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Today, smartphones help perform bank transfers, communicate with friends, and store the most significant information. At the same time, we use third-party applications that cannot guarantee 100% security.

The number of hacks is growing, and even official applications from large corporations got hacked sometimes. Let’s take a look at the apps that will help you protect your smartphone from hackers. All the applications from this list are available for iOS and Android smartphones.

AdBlock Browser

Browsers allow us to access the Internet with ease. Using a browser on a smartphone, you can book a flight ticket, find an answer to any question, or hire academic writers online. The AdBlock Browser is a mobile browser with a built-in AdBlocker.

Ads on websites cause pages to load slowly, increased network traffic, and your smartphone’s battery drains much faster. Malicious programs and spyware are often disguised as advertisements. The AdBlock Browser protects your data and prevents intruders from accessing it.

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Boxcryptor will encrypt all your files before uploading them to a cloud drive like Dropbox or Google Drive. Even if you don’t understand how cryptography works, you may need backup files in the inaccessible form to other users. This tool will protect you from hackers who can get access to your cloud storage.

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Search engines these days store a huge amount of information. Algorithms analyze all our actions on the Internet to show more appropriate search results. However, not every user likes the data being used by large companies.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not provide information about user requests and leaves your data safe. It does not store network addresses, does not record personal data, and uses cookies only when it’s necessary.

Avast Mobile Security

People install a lot of different applications on their smartphones. Even though mobile operating systems are well protected, applications can access data on a smartphone with ease.

There is a real risk that hackers can take control of your camera and microphone using third-party apps on your cell-phone. Avast Mobile Security is a multi-functional antivirus application that scans your smartphone, helps optimize memory, and provides instructions on how to keep your information safe.


Each of us had a moment when we forgot the login details, which caused a lot of inconveniences. This problem can be solved by the LastPass password manager, which allows you to store passwords from every account that you have. It keeps your passwords safe and provides the ability to store any text information without concerns that it can be stolen.

Signal Private Messenger

Chatting with mates and business partners is a basic smartphone function and the main method of communication. As never before, we can see more news about large-scale hacks and leaks of personal messages of the most famous messengers.

Messengers store too much confidential information about us, and this poses a threat to our privacy. Signal Private Messenger uses the most reliable type of encryption. Also, users’ data is not stored on their servers, which will prevent personal data leakage.

Final Thoughts

The Internet and technology are progressing at an incredible pace, especially when we talk about mobile devices. Phones have become little computers that fit in our pockets.

The potential threat of leakage is growing, along with the capabilities of smartphones. Using the applications from the list above, you’ll be able to minimize the risks of losing your data.

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