2 Secret Features of Apple’s iPhone XS and Other Handy Tricks

New iPhone Xs and Xs Max Smartphone
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Everybody is going crazy about the latest iPhone models released by Apple, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Although both models have been accepted positively by many Apple enthusiasts, it seems there are still a few things we don’t know about iPhone XS.

Interestingly, Apple’s iPhone XS has two great secret features that are hiding before our eyes. Want to know these two “secret” features? Read on below.

The OLED display is safer and better for the eyes.

Thanks to the National Tsing-Hua University of Taiwan, we have unlocked one of Apple’s new iPhone XS hidden features: the OLED Display. As researchers were testing the two latest iPhone models, they discovered that the new OLED display of the iPhone XS is safer and better for the eyes, unlike the older iPhone models.

Compared to the iPhone 7, the iPhone XS has 20% higher maximum permissible exposure, which is the amount of time that a retina becomes damaged because of screen exposure. It also has a lower score on melatonin suppression sensitivity or the measure of blue light, which causes disruption to our body’s circadian rhythm and may potentially damage the cells in the eyes.

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Simply said, the OLED display feature of the iPhone XS is way safer. You can even stare at it longer without worrying about your eyes.

It uses the A12 Bionic chip, which is faster than the ones used in the previous models.

According to the review website AnandTech, they have discovered that the A12 Bionic chips embedded in the iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max are so much faster than the A11 Bionic chipsets used in the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus. They claimed that the new chip is 40% faster than what Apple stated, which means the new iPhone devices can compete with the most powerful computer CPUs.

As per AnandTech, the marketing department of Apple seemed to be underselling their improvements. The chips used in the new iPhone devices are more energy efficient than those used in Android devices. In addition, these Apple chips also have twice performance advantage. Given those discoveries, the researchers from AnandTech would not be surprised if the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max had thrice performance efficiency advantage when energy use is normalized.

Other Secret iPhone XS Tricks

If you think the two secret features of iPhone XS are interesting, wait until you know these other secret iPhone XS tricks:

Accessing the Home Screen

For many iPhone users, the Home button is all you have to press to get to Home. However, for iPhone XS devices, the Home button has already been replaced with a smart gesture that is so easy to do.

Begin by touching your finger to the gesture area at the bottom of your display. After that, short drag the bottom of the screen and release. That’s it!

Switching Between Apps

On previous iPhone models, you had to switch between apps by swiping back and forth, but with iPhone XS, switching can be done faster.

You just need to touch your finger to the gesture area, swipe from left to right to back to the previous app, and swipe to the other direction to go to the next app.

Force Quit Apps

Force quitting an app is also very easy. Touch your finger to the gesture area and slightly swipe up. Pause for a few seconds, making sure you don’t lift up your finger. When you do, swipe up on a certain app card. And voila, the app is closed.

If you are in the mood for quitting all running apps, you can do so. Just take note, iOS 12 prefers to manage all the apps for you. So, make sure you only force quite an app if it’s futile.

Enabling Reachability Mode

To enable reachability mode, you have to set it up first. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. From there, toggle on the switch for Reachability. Once it’s set up, press the gesture area, swipe down, and you’re done.

Temporarily Disabling Face ID

There are instances when you really don’t need to use the Face ID to access your iPhone XS. To disable it, switch off your iPhone’s screen. Next, press and hold the side button. Doing so will temporarily disable Face ID.

Ready to Explore the Other Features of Your iPhone XS?

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