life-saver. The Reminders app on Samsung Galaxy phones has extra features to help you get organized and less forgetful. One of the things you can do with the Reminder app is to convert any website into a reminder. To do this, open the default browser and go to the webpage you want […]

Every year, Motorola introduces a bunch of new phones to their already great lineup. With new features added to these new phones, choosing the best can get a bit confusing. But fret not because we are here to help. We checked all the details of the latest Motorola phones, considering the specific needs and budget. The list below is best Motorola phones to date. 1. Moto Z3 Play Moto Z3 Play is the latest addition to Motorola’s Moto Z lineup. Released in June 2018, this phone is an improved version of its predecessor. It has a tall 18:9 display and is powered by Snapdragon 636. It also has a dual camera that takes clear and quality photos, especially in a well-lit environment. It supports all types of Moto Mods that have been released since the first ever Moto Z phone. The current price of Moto Z3 Play in the market […]

Have you been in a situation where you are working on something important on your computer and then suddenly a text message arrives on your mobile phone? Not knowing the urgency of the message, your reaction is to stop what you were doing, pick up your smartphone, respond to the text, and go back to your work. And if you keep getting an incoming SMS without knowing the content you will find yourself juggling back and forth between your smartphone and your computer work. But what if you we tell you that there’s a way to reply to an SMS without having to leave your computer? You merely have to open a new window on your desktop and make sure your smartphone is connected to your computer via USB. Interesting, right? Thanks to Koushik Dutta, situations like these can be prevented. With the Vysor app, you can now control your […]

If you’ve been using an Android smartphone for quite some time now, you’ve probably come across the term IMEI. You’ve also probably brushed off this information as being somewhat unimportant. However, once you learn what it is and its function, you may want to pay attention to the information in this article. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. By definition alone, you’ve probably already guessed that an IMEI is unique to a particular phone. Every Android smartphone has this unique identifier. If the phone is lost, it can be tracked using this number. The IMEI is coded on your device as a file. Unfortunately, in the process of tweaking the phone, changing the settings, or rooting the device, this file can be corrupted or lost. If this happens, the phone will likely lose its network settings, resulting to drop of the mobile network connection. Fortunately, losing an IMEI number […]

We all know that modern smartphones have amazing features, such as biometric sensors and touchscreens, that allow them to sense the activities around them. However, most of these devices also have other forms of sensors that would enable them to do more than what we can imagine. Now, if you own a Samsung handset, did you know that you can take advantage of a particular feature to verify and check if all the built-in sensors of your device are correctly working? Yes, that is correct. Though unknown to most Samsung users, most Galaxy versions have a diagnostic menu that can be accessed by entering a secret code. To learn more about the diagnostic mode, read on. How to Access Samsung’s Secret Diagnostic Menu Here’s a little heads-up. The diagnostic menu is not available to all users. Certain carriers like Sprint and Verizon have blocked this menu on their Samsung tablets […]

Android screenshots are extremely useful especially when you need to save a recipe you’ve seen on Facebook quickly or when you need to remember a list you’ve seen somewhere. However, useful as they may be, screenshots have limitations. One of these limitations is that you can only capture the above-the-fold screen. For example, you can only capture a part of an article or a webpage, not the whole page. For this, you need to take three to five screenshots just to cover the entire page. It can be very inconvenient, especially if you often deal with web pages or blog articles. Fortunately, the scroll screenshot or scrolling screenshot was introduced. This allows you to take full page screen capture of a whole page, instead of stitching together a series of screenshots just to cover the entire page. Not all Android phones carry this feature, and as of now, only the […]

Do you want to send your sister a birthday greeting through a text message at precisely 12 midnight? Do you want to send an automatic SMS reminder to your business partner about your upcoming meeting? Being able to schedule text messages is one extremely useful feature because it makes sending text messages very convenient. Android has no built-in SMS scheduler, but Google Play Store has a lot of third-party apps that allow you to do just that. Below are some of our favorite and trusted SMS scheduler you can use. How To Schedule Messages Using Textra SMS Textra is a free Android messaging app that’s packed with a lot of features, one of which is the capability to send SMS and MMS on a definite time. To schedule text messages using Textra, follow these steps: Disable your default messaging app notification, otherwise, you’ll be receiving two notifications for every message […]

Different Android devices have different battery capacity — some have 2000mAh battery while newer devices run on at least 3000 or 4000 mAh. However, no matter how big the battery capacity, it will still drain after some time, and you will need to get it charged. Charging your Android battery takes time and the charging time varies according to different factors. For example, it is faster to charge a 2000 mAh battery compared to a 4000 mAh battery. On the other hand, a newer phone may have fast-charging features that old Android devices don’t have, while the average charging time for a regular Android device is usually 2 hours. But did you know that there are ways to speed up phone charging? There are several tricks to fast-charge a phone that not many Android users know about and this article will provide these tips. And the good thing about these […]

The awesome computing power of today’s smartphones has made them an integral part of our everyday lives. However, despite the tremendous potential that these devices already present, we still yearn for a little bit more. Fortunately, there are several ways to tweak these devices. One of these ways is by installing an Android mod. And if you’ve been using Androids for quite some time, you’ve probably come across the term mod but haven’t paid attention to it much since Android devices are already quite powerful out of the box. Android Mods are applications that tweak the performance of your Android device. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Android mods available today. Franco Kernel Updater Manager In the past, a phone needs only to make calls, send messages, and to store contact information. Games were severely limited, so nobody took the time to play whatever game came […]

In the past, websites only required a username and password for registration purposes. These days though, website owners have gotten smart. Not only do they need to know that you’re a real person, they actually force you to give them personal contact information to register with their site. While giving out your personal phone number may not seem like such a big deal, especially if you trust the site, doing so can have some security concerns. You have no way of knowing how secure the site’s servers are. If their servers are hacked, your personal information may get into the hands of unscrupulous individuals, and this could be dangerous. Fortunately, there is a way to bypass OTP verification, especially if you’re using an Android device. Here’s how. How OTP works The OTP process is rather simple. When you register with a website or app, the site will ask for your […]