What is SPAMfighter?

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SPAMfighter is a program that is designed to secure mailboxes and servers. The solutions it offers are suitable for both home and office setups as they aim to protect devices as well as servers against spam, malware, and phishing tactics. The software enhances productivity by preventing intrusive spam ads during working periods. To top that, it also protects essential documents and files from viruses. The software keeps the admins updated by sending report updates and statistics via email. These reports can also be viewed on the program’s dashboard. Through the reports and statistics, admins get to know the number of processed emails.

SPAMfighter Features

SPAMfighter delivers various security solutions ideal for any type of company. Their service can be delivered through MS Exchange Server, the infrastructure of the company’s email, or through the company’s domain. These flexible offers allow organizations to select a budget effective protection plan that covers all of their needs.

The software also features a powerful anti-spam plugin for Exchange Servers. The plugin is easy to install. It doesn’t require any further setup to start delivering strong protection against spam and many kinds of email-borne infections. It just does its task silently, ensuring the workforce is at its peak at all times, keeping everyone from being interrupted.

In addition to the anti-spam plugin for Exchange Servers, SPAMfighter also delivers security for mailboxes in other ecosystems. But what intrigues many is that SPAMfighter does not only fight against spam emails, it also protects emails from phishing mechanisms and spyware entities that crawl into the system through email attachments. These measures are vital to ensure that both the sender and recipient have clean communication paths.

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SPAMfighter offers a low-resource antivirus solution. The feature is available for Windows Servers. This option comes at a low cost compared to the industry’s average. It doesn’t consume much system resources, hence providing a silent service with no impact on the computer’s performance.

However, although SPAMfighter antivirus is a budget-friendly solution, it does not give full immunity. Therefore, we advise going for a full-scale anti-malware tool to ensure high-level protection.

SPAMfighter Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of features available
  • Various payment plans personalized to match your needs
  • Administrators’ reports and statistics update
  • Spyware and phishing protection measures


  • Antivirus is only for Exchange Server
  • Doesn’t offer email recovery tools
  • No email routing or archiving

SPAMfighter Review

Considering that businesses have particular company needs, it’s logical not to adopt a one-size-fits-all type of solution. Then again, finding such a solution will be hard. The ideal measure in this case is perhaps to break down the important aspects such as budget, level of employee skill set, company size, and the program’s essential features. The next phase is to perform an in-depth software analysis. This measure helps avoid ill-fitted solutions that will stunt the business’ growth.

SPAMfighter is not a small fish in the pond, considering that it’s listed in the IT Security Software Category and takes the 32nd position. However, it’s important to go over the reviews to understand if the software only works for a narrow group or a large-sized market. While some applications focus on providing an easy and intuitive interface without sacrificing complex functions more suited to experienced users, it’s important to find a robust solution that comes with powerful features.

SPAMfighter offers a free trial to new users willing to try out its service before committing. With a free trial, users get to experience what they will be getting before coughing out $15 per mailbox per year. The Exchange Module, which serves as the basic paid plan, costs $25 per user per annum. The Hosted Mail Gateway plan costs $50 per domain per year, while VIRUSfighter Server can be obtained for a cost of $107.90 per server, paid annually.

When it comes to user satisfaction, analyzing a host of reviews by consumers and companies that have used the product is more effective. We tested the software, but as mentioned above, each company has specific needs that must be addressed. Therefore, a product analysis from various user’s perspectives helps organizations in various working environments get the actual performance of a product.

Wrapping Up

SPAMfighter has an impressive reputation with a user satisfaction of over 85%. Most users appreciate the availability of the products in multiple languages, including Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, and of course, English.

However, the disappointing factor is the lack of compatibility with other operating systems as it only supports Windows devices. Another daunting element is that the price model is set to an only annual subscription. Therefore, despite catering for small, medium, and large businesses, annual subscriptions may not be that flexible to many.

Should you encounter problems with SPAMfighter, there is a Live Support feature to address customer queries. Other means of communication with SPAMfighter’s representative include email and phone call.

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