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SpywareBlaster is a common program in the Windows system network that protects the computer from malicious software, PUP, as well as suspicious sites. That’s all that the program can do, nothing more. If you don’t want any disappointments, then don’t expect a lot from this particular program. To blacklist malware entities, you need to go through a manual process, having to update the software on a weekly or monthly basis. This is not a removal tool; therefore, it can only protect or prevent your system from getting unwanted programs. This means SpywareBlaster’s job is to prevent the installation of unwanted software on your system. In this SpywareBlaster review, we will highlight the major functions of the program, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as find out if it deserves a place on your PC.

How to Use SpywareBlaster?

There are two versions to consider when downloading SpywareBlaster: free limited version download or full version download through TrialPay. A majority of our readers might already be familiar with TrialPay. For those who aren’t, it’s a service designed to help individuals purchase programs indirectly. Note that to obtain the full version of SpywareBlaster via TrialPay, you need to be located in certain countries. The rest are restricted and there’s no going through the barriers.

The good news is that with a paid version, users get to enjoy automatic updates. This means the SpywareBlaster software will program itself to run in the background at intervals, updating its database of spyware, as well as blacklisted websites. However, as mentioned above, the free version lacks this feature, hence the user must be hands-on to keep the software updated. There is also no customer support available on the free version.

To begin using SpywareBlaster, follow these steps below:

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  1. Access the SpywareBlaster official site and download to install the program.
  2. Launch the update wizard to ensure the downloaded pack is the latest one. This will also ascertain that you have the updated SpywareBlaster’s database.
  3. Once your system has been optimized for spyware resistance, you’re free to close the app. However, it will not continue running in the background.
  4. Keep in mind that if using a free version, you should keep on launching the program to immunize, and update the database at various intervals a month.

SpywareBlaster Pros and Cons

SpywareBlaster is not perfect and as mentioned at the beginning of this review, if you place your hopes high, you will be disappointed. This program is not an antivirus and it doesn’t function like one. It only prevents spyware programs that have been indicated in its database. If the spyware is not in its database, it will have a free pass. To make matters worse, once it installs, this program is not able to remove it. For something that offers a paid version, you will expect to get more out of it. After all, there are also powerful Anti-Malware tools to use that can give you full house protection on top of what SpywareBlaster does. You can start by checking out the features and additional benefits offered by the other various programs. Then settle for the one that gives you tangible benefits for the kind of money payable.

SpywareBlaster Review

SpywareBlaster presents a simple interface laced with an incredible layout, making it easy for one to master their surrounding at first glance. On the main screen, users can view the protection status of the default browser. For Internet Explorer, you can easily activate ActiveX Protection as well as Cookie Protection. With the restricted sites feature, you can block well-known malicious web pages in your browser. Moreover, the exception list allows users to select harmless sites that may be flagged by SpywareBlaster to be excluded.

Moreover, the program also presents a System Snapshot feature which keeps a record of your PC settings. This creates roll-back points in case a spyware app alters your system configurations. To top that, the app also comes with configuration options for your browser settings, as well as Flash and downloads blocking tools. Turns out that there are additional pros and cons but these differ from user to user. You would have to personally check out SpywareBlaster and draw up your own conclusion.

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