How to Track Phone Location Without Children Knowing


Children are known to go anywhere, especially if your eye is not on them. Older ones also know how to lie about where they are going. Being a digital parent, you have to improvise a way to know where they are without their knowledge.

There are various tracking solutions on the market to fulfill that want. We have the best one that is recommended for all parents who need to track their kids discreetly. It will track in real-time, and the children will never know what you use to catch them.

It does not need much apart from the kid’s phone details and an internet connection. Since those two are readily available, it’s a matter of following instructions.

Part 1: Track Children Phone Location with TeenSafe

There are very few applications that can allow you to track a phone discreetly. TeenSafe is one of them, and it’s a solution that has helped millions of parents across the globe. The way it follows up without the kids’ knowledge is one of the reasons it has risen to fame.

TeenSafe has a unique feature called the stealth mode. It helps in hiding the application after acquiring it. So, the kid will never see anything new on their device. Further, you can use it on both Android and iOS platforms.

In both, you will not require to root or jailbreak the kid’s phone. This is due to the cutting edge technologies present in the application. They help in fetching the location details and other data without compromising the phone.

This means that using TeenSafe will not change how the phone looks, and it will not be visible. It’s compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. In Android, you only need to install it once on the phone.

During the installation, that’s when you activate the stealth mode. If the child has an iOS, then there is no need for the download procedures. TeenSafe will locate the phone using the iCloud. You only need to verify its ID after signing up for an account.

Once the setup is complete, you can log in to your account to see where the phone is. TeenSafe will use the GPS or connected Wi-Fi to tell you the exact location. It will also show you all the previously visited places.

That will also include the coordinates and the timestamps too. Since you are tracking the kid, you may also want to know when they go to specific places. That is where the Geofencing option comes in. It allows you to set up perimeters in the targeted areas.

When your kid enters or leaves the marked areas, you will get a notification via your email. In Android, you can also track them using the SIM Card feature. Here, you can even receive notifications in case there is a SIM swap.

TeenSafe will then continue to track the new SIM Card. There are other things that this app will show you about the phone. So, you can track phone location with TeenSafe and also receive updates about the calls, texts, etc.

All the information you retrieve can be shown to you anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The control panel works with all browsers, that’s why. TeenSafe will also protect the information you get. It does that by syncing instead of storing the data.

Therefore, you are the only one who can see where your kid is when you access your account.

Part 2: How to Track Phone Location with TeenSafe


  1. In Android, get the phone to install TeenSafe once
  2. For iOS, get the iPhone’s iCloud ID
  3. Internet connection
  4. A valid email address

Steps to Start Tracking

Step 1: Start by registering an account on the TeenSafe website. You only need your email address and a password to do that. Next, select the operating system on your kid’s phone and proceed to pay for one of the plans.

Step 2: Once you complete the transaction, an email will arrive with all the confirmation details and setup instructions. In Android, it will also have a download link.

Step 3: For iOS, after the email, login to your account and verify the iPhone’s iCloud ID. Next, choose the phone the kid is using and wait for the TeenSafe and iCloud syncing.

Step 4: In Android, use the link in the email to install the app once on the phone. Ensure that you activate the stealth mode before completing the installation.

Step 5: Get back to your account, this time using another device. You will see the dashboard with the features and the phone’s summary.

To track the phone location, click on ‘Location’ on the menu to see where the child is.

For Geofencing, use the relevant feature to set up the perimeters.

Part 3: Why Use TeenSafe to Track Your Children’s Location

Parents have tried many solutions out there. On the other hand, this is what makes TeenSafe win:

  • It will never be visible on the children’s phone due to stealth mode
  • You don’t need the rooting and jailbreaking techniques
  • The location and other data are shown to you remotely and in real-time
  • The control panel works fully with all browsers
  • TeenSafe does not drain the battery when fetching the location information
  • In Android, it occupies less than 2MB memory space. In iOS, it uses the iCloud
  • It’s safe to use on kids’ devices. It does not introduce any malware
  • You can remotely remove TeenSafe from the online dashboard. there is an uninstallation button for that
  • TeenSafe has budget-friendly prices that don’t include hidden fees after the payment
  • Apart from location, TeenSafe has other features as well. Paying for it means getting the whole package


Now, it’s time to track the children’s location using a device they can’t leave. With TeenSafe in there, it will never show or interfere with what they do. You, on the other hand, will be getting the location information in real-time in your online account.

As you have seen, this solution doesn’t require any computer expertise. That is why parents have been using it all over. Now, it’s your turn to create an account and start knowing where the kid is at all times.

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