Total downloads: 410.000+

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 and newer

Download Size: 312 KB

Download time: 5sec, dialup: 3min

Requirements: 130 MB SSD / HDD

Software developer: Outbyte Computing Ltd

Step 1

Open the Installer

Click the Download button on the download page to get the installer. You should get a file with a mac-repair.pkg filename. Double-click on the installer to open the file.

Step 2

Click Continue in the pop-up dialog

The installer wizard should walk you through the various steps to install the software. Click on Continue to proceed.

Step 3

Choose the installation type

Select the type of installation you prefer, then click Install. Sign in to your admin account to proceed. Wait for the installation to be completed.

Optimize Your Mac

Outbyte macAries was designed to make your Mac running smooth and fast. It scans your computer for security threats, performance issues, junk files, cache files, and unused applications that eat up your valuable storage space. It is also equipped with an effective duplicate removal feature to can help you identify and delete potentially harmful software. Most of the legwork is automated and users are given clear, simple choices when running optimization tasks.

Let’s look at the main features of this software.

Free Up Mac Storage

After installing Outbyte macAries on your Mac, you can immediately run a scan to identify old files, duplicate files, and system junk that you need to remove. These files only sit on your hard drive, sometimes triggering various errors for your Mac.

Once the scan is over, you will be presented with a list of detected junk files, along with a brief description of the files detected, and an option to remove them. To remove junk files, you can navigate to the corresponding categories under the Cleanup Tools section.

You can also free up some additional space by going to the Smart Uninstaller tool. You can access this from the left panel. Here you will find a full list of software installed on your Mac that you can remove. A great thing about this utility is that it is able to remove apps completely, without any traces left behind after the removal process.

Once you’ve gotten rid of unneeded files and apps, you will have more free space on your Mac you can use for more important purposes.

Optimize RAM with Memory Cleaner

Outbyte macAries has a Memory Cleaner tool to help you optimize your RAM’s performance by clearing memory from inactive apps. This free memory is then directed to the apps that are currently open or running.

You can access Memory Cleaner from the Performance Tools section. To start the optimization process, simply click on the Start Optimization button and the software will take care of everything.

Protect Your System From Potential Threats

The System Protection feature scans your Mac for Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA) and unsupported files.

It is advised to remove identified PUAs from your Mac because they might threaten your system’s security and stability. PUAs are not necessarily malware, and in most cases, but they often trigger performance issues and other security risks that you don’t want to deal with. The System Protection feature, however, does not fully replace an antivirus program, so you need to have one installed on your Mac as an additional security measure.

Clean Up Disk Space

Your hard drive can get bogged down by unused temporary or cached files over years of use. These files can sit there over time and pile up into multiple gigabytes. PC Repair helps you identify and delete these files from your hard drive so you can claim back precious storage space on your PC.


If you are having trouble installing Outbyte macAries on your computer, here are some things you need to check:

  • Double-check your internet connection to make sure you can connect to our server.
  • Disable your security software or Firewall temporarily because it might be conflicting with the installation of Outbyte macAries. Don’t forget to turn it back on once successful.
  • If that doesn’t work, boot into Safe Mode then install the app in this environment.
  • Re-download the installer to make sure it is not corrupted.