What is Sticky Password?

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Due to the increasing cybercrime incidents, using a strong, hard-to-crack password, is important. Now more than ever, it is advisable to change your password regularly. However, remembering strong passwords that are unique for each and every website is impossible. It’s not surprising why password manager apps have gained popularity as they offer a safe vault to store passwords.

Sticky Password is an app that stores all of your online login credentials securely as well as suggests or generates new, unique, and strong passwords to ensure your accounts remains protected. The program delivers all the basic features you would want from a password manager but falls short when compared to other leading brands in the market as it lacks the essential advanced features.

How to Use Sticky Password?

To begin with, Sticky Password requires users to register a new account by entering a unique username and master password. A master password is like a master key. It protects all the information that will be stored in the app. Because of its importance, it must be a strong, unique, long and hard to crack kind of password. With a weak password, you might as well forget about using a password manager since a breach on the master password equates to an open door to all of your passwords. The good thing is that Sticky Password does not record your master password, so you are the only one in control of who has access to your account. However, it also means there is no recovery process in case you forget your master password; which is contrary to other leading service providers such as Dashlane.

The application keeps your data in a cloud storage, making it possible to easily sync information across devices. There is also an alternate way of syncing data which is through Wi-Fi. This feature only syncs your devices if they are connected to the same network, meaning none of your data goes through any cloud storage.

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Sticky Password App for PC

Sticky Password app is compatible with both Windows OS and macOS systems. Upon launching the program, you are greeted by a calm theme of blue and white color combination. The left side of the dashboard features a quick link to your accounts. The selection of particular categories triggers a list of pertinent items. By double-clicking on any of the entries, you can edit the selected entry.

On the bottom right corner, there is a StickyAccount link which redirects you to the online profile. The settings can be revealed from the upper-right corner of the window together with a bunch of useful tools to enable importing, exporting, as well as generating new and strong passwords. Sticky Password also delivers a formidable line of defense on the online side of things. It presents rigorous online resources for assistance. On top of the account settings, you can also configure synchronization, activate the 2-factor authentication, set Sticky Password app’s hotkeys, as well as establish a backup folder.

The default settings require the user to enter their master password each time they log in. However, Sticky Password has implemented some updates that now allow users to set up 2-factor authentication, a process that requires second verification in the form of Google Authenticator or MS Authenticator. Alternatively, you can select a USB memory stick or a Bluetooth device to be an authenticating method. The latter is not a 2FA as it replaces the use of a master password.

Sticky Password also allows users to share their login credentials with other Sticky Password members through a secure Sharing Center tab. Moreover, users can indicate the level of permission they are sharing to the other user: Limited, which only permits the other user to view only without the privilege of editing, and Full, which gives the other user full rights as you. Sticky Password permits users to share collective passwords with various people at a go.

During the installation of the Sticky Password app, existing passwords and login credentials can be imported from browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. If you have been using another password manager app and have decided to jump ship, you can import data from your old manager to Sticky Password. The browser plugin for this password manager records login credentials for sensitive websites such as banks. This helps protect your details the next time you log in as it will auto-insert without having to make any keystrokes in case there is spyware in your system.

Generating a New Password Using Sticky Password

Upon creating a new password or updating an existing one, Sticky Password offers to generate a strong, and reliable password for you. You must choose the number of characters you wish your password to have (between 4 and 99), select sets of characters to feature, then choose generate. Exclusion of similar characters is turned on by default. This feature avoids the use of similar characters like number 0 and letter O. However, this measure isn’t useful since you won’t have to remember your password. Therefore, it’s best to turn it off so you can widen the availability of random passwords.

Sticky Password ranks passwords as follows; Weak, Normal, and Strong. You can check the strength of your password to ensure that your accounts have the best security measures in place. The program also lets you create portable passwords using the USB-based version of the app. However, for this setup to work, you must know the master password as well as possess the USB device, hence serving as 2-factor authentication.

Sticky Password Review

Sticky Password delivers decent, effective performance with an extra layer of security offered in the form of Wi-Fi sync without the need to use cloud storage. Moreover, the newly added 2-factor authentication appends weight to the product as a whole, making it much better not to rely on a single master password for protection. When it comes to price, Sticky Password offers one of the best premium plans in the market. Users can get a year plan for only $29.99, which is less than the cost of what LastPass charges annually.

Sticky Password Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced security when syncing via Wi-Fi without the inclusion of cloud storage
  • 2FA for an added protection layer
  • Affordable premium plan


  • No cross-device sync on the free version
  • Does not offer digital inheritance
  • Restricted web app
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