Dealing With MacBook Pro Touch Bar issue Configure in: “Extensions Preferences”

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macOS extensions are used to accelerate various tasks and maximize the Mac’s customization capabilities. You can tailor them to add functionality within macOS, such as within Finder, apps, the Notification Center, and a lot more. And the easiest way to access these extensions is via the Touch Bar. If you set the extensions to show Quick Actions, you can quickly access that extension from the Touch Bar with a single tap.

Unfortunately, a lot of Mac users have been experiencing problems with using extensions in the Touch Bar. Since the Touch Bar is an exclusive feature that is available to newer Mac models, there is not much information about this issue out there online, making troubleshooting more challenging.

What is Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” on MacBook Pro?

The error is mostly related to the extensions that were located in the Touch Bar. For some reason, Mac users are not able to access them and they get the “Configure in: Extensions Preferences” button instead of the options it normally shows when the user tries to use the apps.

According to the reports, the error happens regardless of what application the user wants to use. And when the Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” button is pressed and try to customize the extension, the changes don’t stick. The extensions option just opens in the System Preferences and all changes done are not translated to the Touch Bar. No matter what changes in the settings or customizations to the Touch Bar are performed, they always go back to the Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” display. This issue has left the affected users very frustrated because they can’t figure out what to do.

Why Does MacBook Always Say Configure in: “Extensions Preferences”?

This is one of those Mac errors that are almost impossible to figure out and what makes it irritating is that nothing seems to happen no matter what you try. According to the users who encountered this error, it only appeared after upgrading their Macs to Mojave or Catalina. This could mean that the upgrade has broken some settings related to your extensions in the Touch Bar.

Another possible scenario is that your extensions have been corrupted by a malware. If this is the case, you’ll probably notice some other issues on your Mac that point to a malware infection, including sluggishness, app crashes, freezes, and other error codes. But if your only concern is the Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” error, then it is probably being caused by something else.

But in most cases, this error appears when you choose to Enable App Controls in the Extensions setting bit the app on the screen was not configured to use the Touch Bar.

How to Fix Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” in MacBook Pro

If you’re getting the Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” display, then you’ve probably looked around and found very little information about this error. So we’ve come up with this guide to help you deal with this Touch Bar issue once and for all.

Step 1: Rule Out Malware Infection.

The first thing you need to do is verify that the problem is not being caused by a malware. You can use your antivirus to scan your Mac for any malicious software that might be wreaking havoc on your computer. It will also be a good idea to clean out the junk files on your Mac using Outbyte MacRepair to prevent future errors.

Step 2: Edit System Preferences.

If you lost access to your Touch Bar’s different options, you can simply re-configure it by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Apple menu, then choose System Preferences.
  2. Click Keyboard.
  3. Choose App Controls instead of Touch Bar Controls.

Close the window and restart your Mac to see if the Touch Bar has been fixed.

Step 3: Install All Updates.

It is possible that the error is being caused by an outdated app or software on your Mac. To fix this error, you just need to install all available system updates via System Preferences so that all known bugs are addressed. You should also install all available updates for your applications in the Mac App Store.

Step 4: Remove or Re-Add Apps in the Touch Bar.

If you’ve enabled App Controls under System Preferences > Keyboard but the error still appears, it might be because the apps are not configured to use Touch Bar. To do this, you need to customize your Touch Bar by clicking View > Customize Touch Bar. When the customization window appears on the display, you can use your cursor to drag the items from the display down into the Touch Bar. You can drag them left or right to rearrange them, or up and out of the Touch Bar to delete them. Once you’re done, reboot your Mac and see if this step makes a difference.


The Configure in: “Extensions Preferences” error can be so annoying if you don’t know how to fix it. Hopefully the guide above helps you in trying to sort out this error and allow you to enjoy the advantages of the Touch Bar once again.

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