So, you eventually decided to splurge and invest in one of the high-end MacBook Pros that come with the Touch Bar in substitute of the good old function keys. Without a doubt, the Touch Bar is one of the primary upgrades that Apple has put on their premium laptop line, and we know how Apple won’t just throw in new features. While the MacBook Pro Touch Bar was expected to be a game-changer, adding to the hype about the latest MacBooks, it is after the keynote and purchase that some users really realize what they’re in for. What some users fail to realize upon unboxing their new Macs is that the power of the MacBook Touch Bar can only be fully unleashed through customization. So, if you are one of those who can’t seem to grasp the reality that there are none of those function keys on your MacBook Pro […]

We only check our devices whenever we notice unusual activity or they perform unsatisfactorily. Rarely do we take the time to check our computers and other devices for issues and the problem with checking your computer only when you notice a problem is that sometimes, it’s already too late. Understand that every computing device, may it be your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone, consists of both hardware and software components. And if you are a Mac user, you’re probably under the impression that you have a very secure and reliable machine, think again because while this is true for the most part, a lot of things can still go wrong with your device’s components. All you need to keep in mind is that just because everything seems to be running smoothly, it does not necessarily mean that everything is problem-free. Before You Begin: An Important Reminder With this article, […]

Ever wanted to customize your Windows 10 PC? Here’s good news. There are a wide variety of customization options available to help you achieve your dream computer look and feel. With a few tweaks in the desktop background, color accents, and other interface settings, you can make your Windows 10 experience a little more personal. In this guide, we will show different ways to customize your Windows 10 computer. Desktop One of the easiest ways to customize your PC and add some personality to it is to change the backdrop of your desktop with an image or slideshow. How to Change the Default Wallpaper to a Custom Image To change your default wallpaper with a custom image, follow the steps below: Go to Settings. Select Personalization > Background. Click on the Background drop-down menu and choose Picture. Hit the Browse button to choose an image you want to use. Under […]

Windows devices have a built-in utility that allows you to run and create services, scripts, and applications at a particular time and event. It’s called Task Scheduler. In this tutorial, we will show you how to open and access the Windows Task Scheduler. Here’s how to get started: Go to Control Panel. Select Administrative Tools. If your computer is running on Windows 7, you can find it under System and Security. If it is running on Windows Vista, you can look under System and Maintenance. After selecting Administrative Tools, a new Window should open with another set of options. Choose Task Scheduler. If asked, enter the administrator’s password and click Continue. The Task Scheduler window will then pop up. On the left corner, click Task Scheduler (Local). A preview of all the tasks will be shown on your screen. Under Task Scheduler (Local), click Task Scheduler Library. This serves as […]

There are a lot of good reasons why you would need to take a screenshot of whatever’s on the screen of your Windows device. You may want to show someone what you are doing on your desktop, or you merely wish to grab a specific frame from a video you are currently watching, for instance. Although screenshot controls are built-in on most Windows devices, they aren’t as popular as the keyboard’s print screen function. That is why we created this guide to teach you how to use it properly. How to Take a Print Screen on Windows Taking a print screen on a Windows device is secure. Just follow the steps below: Find the print screen key on your keyboard. It’s usually located on the right side of the first row of keys on your keyboard. It is labeled PrtSc, Prnt Scrn, or Prt Scr. Open the item you wish […]

If you would remember, we have already given you some of the top WhatsApp tricks you can do on your Android device before, but we’re here to provide you with some more! Since WhatsApp keeps on adding new features every once in a while, new tips and tricks tend to be discovered by users and experts alike as well. In this article, we will give you the top WhatsApp tips you can take advantage of this 2018 to fully maximize this feature-packed messaging app on your Android. 1. Read Messages Without Changing Online and Last Seen Status Anyone who uses messaging apps will go through that one time where they’d want to maintain peace and quiet and remain offline in the eyes of friends and family trying to reach them online, and yet feel the urge to read messages. If only there’s a way you could read your WhatsApp messages […]

With the rise of music streaming apps such as Spotify and Deezer, downloading music has become a thing of the past for many Android users. But if you like it old school and would like your music to be actually saved on your device so you can play them even without Internet connection, today is your lucky day. We’re sure you can find from our list below a music downloader for Android that will suit your taste and preferences. 1. Music Paradise Pro Although already officially discontinued, Music Paradise Pro still remains as one of the top apps for downloading free music for Android. You can even download its APK here if you want to try it out. This app is straightforward to use. It’s practically a search engine for mp3 songs, ringtones, sound effects, and even short video clips. When you open the app, you will see three tabs: […]

There are times when you just want to listen to music without having to open other apps, such as when you’re doing research or browsing your newsfeed. Well recently, a Reddit user has just made this dream come true. User u/fani123q has discovered a backdoor Apple Music player. The trick lets people access Apple Music using the web browser. There’s no need to open iTunes or any other music streaming app –it’s all there on your browser. All you need to do is log into the Apple Music tool for marketers using your Apple ID, and the site will play all your songs in full version instead of the usual previews. You can also search through the various Apple Music catalog to browse other songs. Usually, when you open iTunes to listen to Apple Music, the web player only plays few-second-clips of songs. This is to be expected because Apple […]

The Notes app for Mac is a potent tool because it lets users jot things down quickly. When an idea for a project comes to you all of a sudden or you come across an interesting topic for an article, all you have to do is open the Mac notepad and create a note so you can go back to it later. But did you know that the Notes app for Mac is not limited to text only? It also lets you store photos, audio clips, and videos. This makes the app very useful mainly if the things you want to take note of can’t be explained with words. It also makes explaining easier because a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more. So this article will show you how to use Notes on Mac and how you can embed images, audio files, and […]

Folders have made it easier for us to view and organize our files in a variety of ways. In Mac, you can view your files in four ways — as icons, as a list, in columns, or in Cover Flow. When you open your Documents folder, for example, you’ll see these options in the upper-right side of the Mac file Finder menu. It is easy to switch between these four different folder views, and you can choose one which is more convenient for you. This article will teach you what the four Mac Finder folder views are and how you can customize them. Sorting Items There are so many ways for you to customize your Mac Finder. You can choose to arrange the files and folders, and sort them according to your preference or resize the columns. The easiest way to organize your files and folders is to sort them. […]