It’s all but natural for your Mac’s computer processor to heat up while being used. However, when the processor is used at full capacity for extended periods, there’s a good chance that the fans installed inside may not be able to push out the extra heat inside the device leading to overheating. Another reason why your Mac overheats is due to dust buildup within the fans, causing them to provide less cooling power. Regardless of the cause of your Mac overheating, it’s important you know how to handle the situation correctly in order to prevent further damage to your Mac device. Avoid Excessive Processor Loads Every process the processor runs will contribute to excess heat. To prevent your Mac from overheating, you need to avoid running too many processes at the same time. For instance, while browsing the Internet, avoid having too many tabs open, especially if you’re using a […]

What if, you wake up tomorrow and your Mac won’t start and you have a lot of things you need to work on? What will you do? Well, if it’s a hardware problem, technically, it’s easy to fix. Simply take your Mac to an accredited Apple specialist, spend several dollars, and the next thing you know, it’s already fixed. But what if the problem is preventing you to access your data from the hard disk? Is it still possible to retrieve them? If the odds are in your favor, you can recover your data but you only have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a certified recovery specialist to get back some of your most precious files. If you’re not so lucky, all that iTunes library you collated, the vacation photos, and business documents are probably gone for good. Bye-bye files! And if you are one of Mac […]

If you are planning to gift your Mac to someone else or you want to sell it, deleting your files is not enough. You need to reset Mac to its factory settings to make sure that your hard drive is fresh and clean. Resetting your computer to Mac factory settings involves reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling a fresh copy of macOS or macOS X into your computer. Through this, all your files, personal data, and preferences will be totally erased from the computer and your Mac will be just like when it was new. The Mac factory reset method is generally the same for every Mac as long as the macOS supports recovery mode. Take note that factory resetting your Mac is different from a simple reinstall of your Mac system software. To reset Mac, you need to clean the drive of all data. It is different from reinstalling […]

If you’re trying to figure out the best application to manage your photos on your Mac device, then we recommend using Mac’s Photos app. The Photos app on Mac is probably the simplest but the most effective photos application you can use to manage your photos. Learning the intricacies of the Photos app isn’t as difficult as other projects it to be. The interface is simple and easy to understand and navigate, so you’ll probably figure it out on your own even when the most complicated task is required. Moreover, your photos are displayed in vibrant hues and tones, as what Macs are known for, so you’ll enjoy working on them. All you need is to understand the basic steps to get you started. What is the Photos App on Mac? Before going into the different tasks you can accomplish on the Photos app, here’s an overview of what the […]

It’s no secret that the light emitted by the screen of your electronic devices affects our bodies in a lot of ways. It can cause eyestrain and alter your sleeping pattern, particularly if you continuously use the computer or any mobile device late at night. But given that people are very dependent on their mobile devices, makers like Apple made sure that people don’t stop using their electronic devices by devising a way to reduce or minimize the negative effects to health due to excessive screen time. What is the Dark Mode? Dark Mode is a feature that many devices have. Apple TV, for instance, has a Dark Mode, in which most of the interface colors are changed from white (light) to black (dark). However, if you’re wondering if there’s a Dark Mode on your Mac, you might get a bit disappointed. Macs officially don’t have a dark mode, but […]

Think of using a Mac or any Apple device saves you completely from online scams and threats? Think again. Persistent cybercriminals will not stop devising different strategies until they achieve success. Over the years, these perpetrators have come up with different ways to trick people into giving them what they want — money, sensitive data, and confidential details. Email scams have been rampant since forever. A common Mac phishing scam doing the rounds today takes the form of fake iTunes and App Store invoice emails. In February 2018, Apple released a support page to serve as a guide for users on how to identify legitimate emails from iTunes and the App Store. By releasing this support page, Apple essentially recognized the fact that these scam and phishing emails do exist. What Does an iTunes or App Store Phishing Scam Do? Scammers have one sole purpose – to steal identities of […]

If you’ve never experienced your computer or online account being hacked, you might not truly appreciate the importance of passwords or you probably have a very strong password. Like it or not, in a digital-driven world, where social media accounts thrive, passwords are now a part of our everyday lives. But oftentimes, we take them for granted in the belief that no one is going to use them to hack into our accounts. Unfortunately, this belief can get us into all sorts of problems, most specifically, identify theft. You’ve probably heard nightmares about stolen identities, stolen money in bank accounts, and stolen credit card information. The single, largest culprit for these types of thefts is hacked password. Every day, hundreds of passwords are being stolen or hacked. The fact that you haven’t experienced it yet does not necessarily mean that you are safe but one thing is for sure, you […]

Information security is a very crucial issue in today’s online world. With identity theft, credit card fraud, and other cyber crimes running rampant, it is very important to protect all your data. Hacking is one of the ways cybercriminals get your information. So, if you’re storing sensitive information on Mac, having a password is not enough. You need a strong Mac drive encryption to protect your computer against unauthorized access. Aside from having secure passwords, you can encrypt your data on your Mac for added security. There’s no need to buy expensive third-party apps to protect your data. All you need is Disk Utility for your hard drive encryption. You can choose to encrypt the whole drive or a few specific files or folders. To enable hard disk encryption, follow these steps: Open Finder. Find Utilities > Disk Utility. Double-click on the Disk Utility icon. While Disk Utility window is […]

Macs are known for being generally reliable and secure, but just like any other piece of technology, they also have weak points, which may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous perpetrators. Within the last few years, there have been several reports of malware and virus attacks on Macs, albeit not worsening enough to be considered an epidemic. Still, the fact remains that the threat is out there and Mac users are not totally invulnerable to cyber attacks. The latest reported Mac threat was the OSX/MaMi. It made the news in January 2018. The malware was designed to install a new root certificate, allowing it to intercept communications, even the encrypted ones. When it gets to successfully route traffic through malicious servers, that’s when it intercepts sensitive information. Because of threats such as this, it’s imperative that you know of free Mac virus removal methods. Aside from virus removal methods, you […]

Using passwords may be a bit inconvenient sometimes, but they make our online lives more secure. These passwords add an extra layer of security to our computer, especially to our sensitive files and data. We use a password for almost everything we do on and with our computer – from social media and email to simply logging in to use our Macs. However, did you know that there are different Mac passwords? Different Types of Mac Passwords Mac Password. This is also known as your account password or computer login password. This is the password you use during start-up in order to gain access to your user account. If there are multiple users, each user account will have a different login password. If there is only one user account, then your Mac password is also your admin password. You can use your admin password to change system preferences, add or […]