What is Slack and How Does It Work?

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If you’ve heard of Slack, then you might be wondering what is the hype surrounding the app. Even though it may seem a bit late with almost every workplace already on the wagon, there isn’t a better time than now to learn about this popular messaging app.

In this Slack review, you will learn the pros and cons of Slack as well as the unique features that make it preferable to many professionals. So, if you’re yet to use the app, here is some insight on what is Slack and how does it work.

What is Slack?

Slack is a popular chatting app designed to enhance teamwork seamlessly. This collaboration hub has unique features that promote natural work environment, making it easy for teams to collaborate with other members effectively and efficiently.

To give a clear picture of what Slack is, imagine Messenger on steroids. That’s what Slack is. The app is packed with amazing features and is compatible with multiple platforms. Not only does it let users chat one-on-one, but it also lets users communicate in groups or teams.

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There is a lot that a team can do with this app, which includes uploading and sharing of files, as well as smooth integration with other applications and services. To enhance your imagination, the app gives full control and flexibility to adjust each setting to your preference as well as creating your custom emoji.

This instant messaging app comes with the significant feature of add-ons to promote other workplace tools. However, the principal functionality of Slack is to communicate with other people. The app comes with two forms of communication; group chat and person-to-person chat (private chat).

What is the Cost of Slack?

Just like any other corporate tools and apps, you will have to pay to get the most out of Slack. There is a free version suitable for startups. Plans start from Free to Enterprise premium. The plans offered by Slack are as follows:

  1. Free

This plan is suitable for small teams or businesses that are in the startup level. It offers various features which include:

  • Access to 10,000 recent messages from your team
  • Smooth integration with up to 10 apps such as GDrive, and Office 365
  • Person-to-person audio and videos call among teammates
  1. Standard

This plan is suitable for established small to medium-sized companies and comes at a cost of $6.67 per month. On top of the benefits of Free plan, here is what you can achieve with this plan:

Access to your organization’s messaging history

Unlimited integrations

Group audio and video calls with up to 15 team members

Collaborate securely with external businesses

  1. Plus

This is a plan ideal for big organizations or businesses that most admins need. It’s priced at $12.50 per month. On top of the Standard plan’s benefits, here is what you will enjoy:

  • SAML-based SSO identity management
  • Active Directory sync with Okta, OneLogin, and Ping in real-time mode
  • 24/7 help desk with a four-hour response period
  1. Enterprise Grid

This one is for extremely large corporate brands in regulated industries. Price is available upon request. On top of the Plus plan benefits, here are some of the goodies that Enterprise Grid has to offer:

  • Enterprise-level security measure with Enterprise Key Management as well as HIPAA assistance
  • Up to 500,000 user collaboration
  • Centralized controls for streamlined admin
  • Custom policies
  • Dedicated customer success team and support

How to use Slack?

When it comes to user interface, Slack may be intimidating at the beginning, especially if you haven’t read a detailed article like this one. However, once you dive into the pond, you get to blend and be familiar with its cool features.


It is easy to create a Slack workplace for your team. You need to access the Slack website, then follow the prompt of creating your workplace after selecting the Get Started button. During the registration procedure, you will enter your email, choose the name of your team, create a URL for your team with a .slack.com extension, insert a personal username, enter emails of the team members you want to add, and your account will be ready. You can then make use of the tutorial brief available after your workplace completes loading.


Once you are in your workspace, you need to understand the sections it’s divided into. Learn more about the channels and how to send direct messages as well as add new members. Public and private channels are the two communication forms found in your workspace.


Public Channels

These are communication channels that are open to everyone within your team. Messages sent via this communication channel are auto-archived and can be searched for using keywords by anyone in the team. All public channels feature a ‘#’ symbol next to their title.

Private Channels

A private channel is a closed-form of communication which requires an invitation for your team member to participate in the conversation. It can be easily identified by a lock icon next to their title.

Direct Messages

Mainly used for a quick or private discussion with a team member, DMs can only be viewed and searched by you and other involved participants. Up to 8 team members can be created in a direct message thread.

This review has given the ins and outs around Slack. Use the information provided here to get started, you’ll learn more when already using Slack.

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