Top 3 VPNs the most stable and with the highest speed

Top 3 VPNs the most stable and with the highest speed
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Due to complex political and economic situations, accessing Internet resources is not easy everywhere. That is why there are numerous requests for online anonymity to hide accurate geolocation, searched information, or personal information. This can be done to access resources unavailable in some regions and hide information from cyber criminals or police officers. Currently, there are several of the most popular ways for anonymity: proxies, TOR, encryption services, and VPN. The focus of this article is VPN.

The advantages and disadvantages of VPN service

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, meaning the encrypted location of the user to the Network that helps pass local restrictions in the confidential mode. This private Network is dedicated to a limited number of users with provision per unique password. All data inside this Network is encrypted and protected from leaking. VPN works through particular mobile or computer applications. After turning it on, you will have a unique IP address, and all data will go through this Network that will be used on the Internet. Other users will see only this new IP-address; the original IP-address cannot be seen.

Advantages of VPN

Disadvantages of VPN

  1. To pass local restrictions
  2. To keep anonymity
  3. To protect confidential corporate data
  4. To access regional information
  5. To hide your data from the Internet provider
  6. To encrypt your Internet traffic and keep your privacy
  7. Blockage of advertisements and harmful websites
  8. Safe public WI-FI
  1. The connection speed can decrease
  2. Not trustable (mainly free) VPN can store and sell user’s information
  3. Some VPN services are blocked in some regions
  4. Legal formalities of usage of VPNs
  5. Additional advertisement from VPN owner

As you see, the number of advantages of VPN is even broader than most users think; some are delightful bonuses. So, the most important to minimize the disadvantages is to use a VPN with the most comfort. So, please see below the suggestions for the most stable and with the highest speed.

Recommendations for VPN searching

Recommendations for VPN searching

Some essential technical aspects should be considered choosing a VPN (please always remember that it is better to choose professional software, not free versions:

  • Type of encryption (256-bits the most advanced)
  • Emergency shut down of Internet connection if VPN is not available
  • Strick password campaign
  • Protection from leakages
  • Technical Service
  • Number of servers in the required locations
  • Possibility to connect on different devices

Below will be the list of the top 3 VPN services that entirely apply to described technical aspects and are recommended as the fastest and the most stable.

TOP 3 VPNs the most stable and with the highest speed

Express VPN

This VPN service has over 3000 servers in around 100 countries, up to 5 devices can be connected, have advanced protection measures (256-bits encryption and Trusted Server technology), support different languages, and is supported on LINUX, iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome. Also, you can check the abilities of this VPN during the 30-day trial period with a guaranteed money-back guarantee.

In September 2021, the number of users achieved three mln. confirms that this VPN service is at the top of the most stable and trustable resources. Furthermore, ExpressVPN has different plans for a month or a year, allowing you to save up to 35%.

One of the significant advantages is the connection speed that will not decrease with ExpressVpn; the service provides fast connections and is one of the fastest. Another good feature is split tunneling; you can choose traffic that uses the original user’s IP-address and which will use VPN IP-address. The service offers complete anonymity and privacy protection that can be used for streams as well as in all areas of sensitive information.

Unfortunately, if you are searching for something for free, have a separate IP-address (ExpressVPN has a dynamic IP), and have more than five connections, this service is not for you. NordVPN or IPVAnish has a dedicated IP-address for their users that can be paid additionally.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Nord VPN service is another top-ranked VPN service with some additional features – password manager, cloud storage, NordLocker, and NordPass. It became the maker leader in 2019 thanks to an active advertisement campaign. This service is considered less protected than ExpressVPN, but some additional add-ons can be purchased separately. In addition, a dedicated IP address can be bought at least for countries such as the USA, UK, France, and Germany.

This VPN has strong privacy settings, a friendly interface, a particular TOR server, servers worldwide, 256-bits encryption, and many VPN protocols. Even Netflix is working for NordVPN users! Of course, there are also some limitations in the number of supported languages and web-based login. But for sure, NordVPN is stable and very fast, with almost unnoticeable drops.

To create an account on this VPN, you need to indicate only your email and password; anonymity is working, and the user can pay with Bitcoins to keep anonymity. It can be easily installed on most operating systems and devices with quick user support.


IPVanish is another VPN with more than 2000 servers worldwide in more than 75 countries through more than 90% owned data centers. The provided stable and high-speed connection with separate encryption for each user’s device. The protection is ensured with 256-bits encryption, split tunneling, and a kill switch are also available.

This VPN service promises to secure all types of internet connections, including public WI-FI. All user’s data are protected from all sites and pop-up advertisements. You should no longer be afraid of DDoS attacks; all traffic is encrypted. All banking operations will be totally secure. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Linus, Android, and routers. IPVansish promises not to store, track or monitor users’ data. The only information the VPN collects is an e-mail address and payment method.
But there are also some limitations; not all servers Netflix is available, and there are no browser extensions.


The reasons for using VPN are vast; the market can propose a considerable choice. VPN services that follow the requirements described in the article will help you browse the Internet safely and anonymously. The top three choices are indicated; the choice is on you, what will suit your budget and needs.

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