6 Best Business Management Software Tools for 2023

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Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, taking care of too many things at once can get complicated quickly. This is why more business owners and managers are turning to different business management tools to help them out. Because there are so many things that business owners and managers need to keep organized, there are distinct categories for all the business management tools. Below, we will look at the best business management tools for areas where business owners need the most help.

Team Communication – Slack

Regardless of your business’s size, there is always the chance of communication being lost in conversation. While email can work in some cases, email threads and chains as well as trying to remember who was on what email is highly inefficient.

Slack makes everything easy by ensuring that the right message reaches the right person whether you are training a new employee, asking for some files or planning the next meeting.

Slack also comes with lots of integrations so you can tailor it to become the exact tool you need for your type of business and team.

Financial Management – FreshBooks

There are lots of competitors and options in this category but FreshBooks stands out as the best invoicing and accounting tool, especially for small businesses. FreshBooks is full of accounting features which makes it a reliable tool for businesses looking to create quick invoices, have a glance at their income, or track expenses.

Additionally, small businesses can track the time taken for their teams to complete tasks and bill their clients automatically.

Employee Benefits Management – Zest

Because there are so many aspects of a business that business owners have to think about, employee benefits are often forgotten. Offering great employee benefits is a great way to attract and retain employees, but how do you manage individual benefits? This is where Zest comes in. Zest is an employee benefits management software. Zest allows businesses to manage their employee benefits and comes with lots of features including assigning personalized benefits, allowing employees to see the benefits available to them, and customizing benefits to fit individual businesses.

Make sure you specify these employee benefits in the contract to avoid misunderstanding. You can use Contract Hound to handle and manage your contracts.

Cloud Storage – Dropbox

Every business that needs to send, receive and share large files needs a robust file sharing solution, and this is where Dropbox comes in. Dropbox allows businesses to store their files safely, teams to share these files, and to do all this through a simple and intuitive interface.

Dropbox also comes with other built-in tools such as Dropbox papers that allows you to create notes or to-do lists. This a great tool to control remote teams and increase productivity.

Customer Service – Zendesk

Zendesk is a help desk management software. Its main advantage is that it is cloud-based, meaning that no matter where members of your team are located, they can access the customer service portal. In addition to the customer support portal, Zendesk also gives businesses the ability to build knowledge bases and online communities.

Zendesk also comes with a customisable front-end panel, integration with popular applications like Google Analytics and live chat features. Additionally, the Zendesk portal allows businesses to keep track of tickets and to attend to them when they come up on their agents’ queues.

Social Media Management – Hootsuite

This is another category where businesses have lots of options, but Hootsuite comes out on top. Hootsuite is a social media management and marketing tool that allows teams to share content on several social media platforms, track industry trends and see campaign analytics so they can tailor their campaigns better.

Hootsuite also stands out because its dashboard is easy to use and with their premium plans, businesses get additional features such as customer engagement and social analytics as well as team collaboration.

With how much business owners have to do, from marketing to hiring and managing employees, they need some help. The tools above are great for a business owner who wants to keep things organised while making things easier on themselves.

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