How to Resolve Meltdown Problems for Macs Running in Sierra and El Capitan?

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Yes, you have heard a lot about the meltdown problems on Mac devices running on Sierra and El Capitan. But, do you really understand what a meltdown is? Is there an available fix for it? Do you know how to protect your Mac from the risks involved?

Okay, we will take things one at a time. Relax. Meltdown on Sierra and El Capitan should not be a major problem. We are here to help. We will teach you how to fix a meltdown on Mac and provide useful tips to keep your device safe from these vulnerabilities.

What Exactly Is a Meltdown?

True, it helps to understand what the problem is before you try to fix it. So, before we discuss some potential solutions to your Mac’s meltdown problems, we’ll tell you what exactly a Meltdown is.

A meltdown occurs when the fundamental isolation between the operating system and user applications is broken or penetrated. As a result of this attack, other programs gain access to the memory, as well as other crucial information of the operating system and other applications.

Simply said, meltdowns are bugs on Macs running on Sierra and El Capitan that allow hackers and perpetrators to access critical information in the OS kernel memory. Although these flaws mainly attack modern Intel-based PCs, it can also affect iOS devices.

The Fix for Mac’s Meltdown Problems

Recently, Apple released a fix or security update for Macs running on older versions like Sierra and El Capitan. This update was released to address the meltdown vulnerabilities, as well as improve security and audio.

Now, if your Mac is running under the mentioned versions, it is recommended that you install the updates as soon as possible. Take note that a meltdown is a critical vulnerability. Therefore, you have to be in the loop for any fixes that are available today.

How to Update the Software on Your Mac

To check for any Mac software updates, here are the steps to take:

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Click Updates in the toolbar.
  3. Install the updates listed by clicking Update.

If you are not confident about your technical skills, we suggest you bring your Mac to an Apple Store near you. An Apple specialist should be able to take a look at your device and fix the problem in no time.

Keep Your Mac Protected

Given that news of the issue has received wide coverage, it is not surprising why many try to take advantage of the flaw’s publicity. Nowadays, plenty of phishing emails are being sent to lure Mac users to click on a link that takes them to a fake website containing a downloadable patch, which in reality, is just a .exe file that installs a malicious software you don’t need.

Then again, if you are a smart Mac user, you would not buy such obvious fraud strategy. You would probably just install a reliable 3rd party tool such as the Tweakbit MacRepair to ensure no vulnerabilities penetrate your Mac and wreak havoc. So, to ensure that your Mac is fully protected, back up all of your files, install the tool, and run a scan to identify potential threats and get rid of them right away.

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