Windows 10

Welcome to the Windows 10 category on Softwaretested! Windows 10, developed by Microsoft, is a widely used OS known for its adaptability, intuitive interface, and compatibility. We offer detailed information on its functionalities to enhance your user experience. The articled included in this Category:

Getting Started with Windows 10

For the newcomers, this piece will guide you through the initial setup, basic functionalities, and essential customization options to make your Windows truly yours. Find out how to change your PIN or start in safe mode.

Advanced Windows 10 Features Unveiled

Discover the hidden gems and powerful tools under the hood of Windows 10, from Virtual Desktops to BitLocker, and understand how they can enhance your daily operations. Dive deeper into tools like Bluetooth or understand how to optimize screen sharing.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Guide

Encountering issues? This step-by-step guide offers solutions to common problems, including how to address the Critical Process Died error and ensure a smooth and efficient user experience. If you’re facing HDMI port issues, check out our guide on HDMI port solutions.

Optimizing Windows 10 for Performance

Tune in to discover how to optimize your Windows 10 for maximum speed and responsiveness. Learn to clear cache for a cleaner system and improve your device’s startup.

Windows 10 Security Essentials

In an era of increasing cyber threats, safeguarding your system is paramount. Learn about the built-in security tools and practices to make your Windows 10 system impervious to vulnerabilities.

Making the Shift: Windows 7 to Windows 10

For those transitioning from Windows 7, this article details the changeover, highlighting the similarities, introducing new features, and guiding you if you wish to downgrade.

Customizing Windows 10: Beyond Basics

Tailoring Windows 10 goes beyond just wallpapers. Discover personalization from taskbars to touch gestures and even changing the default browser.

… and many more!

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