9 Tips For Choosing The Right Online PDF Software

9 Tips For Choosing The Right Online PDF Software
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Portable document format (PDF) has been a valuable tool for practically everyone who uses a computer. It’s the go-to format for anyone sharing documents on the internet. As of 2018, 60% of non-image attachments in Outlook are PDFs. This shows how popular the format is.

PDF is also very convenient for businesses. Within an organization, team members can easily create, view, distribute and print portable document formats. With PDF, paperless transactions have become seamless. Also, businesses can send important documents over the internet via PDFs and seal great deals.

With technological advances came the online PDF software, which allows users to carry out more tasks and get more benefits from PDF. This software lets you edit PDF documents and perform functions that could not be performed on the PDF reader. However, with many of these software flooding the market, how do you know which to choose? This article solves that problem. Read on for tips on how to select the right online PDF program.

Features of online PDF software

Online PDF programs are one of the must-have tools for businesses. Certain features set online PDF programs apart from the basic PDF reader. Knowing them will guide you in making the right choice of software. Some of them are highlighted below.

It edits a PDF

Features of online PDF software

Editing is a vital feature in PDF software. People want to edit straight on a PDF document without having to first convert it to a word document. A PDF software lets you make any kind of correction on a document. This feature comes in handy when you need to correct an issue in a document urgently.

It can convert PDFs to word documents

One shortcoming of the regular PDF reader is that it cannot convert PDFs to Word documents. This is unfortunate as many people need this feature in their daily business operations. Converting word documents to PDFs can be easily done in Microsoft Word, but you need PDF software to change a PDF into a word document. An online PDF software does this for you.

It lets you add comments

While working on a PDF file, you may need to make some observations or call the recipient’s attention to a vital point. PDF software makes this possible. It allows you to add notes, comments, highlights, and other annotations, reducing the usual back-and-forth process.

It compresses documents

Large PDF files can be a headache when sending them electronically. This problem of heavy files is solved by the compressing feature in an online PDF package. The compressing feature allows you to compress your files to the desired size and send them seamlessly.

It combines files

Sometimes, you might want to send several PDF files but don’t want them to be in bits. An online PDF program enables you to combine these files and send them as one document, saving you time and internet data.

It splits files

Have you ever wanted to send just a part of a PDF document but ended up sending the whole file because splitting it was impossible? Well, not anymore! With an online PDF package, you can split your files and share only parts of your document that you intend to share.

9 tips for choosing an online PDF software

Like business management software, choosing the right online PDF programs takes time and effort. Here are tips you can use to determine which PDF software is appropriate for you.

Put your needs into consideration

Before picking one of the numerous software out there, ask yourself these crucial questions:

  • Why do I need a PDF software?
  • Is it for one-time use or regular use?
  • Do I need something simple for basic use, or do I need it for more complex tasks?

Your answers will guide you on the best PDF package for you.

Check how easy to use it is

Ease of use is one of the most crucial factors to look out for when choosing an online PDF program. You shouldn’t need to have high technical skills before you can use the software. Stay away from any PDF software with complicated steps, navigation and instructions. If you’re unable to complete your tasks easily and smoothly on the program, then you shouldn’t buy it.

Compare features of different software

Compare features of different software

Even though you know the basic features of an online PDF program, you should still check out different ones and compare their features. You may find one software with the exact combination of features you need while others have many more irrelevant features. Details to look out for in each software include:

  • How adaptable it is
  • What the payment plan is
  • How scalable it is
  • The nature of its perpetual licenses

Making these comparisons puts you in a favorable position to decide which software is best for you.

Go through reviews

Go through reviews

Knowing how to evaluate reviews of any product is an excellent way to benefit from the experiences of people who have used it. This gives you a heads-up and lets you see the pros and cons in advance. When you read reviews before deciding on a PDF software, you get the following benefits:

  • Insight into the quality of the software
  • Awareness of the usability of the program
  • Knowledge of the reliability of the company
  • Guidance from people who have used it

Take your budget into consideration

Your budget is an important factor in choosing the right online PDF program. As with every product, different brands have price ranges. However, your budget will determine how much you will invest in the product. After going through several PDF software brands, narrow down the ones that best fit your needs and are within your budget. Don’t buy pricey software with many flashy features you don’t need. This tip will ensure you get the best program at the best price.

Find out how secure it is

Security is a big deal when it comes to information dissemination. Loads of confidential documents are shared on online PDF programs; therefore, getting one with top-notch security for your documents is paramount. Be sure that the software you choose complies with cybersecurity standards and frameworks. In addition, look out for features like password protection so that you can control the opening, printing, and modification of the document.

Check for system and device compatibility

Before you choose an online PDF package, check for compatibility with your operating system and devices. If you intend to purchase new devices, ensure the software will work with them, also. This is extremely important. Refrain from being carried away by reviews and features that you forget to consider your system and devices. You don’t want to invest in software you won’t be able to use.

Inquire about the guarantee policy

It may look inconsequential, but a guarantee policy is one of the factors to consider before purchasing an online PDF package. Choose a program that gives you a reasonable guarantee period, so you don’t get stuck with a software that’s not working or serving the purpose it was meant to serve.

Consider the customer support available

Consider the customer support available

Efficient customer support is essential when you’re purchasing new software. Some brands have great products but poor customer support. This makes a huge difference in the successful use of the software. Make a proper inquiry about the customer support available so you’ll get the right guide as you use the software. Support isn’t limited to knowledge of the software; it is also about using feedback to improve the product.

The tips listed above have been tested over time. Use them to decide on the online PDF package to go for so that you will not fall into marketing traps and buy software that would not suit your needs.

Get the right online PDF software and step up your document processing

The difference between smooth document processing and a cumbersome one can be a good online PDF program. Many businesses are taking advantage of this innovation and you should, too. It offers impressive features like editing, conversion to word documents, compression, adding comments, file combining and splitting.

There are tips you will do well to follow when choosing an online PDF software that’s right for you so you don’t make a mistake while shopping. These tips include defining your needs, checking ease of use, comparing features, going through reviews, considering your budget, looking out for security features, considering compatibility, checking for the guarantee policy and ensuring it has good customer support.

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