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It’s natural for Windows PCs to become slow as time goes by. Each time the user performs a task on the OS, data is stored internally. This is how an operating system is designed and there is nothing one can do to dodge its fall. However, thanks to various tools that come ready to wipe off the junk and optimize the computer periodically to retain its peak performance. Instead of manually going through the junk files and deleting them one by one, software tools such as Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro help clean the system automatically.

In this article, we are going to review Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro software to determine how useful and vital the program is to the computer. We will also go through the features and how users can make use of them to obtain high results.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro is a computer program designed to clean and optimize the computer. Overtime, the PC builds up junk which weighs down the system, reducing its capability to perform at its peak. Also, registry, shortcuts, as well as privacy issues accumulate, contributing to a lagging computer. Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro promises to deal with such issues, helping the computer keep high speed and excellent performance. It all happens automatically without the user’s interaction.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Features

The latest version of this tool offers a toned-down list of features compared to its predecessors. Despite that, it still provides a decent collection of intriguing and useful features.

Expert Tip: For smoother PC performance, consider using a PC optimization tool. It handles junk files, incorrect settings, and harmful apps. Make sure it's right for your system, and always check the EULA and Privacy Policy.

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Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro has several features to boost computer speed. Here are some them:

  • Turbo Boost – This tool frees up the RAM by stopping services that are necessary or idle. The option can be turned on to work continuously in the background for regular monitoring.
  • Hardware Accelerator -This option updates the computer drivers to ensure they are up to date via the IObit Driver Booster. However, this feature is only available for a limited time for free. To continue enjoying its benefits, you need to purchase the full version.
  • Deep Optimization – This helps to obtain excellent operating speed by conducting an in-depth app and services analysis.
  • Toolbar/App Cleaner – This is the prime tool for combating dubious as well as harmful toolbars that attack web browsers.


  • Privacy Shield prevents access from unauthorized snoopers to sensitive information.
  • FaceID lets the computer recognize your face using Face recognition technology to allow access. For failed attempts, the computer takes a picture of the unauthorized face to show you who tried to gain access.
  • Ad blocker tool to promote fluid surfing experience.

The surfing protection feature has been added with an email protection option which lets Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro protect web emails from dangerous attacks. However, note that for the Surfing protection to take effect, IObit browser extension must be activated.


By performing a single scan, the tool detects all issues. There are various modules that can be hand-picked by the user when performing a scan. For example, users can choose the Startup Optimization, Internet Boost or Privacy Sweep. Users are at liberty to select all of them once as well. By hitting the scan button, the Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro will begin to analyze the system and detect issues on all the sections highlighted.

The scan intervals vary depending on the amount of problems the computer has but usually doesn’t take much longer than a couple of minutes to complete. Upon performing scans using Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro, the time taken was a bit slower than the average and far from matching some of the other leading system essential tools in the industry.

PC scanning does not interrupt other system activities. It performs a silent light scan to detect issues and fix them accordingly. With the selection option, it’s possible to scan specific locations instead of executing a complete scan all the time.

How to Use IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro has a classy user interface complemented by the multi-tabbed platform design. The tabs lead to various sections. For additional tools, the platform employs a modular architecture. This lets you download tools based on your needs, hence avoiding leftovers as well as excess resource consumption.

When it comes to pairing the Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro with other kids in the block, it doesn’t have any issues playing with other kids such as Bitdefender, Vipre, and McAfee. However, it did have a problem when it was clubbed with Malwarebytes. That’s due to the ongoing conflict between the two companies as Malwarebytes flags Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro as a false detection. If you’re not up for such kinds of games, you can consider other PC repair software tools with straightforward ethics.

In a nutshell, Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro is a solid software tool that lacks here and there but still makes a strong case. It can still be considered as one of the reliable system optimization tools out there. However, although the software presents a friendly user-interface with a great list of features to make one’s optimization experience convenient, it lacks the cutting-edge security to compete with some of the best security software. With that said, Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro is a worthy consideration if looking for state of the art additional features such as FaceID. However, for the price it goes for, you can get value for money elsewhere, without having to worry about always catching up to other leading industry’s security and cleaner system tools.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Pros and Cons


  • Customizable scans
  • Easy and friendly user-interface


  • Some of the essential tools must be downloaded separately
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