Troubleshooting email problems on your Mac or iPhone may seem like a daunting and difficult process. But the truth is, Apple already has built-in troubleshooting tools that may help fix most common Mac email problems in no time. Then again, even if these tools can take care of the most iPhone, Mac, or MacBook Pro email problems you may encounter, take note that there are other issues that they won’t be able to fix and diagnose. Don’t worry, though. We created this guide for whoever is having a hard time with Apple mail, Apple mail server problems, or other related issues. The Most Common Email Issues You’ve probably arrived at this article because you are looking for solutions to any of the Apple mail issues below: You can’t receive emails on your iPhone. Your Apple mail is not working on your iPhone. You can send emails, but cannot receive them. […]

One of the key factors in winning an online game is having a reliable mouse. How can you defeat your opponent if your mouse is dropping or is not responsive enough? How can you clash against enemy heroes when your mouse is so slow that you are not able to quickly release spells or attacks? You’ll probably end up frustrated and annoyed if your character gets killed because of your mouse. Gaming on Mac may not be as popular as that on a PC, but you can still play most multi-player games on Mac. Because gaming on Mac is not very common, there aren’t that many gaming mice for Mac computers. However, a PC mouse and a Mac mouse work basically the same. Both Mac and Windows operating systems follow the same mouse layout with a left button, a right button, and a middle scroll wheel. This means that a […]

There are only a few months left to 2018, but Apple has still many surprises in store for loyal users. The Apple Special Event held last September 12 from the Steve Jobs Theater has revealed the products Apple is planning to launch in the next few months, including a new batch of new iPhones and a cheaper, more colorful version of it. We’ve also seen the release of the new Apple Watch Series 4 which Apple fans have been looking forward to. Apple has also revealed the release dates of the new macOS, as well as other software updates. Let’s look at the upcoming Apple releases for 2018 and 2019 one by one. New iPhone Series The main star of the September event is the introduction of Apple’s latest phone series—the iPhone XS and XS Max. These phones bear some similarities with last year’s iPhone X but are packed with […]

When your Mac does not start up, there could be a multitude of issues behind it. For that reason, we came up with these top 10 troubleshooting tips for a Mac to help resolve any problems. While most of us are fortunate enough to experience trouble-free years, working every day without issues, others run into problems keeping them from using their Macs. Well, if a Mac does not start up, that does not necessarily mean you can’t do anything about it. Yes, it can be a disaster, especially if you have a deadline to meet. But again, these Mac troubleshooting tips should help you diagnose the problem and fix it, or at least, prepare you ahead for any problems. 1. Use Mac’s Safe Boot Option. One of the easiest and most straightforward methods to diagnose startup problems with Macs is to use the Safe Boot option. This method technically forces […]

Bluetooth is one of the most reliable and convenient wireless technologies that are already built into your Mac devices. Because it does not consume so much battery life, it is widely used for third-party accessories, such as headsets, speakers, and mice. Unfortunately, Bluetooth on Macs doesn’t always work properly, causing errors and problems to occur. In this guide, we’ll teach you why Bluetooth is not working on a Mac, how to fix Bluetooth issues on a Mac, and how to reset a Mac’s Bluetooth module to fix connection issues. Switching on Bluetooth Before we proceed, do you know where to find Bluetooth on your Mac? If not, fret not. You are not the only one who doesn’t know that. Believe it or not, some Mac users still do not know that the Bluetooth feature exists on their Mac. This is how you turn on Bluetooth on a Mac and how […]

Booting into safe mode usually solves a lot of common Mac issues, including non-responding apps, sluggish system performance, installation or uninstallation failures, and a lot more. It is a special way for your operating system to load when there is an issue that interferes with the normal operation of your Mac. Once you boot into safe mode and you have fixed whatever needs to be fixed, you should then be able to reboot normally and use your computer the same way as before. But what if Mac always boots into safe mode? Sometimes your Mac gets stuck in Safe Mode even if the problem has been fixed and you have restarted your computer. This is annoying because Safe Mode limits what you can do with your computer. You will only be able to do basic stuff because most of your device drivers won’t load. If your Mac keeps booting into […]

When your Mac is having a hard time finding a bootable operating system, what it usually does is it displays the flashing question mark on your screen. It’s your Mac’s way of crying out for help. In most cases, your Mac boots quickly enough that you will never notice the flashing question mark. Then again, there are instances when you find the dreaded icon, either for a short time before finishing the startup process or it just appears stuck, waiting for you to do something. Here’s what you should know to find a solution to the problem: While the icon is flashing on your screen, your Mac is actually checking your system for any available disk it can use to boot your OS. If it finds one, the startup process is completed. That’s it. Otherwise, you should take action. Don’t worry because we’ll teach you how to fix a Mac […]

Do you usually set your Mac to remember and auto-fill passwords? Well, while doing that can be quite handy, sometimes, having your passwords auto-completed has drawbacks, especially when you actually need to remember and type them manually. Luckily, it is possible to view saved passwords on Mac. With password managers for Mac like Keychain, you can remember your app, website, account, or WiFi passwords. Find Passwords Using Keychain Keychain is a built-in password manager, which stores different types of Mac passwords. Here’s how to find passwords on a Mac using Keychain: Navigate to Keychain Access by pressing Command + Space keys and then typing Keychain in Spotlight’s search bar. Check the sidebar on your left and go to Category. Click on Passwords. Scroll up and down to look for the password you need. If you have changed a password many times before, there will be a few dates associated with […]

Not everyone may notice it or know exactly what is happening, but each one of us has possibly experienced browser hijacking. A telltale sign that a website is hijacking and trying to control your browser, particularly Safari, is when the usual behavior and functions are suddenly blocked or disabled. Examples of browser hijacking include being unable to paste a password when trying to log into your online banking account, the contextual menu (the menu when you right-click) may also be replaced by the website’s own menu, and websites disallow selecting and copying texts from their web pages. Those sound familiar but you probably didn’t know those were considered hijacking until now. Hijacking is a strong word, but it’s technically what these websites are doing. But before you get mad at them, know that there typically are very valid reasons why they impose their own rules on your browser. It could […]

Some Safari plug-ins typically get blocked after a security update, particularly when Apple deems plug-ins as potentially risky until the developer provides an app upgrade. Truth be told, Apple prevents plug-ins for your protection. However, it can be annoying to have a trusted and essential plug-in get blocked while you work and browse the Internet. In this article, we’ll show you how to unblock plugins on and also give you tips on how to unblock flash websites on Mac. So, read on! How to Enable Plug-ins in Safari If your plug-ins have been disabled in Safari, here’s how you can re-enable them: Go to Safari > Preferences. Click Security. Check the box beside Allow Plug-ins. Doing this will enable all plug-ins. If there are plug-ins that you no longer use, this can also be your chance to manage your plug-ins and just enable specific ones. Go to Safari > Preferences. Click […]