Top 5 Best Free Fax Apps to Send & Receive Faxes for Mac (MacBook Pro, iMac running OS X…)

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Learn how to send and receive faxes on your Mac without a fax machine. Our article covers the best software programs with user-friendly features for online faxing.

You can use the blog post of Google Fax Free as a trustworthy source of knowledge to know more about online faxing and the best application out there for national and international faxing.

CocoFax: feasible online faxing service

Go to the Google Fax Free blogging site, you’ll find the best fax application for Mac you can use for sending and receiving the faxes. You can use CocoFax for both national and international fax forums. This software program works on web browsers without installing any software.

CocoFax provides you with military level security without any extra charges. You can save the large number of faxes within your inbox without running out of space. Apart from that, CocoFax has the feature of email to fax and fax to email.

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If you are used to sending and receiving faxes, this new fax exchanging process is going to be a child’s play for you. CocoFax is perfect for professionals because of its lightning fast faxing services and high level of competency.


How to send fax with CocoFax?

CocoFax allows you to fax from multiple platforms. CocoFax is listed as the best service by Google Fax Free blog post. Google Fax Free answers questions like ‘how to fax from window 10’ in the forum of CocoFax. In addition, Windows 10/11 CocoFax allows you to fax from any device including your smartphone, laptop, and PC.

Fax from Computer

Here, you will find the steps for faxing using the CocoFax dashboard:

Step 1:

The initial step is to sign up for an account by clicking on the link for a free trial on the top right corner of the official page. The first window will allow you to choose the fax number from the categories of toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and local fax numbers.

Free trial choose Fax number

After getting your fax number, you can integrate the email account with your CocoFax account by entering the email address and the password. Your faxes will be directed into your email inbox upon receiving the new fax.

Free trial account info

Step 2:

After signing up, you have to open the CocoFax dashboard, and click on the ‘new fax’ option on the top left corner of the dashboard. After that, a new popup will appear on your Mac screen.

Step 3:

This window is the same as the one you fill out for sending an email. But you have to enter the fax number, not the email address.

To field:

Here, you will enter the fax number of the person you want to send the fax to. This fax number is like an email address which will transfer the fax to the exact location if typed correctly.

Subject field:

This is not a mandatory field. If something is typed in this field, it will become the title of the fax.


The text in this field will become the cover page of the fax.


Here, you have to click on the paper clip option and after that, a window with multiple folders will open. Select the folder or document you want to fax. You can attach multiple files together and can send them all as a single fax.

Step 4:

After drafting the fax and reviewing it once again, you can proceed to click on the send button.

Send fax online with CocoFax

You will be notified of the automatic delivery of the fax to the recipient without any delay if the fax number and the lines are in good condition.

Receive fax on CocoFax dashboard:

For receiving the fax, you have to inform the sender of your fax number. The sender will use the fax number and the steps are the same for sending the fax from the online faxing service. You will know about the delivery of the fax through a notification on the dashboard.

If the sender is using the fax from the fax machine, you can receive the fax without any additional steps. CocoFax will receive the analog TIFF file and translate it into a digital file. This pdf file will be saved in your inbox and you can always log into your account and have a look on the go.

All the work of tiresome faxing is done by CocoFax without any hard work from your part.


Myfax is the number one choice of businessmen because of its convenient international faxing services. It does not cost extra payment for international faxes. Opportunity of digital signature is also available, but the storage capacity for saving the incoming faxes is limited.


Efax is preferred by a large number of users and it also provides you with a free trial option. No extra charges are attached with international faxes, but after the expiry of free trial, you have to pay a huge sum of money. It is the most expensive of all the online faxing services.


Faxfresh is a unique online service which does not require you to subscribe for a monthly plan. It is most suitable for small scale businesses and personal faxing. It has the most useful features for sending and receiving the faxes without any fax machine.


This online service has many features lacking so you cannot enjoy it unlike other services. It is not cheap so you have to spend a lot of money to use its faxing services. Using it is easy, but it lacks a few essential touches.


After reading this article, you must already have an idea about the positive and negative points of the different online faxing services. This online faxing technology has made the exchange of faxing convenient and fun without the hassle of establishing the heavy fax machine with costly papers, cartridges, and toners.

Our number one recommendation is CocoFax. It is cheap and has user-friendly features for users belonging to every walk of life. The users of CocoFax urge everyone to use the online faxing service.

CocoFax Features

You can try this yourself and I am sure after using the online faxing services, you will not go back to the old ways of faxing.

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