Best Study Apps for Students

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Noways, every student has an Android or iOS smartphone. For a lot of years, cell phones were used to communicate and entertain. These days, the vast assortment of mobile applications allow students to learn new skills with ease. Examine the selection of the top study apps for students below.


Every student should have this app on a smartphone. It foresees access to textbook solutions and knowledge base with thousands of resolved problems. If there is no answer, you can snap a problem on your smartphone and get an answer from their experts.

Socratic by Google

It is an all-in-one study app for students. It implies a lot of step-by-step explanations on any subject with visual study guides. Moreover, this app can resolve almost any math problem in the blink of an eye. Scan an equation and get an answer in a few seconds.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Download this app and improve your vocabulary with ease. The Oxford Dictionary of English app has the most comprehensive collection of words and their definitions. By using this app, you can organize words by topics and learn new words every day.

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This one is a top-notch app for learning foreign languages online. The app has a convenient and easy-to-use interface that allows learning languages with ease. It brings the ability to listen to real conversations and track your progress.

Tandem – Language Exchange

What is the best way to improve your language skills? Practice with native speakers. This app foresees the ability to master any language with fun. Chat with native speakers and get corrections. Also, you can practice your pronunciation via online video chat.

Khan Academy

This mobile app brings free access to a library of textbooks and video tutorials. By using this app, you can learn any science of study with no charge. You can check your skills by using practice questions and download educational materials to study offline.


It is one of the most pot-rated study apps for students. There are a lot of video courses by Harvard, MIT, and other leading universities. This apps foresees the ability to learn new skills at your own pace. Also, you challenge yourself with quizzes and assignments.


Do you want to make dive into the world of code and become a software developer? This app brings you an excellent opportunity to become a software engineer even if you have zero technical background. There are a lot of study programs to learn different programming and markup languages. Moreover, there is an in-built mobile code editor and a large coding community.


This app brings access to thousands of video courses on different topics. There are a lot of classes for both beginners and experts. Moreover, each online tutor and video course have a particular rating and comments so that you can check them before enrolling. Also, the application allows downloading videos to watch them offline.

Final Recommendation for Students

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