Top Free Mac Apps

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Do you always find yourself browsing the Apple App Store? We’ve got good news. Every new Mac already comes with a built-in Apple App Store, which is pinned to the Dock. That means, in just one click, you will have instant access to thousands of paid and free Mac apps and we know you are excited to visit the App Store. But, before you begin downloading apps, you have to know that Apple has just updated its security settings. So, you need to grant your system access to install certain apps. If you can’t wait to get started with using […]

Your Beginner’s Guide to Using the Maps App

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In 2013, Apple made a very wise decision to put their Maps app on every Mac. The Mac Maps app is generally similar to its iOS counterpart, so if you own an iPhone or iPad, you’re probably already familiar with it. But nevertheless, since our primary goal is to help you have a more enjoyable Mac experience, we’re sharing with you this guide on how to use the Maps app on Mac. Searching for a Location on the Maps App The most basic feature of Maps is to show you the exact location of a place, whether it’s a street, […]

How to Benchmark Your Mac’s Speed and Performance

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Most people think that Macs are faster than PCs, but it’s hard to say without actual numbers. What is fast for me, might not be fast for another. How do you compare the speed between two computers or operating systems? The answer to this problem is benchmarking. Benchmarking means using different applications to benchmark your devices’ performances. It specifically measures the performance of the individual components of your computer. So if you want to check if your computer’s CPU, GPU, and/or hard drive are in good running condition, read on below. Why Should You Conduct a Mac Speed Test? Performance […]

How to Video Capture on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV Screens

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Taking and sharing screenshots from your Mac is an efficient way of showing something specific on your screen. It can help you ask for help, specific to your problem. But what if your problem can’t be explained with an image or two? Or what if you want to show a process that can only be shown in a video? The best way to do this is to record a video of your screen. We’ll show you how to record your screen via a video capture on Mac, Apple TV, and/or your iOS device. Video Capture on Mac To start your […]

Top 10 Best Safari Extensions

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Safari is probably one of the most commonly used applications on your Mac. True, it is fast and easy-to-use. And to make it more efficient and useful, extensions or add-ons are continuously being developed and introduced. At this point, if you are asking, what are extensions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll try to answer all your questions about Safari extensions as much as possible. What is a Safari Extension? Safari extensions also called as Safari add-ons, give your web browser added features that allow you to modify how websites appear on your Mac, integrate other external services unto […]

How to Efficiently Use the Spotlight

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Apple devices may have a seemingly minimalist interface, but there’s definitely nothing minimal when it comes to its capabilities. Your Mac, for one, has various built-in apps that do more than their obvious and primary functions. For instance, you might already be aware that you can use Mac Spotlight to search for stuff stored on your Mac, including documents and apps. But, did you know what else you can find through it? In this article, we’ll take a look at the different tasks that you can accomplish using the Mac Spotlight app. Launching Spotlight Of course, before you could use […]

Top 5 Accessibility Features on Your Mac

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Most Mac users are not familiar with the Accessibility features on Mac. That’s understandable because these iOS accessibility options were designed for Mac users that need additional assistance when using their computers. But, did you know that these features can also be useful to the regular Mac users? Here are the top 5 Accessibility features on Mac that makes it easier for you to use your computer and improves your Mac experience. Reduce Motion Do you feel dizzy because of the animations on your Mac? This is true when you are using apps in full screen. When you switch to […]

Your Beginner’s Guide to Renaming Files on Mac

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Renaming files on Mac, or even Windows PC for that matter, may sound too basic to merit a separate article, but here’s the thing: there are actually several ways to do it. You might know one or two of those methods, but wouldn’t it be great if you know all? That’s what this article is for – to share with you the different ways you can rename a file or folder on your Mac. So, read on and be a step closer to becoming a power Mac user! Method 1: Rename Files on Mac by Selecting It and Pressing Return […]

How to Send SMS from Mac

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If one is busy doing productive things,  being bothered by texts on your phone is annoying, right? It not only wastes your time but it will also distract you from what you are currently doing, making you lose focus. However, what if we say there is a way to respond to these texts without picking up your phone. How? If you are are using a Mac laptop, this is definitely for you. Yes, it is true that you can send and receive text messages on Mac. And the best thing about sending SMS on Mac is that typing on a […]

How to Get iMessage for Android Devices

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Ever heard of iMessage? Yes or No? Well, it is actually an application designed for Apple to send messages between Apple devices using a unique Apple ID. Now, if you notice, we specifically mentioned Apple devices. That means iMessage was created with Apple users in mind, as will work best on Apple devices. But what if you are an Apple user and you have friends using different OS or you want to shift to an Android device because of its interesting features that are not present on iOS? Is there any way to use iMessage on your device? Yes, there […]