What is Intelmain.exe?

Laptop and Trojan Horse

The “.exe” extension on a file name means that it is an executable file. If the executable file is malicious, your computer could easily get damaged, so you have to be very careful and check whether the file needs to be deleted.

Intelmain.exe Definition

Intelmain.exe refers to an executable file that’s classified as a CPU miner and is part of the Intel Desktop Utilities program. This program was created by Intel Corporation and has a size of about 10.4MB.

What Does Intelmain.exe Do?

As you already know, there are different types of malware. This specific one infiltrates the computer as a Trojan horse. After the installations process, an autorun referred to as Intel(R) Management service, which forms a connection with a mining server, is created. That is how the system is converted into an illegal crypto mining tool.

The crypto-miner then launches two processes that use up a lot of the system resources. These two processes can be seen in the Task Manager as:

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  • Intelmain.exe
  • Intelservice.exe

Intelmain.exe reportedly takes up to more than 90% of the CPU. As a result, the computer becomes very slow and becomes at risk of physical damage if the process goes on for so long. If you notice that your device has become unusually slow, check the Windows Task Manager to see if there are any suspicious files.

Should Intelmain.exe Be Removed?

Is Intelmain.exe a virus? Is Intelmain.exe a Trojan that needs to be removed? Is it a reliable application, or is it a valid Windows program?

As previously mentioned, the first thing you should do is determine whether the Intelmain.exe file is legit or not. One thing that will help you determine this is the location of the executable file. What this means is that a process like Intelmain.exe should be located on “C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Desktop Utilities\iduServe.exe.” if the process is running from elsewhere that automatically tells you that that file is malicious.

To confirm if the process runs from the above-mentioned location, do the following:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Go to “View.
  3. Choose “Columns.
  4. Go to “Image Path Name.
  5. A location column will be added.

Don’t forget to check other facts such as the file size (10.4 MB)

If you find a suspicious directory on the Task Manager, you should stop the process immediately. However, you shouldn’t’ remove the Intelmain.exe directly. This file belongs to a malicious Trojan horse, which is a complex cyber threat. The threat comprises of several files, processes, and other components that all need to be removed together.

How Did Intelmain.exe Get into My Computer?

This miner mostly hijacks systems after the user downloads corrupted software or other infected files from the internet.

You have to be extra careful when you’re downloading certain programs. A lot of the free download sites and file-sharing networks are the main distributors of corrupted applications. Keep in mind that these malicious apps could be named as legitimate or popular software.

To avoid installing Intelmain.exe in a software bundle, you need to pay attention to the following security tips:

  • Download software only from the developer’s official website.
  • Use reputable programs only.
  • Read the Terms of Use before downloading and installing a program.
  • Opt for Advanced/Custom installation settings.
  • Un-tick all the pre-selected boxes from the suggested optional downloads.

Intelmain.exe Removal

The malware removal process is always long, tedious, and complex, especially if you’re doing it manually and are not tech-savvy. Following a detailed malware removal guide can do the trick for you. However, it just won’t be enough if you remove the process in the Task Manager or delete it from the directory. Other malware components will still remain in the computer, and the Trojan will most likely reinstall itself without your knowledge.

The best way to fully remove any malicious software is by the use of a reliable anti-malware tool. When using the anti-malware tool, all you need to do after the installation process is to run a scan and click on “Uninstall” to remove the malicious files.

Note that not all security tools can detect and eliminate all types of malware, so you might need to try several options before it’s removed successfully. Additionally, the functionality of the Trojan in itself may hinder the deletion of Intelmain.exe. If you notice this, you should enable Safe Mode with Networking where you can only load the processes that you want.


You shouldn’t delete a safe EXE file if you don’t have a valid reason as that could negatively affect the performance of all the programs that are associated with it. To avoid any issues related to corrupted files, you should always make sure that your software and programs are up-to-date. It’s advisable that you check the trustworthiness of Intelmain.exe as well to establish whether it’s a safe or malicious file.

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