Last July, Apple introduced its updated MacBook Pro lineup. With Intel’s 8th-generation processors and True Tone display among other upgrades, these new units without a doubt, made patrons excited to avail themselves of a Mac upgrade. If you’re now decided to ditch your old Mac for one of the new ones, we suggest you hold on and don’t dive in just yet. There are some preparation measures you need to take, mainly if you want to make the switch as seamless as possible. Furthermore, if you’re going to pass on your old Mac to a new user, you’d also want to erase all traces of your data on it. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can best prepare for the upgrade. Step 1. Back up your Mac. It is especially important if you are entrusting your old Mac to a new owner and if you want to transfer […]

There are various reasons why you would need a macOS installer. Maybe you need it to reinstall macOS to fix a problem in your system or perhaps you’re planning to sell or hand down your old Mac to a new owner. It’s also possible that you’re the recipient of that old Mac. Similarly, there are also various ways to reinstall macOS. Aside from using recovery mode to reinstall macOS, you can also choose to make Mac boot from USB. In this article, we’ll show you how to make bootable USB so you can install macOS or an older version of it in case you can’t or don’t want to reinstall using recovery mode and other methods. What You’ll Need to Create a Bootable MacOS Installer There are two primary items you need to create a bootable USB to reinstall macOS. First, is the USB flash drive. You need one with […]

The final version of macOS Mojave is expected to be available for everyone to download around September or October this year. But as early as now, some Mac users installed the macOS Mojave beta version either for testing or development purposes. Apple has recently released the fifth beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave, one month after introducing the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference. As can be expected with Apple, the new macOS comes with new and exciting features that Mac users can’t wait to try. But running a beta software can be interesting, you have to keep in mind that this software is not stable and can be buggy, resulting in incompatibility and some other issues. Hence, some users prefer to downgrade macOS and get back to the more stable version of the system software. This article will cover the steps Mojave beta users need to do to downgrade to […]

Do you want to delete a user on your Mac to make way for storage space, revoke access, or to clear up some confusion? Deleting a user account is easy, but you need to carefully plan what you’re going to do with the files associated with the account, especially if there is sensitive information saved. With this article, we will show you how to delete a user on Mac, and what process you need to go through along the way. How to Delete a User on Mac To delete a user on Mac, follow these steps: Use your admin account. You can’t do anything to your computer without administrator access. Make sure that you are using an administrator account before proceeding. To do this, log in using the administrator account and password on your Mac. How do you know if you’re using an administrator account? Go to System Preferences > […]

One of the most frustrating problems a Mac user often encounter is a stuck key. This is particularly true for users of Macs with the butterfly keyboard, which Apple introduced with the 12-inch MacBook in 2015. Since then, Mac users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new keyboard. In fact, three separate class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple because of these MacBook keyboard issues. Unlike the old Mac keyboard, the butterfly mechanism on the new keyboards is a lot more complicated. You can’t just pry off the keys when it’s stuck or when you need to clean it. If you’re using a 2018 MacBook Pro, you’re lucky because the keyboard of this model comes with a thick, silicone barrier under each key. This silicone enclosure not only makes typing a lot quieter, but it also serves as protection against dust and debris. However, if you’re using a model […]

Here’s one common myth, Apple products don’t get infected by malware and viruses. WRONG. Although this might be true for devices running on iOS, the same cannot be said with Macs. As the technology gets advanced, the malware and virus sector is not lagging behind. There have been several reports of attacks on macOS in recent years including Crossrider, aka OSX/Shlayer, OSX/MaMi, and OSX/Dok among others. Compared to Windows OS, Macs are less vulnerable because macOS has become more secure, thanks to its Unix-based operating system and several layers of built-in security features. However, it doesn’t mean that Macs don’t get viruses. But how do you know your Mac is infected? Here are some of the symptoms you have to watch for that’ll tell you if your Mac is infected: Your Mac suddenly seems sluggish as if there’s a lot of processes going on at the same time –except that you […]

It’s exciting to have a new Mac, especially if you’ve never worked on one before. You can indeed work on your new MacBook or Mac desktop straight out of the box, but to get the most out of your experience, you’ll want to tweak it up a bit. One of the areas where you’ll need to focus on is the Mac display setting. Fortunately, tweaking the display settings on a Mac is easier than you might think. What You Need to Know About Display Settings Whether you’re working on a MacBook or a Mac Pro desktop, you’ll be able to change the display settings according to your preferences. The most significant difference is that on a laptop, the screen is attached to the computer. On a desktop, the computer and the monitor are two different devices. On laptops, the size of the screen will depend on the size of your […]

Most Mac users enjoy several years of trouble-free experience, but eventually, time will come when hardware problems arise. Although it rarely happens, problems can be caused by a motherboard issue, a failing hard drive, a GPU problem, or lack of memory space. Fortunately, Apple has a way to detect, prevent, and solve any hardware-related issue. Apple Hardware Test is the first step. You can use it to check if there are serious hardware issues to deal with. Don’t worry, because you can run the test yourself. We will teach you how below. What Mac Models Can Run Apple’s Internet-Based Hardware Test? Not all Mac models can run the Internet-based Apple hardware test. Some MacBook models need to use a local version of the hardware test, which has to be installed on the hard drive or saved on OS X DVD. Other Macs manufactured after 2013 can use the latest version of […]

If you are using an old Mac version, chances are, you got your computer for a while now and your internal disk space is probably filled up. A full hard disk will not just slow down your Mac, but will also keep you from downloading and saving new files. And among the primary culprits that take a massive chunk of space on your Mac hard drive or SSD is duplicate files. In this article, we will help you declutter Mac files that are actually duplicates. Why Are There Duplicate Files on Your Mac Have you ever asked why duplicate files exist on your Mac? In most cases, duplicate files you probably have mistaken them for f exist because of error in saving another copy other than the original file. You might have also downloaded the file twice via links, email attachments, or from other sources. How to Use Duplicate File […]

Privacy and security of data are among the biggest ICT (information and communication technology) issues these days. With so many hackers eager to get hold of your data through both secured and unsecured connections, you can never be too careful with the information you keep on your computer. Furthermore, some laws state that if you’re keeping records of people and companies on your drive, it is your responsibility to secure this information through data encryption. Fortunately, encrypting data on a Mac isn’t as difficult as it would seem. Here are the two easiest ways how to encrypt on Mac. What is Data Encryption Before we get into the Mac encryption methods, let’s first discuss what encryption is. Encryption is a process wherein your computer takes the stored information and jumbles it up, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Once the data is encrypted, the only way to read that information is […]