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The Shortcuts app is probably one of the most exciting and the best additions to iOS 12. Although there are already lots of ready-to-use shortcuts for iOS 12, the Shortcuts app is way better because it comes with many features and it is integrated with Siri itself with an aim to get things and tasks done faster. The app introduces the Workflow functionality to Siri so you can decide and create your own custom actions and voice commands, or choose from a list of available shortcuts.

Other than using Siri, the Shortcuts app also allows users to edit photos from the Gallery. It also lets them swipe, scroll or tap through apps to translate phrases into different languages, of course, with the help of Siri.

What the iOS Shortcuts app can do does not end there. Check out these 4 genius iOS shortcuts and some iPhone tips and tricks that’ll make you very much excited to update to iOS 12.

4 of the Best iOS 12 Shortcuts

Below are 4 handy shortcuts you need to try on iOS 12:

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  1. Converting Burst to GIF

You need not seek help from online photo editing services or have professional Photoshop skills to turn a series of images into a GIF. Using the Convert Burst to GIF shortcut, you can already create stunning GIFS with the images on your Gallery and combine them together.

You can also use the shortcut to create GIFs, using your default camera. Launch your Camera app and hold down the shutter button to start taking a burst of photos. Once you have taken great photos, navigate to the Shortcuts app. Press the Convert Burst to GIF button and witness magic right before your eyes. If you are impressed with the GIF you created, feel free to share it with your friends on iMessage or social media.

  1. Creating Collages

Do you want to level up your Instagram game? Great! Shortcuts app can help you with that. Regardless of the number of photos you want to use, you can create awesome collages without having to open other third-party apps. Just tap on a widget, choose the photos you want to use for your collage, and you’re good to go! Your device will work for you and organize your photos in a grid.

  1. Translating Text

You don’t have to type out a word or phrase you want to translate to a different language. Just activate Siri and say Translate Text. Follow the word or phrase you want to translate. Select the language. It’s that easy!

Because of this feature, many apps are slowly getting dethroned. Nonetheless, it’s quite useful if you ever need to translate a phrase quickly while you’re out for a business trip to another country. No need to stress yourself out trying to use Google Translate and typing out the phrases you want to translate.

  1. Daily Schedules

Not certain what time to leave for work? You can count on the Shortcuts app. The moment you install the app, you will be asked for your office and home address. That way, you can conveniently check it to know what time you should leave for work every morning.

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to enter your address on Google Maps every day to get an estimate of your travelling time. Simply navigate to your Today View and you should see an estimate.

Other Useful Tips and Tricks

Here are other useful tips and tricks that work on Shortcuts:

  1. Make a list of frequently visited locations.

There are times when you need directions to a few frequently visited locations, such as your favorite restaurant, home, and work. If you find yourself in a situation like that, you can navigate to the Shortcuts app and create a list of all your key locations. You can even add a function like Show Directions so you can quickly tap on to your preferred mapping app to pull up directions from your current location to your destination.

  1. Switch on and off your Flashlight like a pro.

With the Shortcuts app, you can create custom voice commands for executing tasks. Say, you want to switch on or off your Flashlight as if you’re a wizard. All you have to do is program it to respond to voice commands like Lumos. Do you now feel like you’re the cursed child?

  1. Tell your friends you are on the way.

Yes, using this app, you can tell a friend you’re meeting with that you are already on the way. First, it lets you select a person in your Contacts app. After that, it calculates the total travel time from your location to the destination. It’ll then send a text message to your friend with an estimated time it’ll take for you to arrive at your meeting place.

  1. Activate the Do Not Disturb mode.

Do you feel like you need to take a power nap? Fret not. You can rely on the Shortcuts app! Use it to get a list of possible napping times. Select one and it’ll automatically set your iPhone to the Do Not Disturb mode. Now, while you’re going to a quick adventure to dreamland, no phone calls or text messages will disturb you.

  1. Turn on and off Bluetooth and WiFi.

Believe it or not, you can use the Shortcuts app to switch on and off your iPhone’s Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Try it yourself!

More Exciting Features and Functions to Come

These are only a few examples of what the Shortcuts app can do in iOS 12. Well, you won’t really be able to appreciate its power until you begin making changes and start playing around with things. Since it does not get automatically installed when you update to iOS 12, you have to manually download and install it. Relax, you can get it for free from the App Store.

If you’re planning to connect an iOS 12-supported device to your Mac, you could consider installing Outbyte macAries to potentially improve your Mac’s performance. Make sure that the software is suitable for your needs.

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