What is Intuitive Password?

Intuitive Password

In this time of crisis, remembering important details like passwords may not be an easy thing to do. You think about a lot of things that you end up forgetting about crucial information you need to access your bank accounts or other devices. This is when password managers come handy.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is simply an encrypted digital vault that saves your personal data and login information. It is designed to make it easier for you to access or retrieve your login information for websites and other services.

Aside from storing your sensitive data, a password manager can create strong passwords to ensure that you are not reusing them across services and devices. Besides, with all the security breaches occurring nowadays, you can never be so certain. If your online security and safety matters to you, then you can definitely benefit from a password manager.

Below, we have put together our honest thoughts and unbiased opinions about one popular password manager: Intuitive Password.

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An Overview of Intuitive Password

Intuitive Password is a feature-rich password manager software that offers a lot of things, such as password inheritance, folder organization, emergency access to passwords, and a customizable password generator. While its options and features make the interface quite complicated, it comes with a detailed user manual that has been conveniently embedded into the surface. This makes it easier for users to figure things out.

Intuitive Password Features

Again, Intuitive Password has a wide array of features that range from the common ones like a password manager to notifications on breached or weak passwords. It comes in four different plans, with the first three designed for the needs of individual users and the last one for bigger organizations and companies.

Below is a quick overview of this password manager’s features:

Pricing Plans

The Basic Plan (FREE)

  • Supports different devices like tablets, PCs, Macs, and smartphones
  • Auto-logout feature if it stays idle for a certain span of time
  • Searching of passwords can be done by keyword
  • Security alerts for breached or weak passwords
  • Emergency access
  • Secure password storage
  • One-click login process

Express Plan

  • Has all the features available in the Basic Plan
  • Can store up to 2000 passwords
  • Can be synced with OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox
  • Passwords can be imported and exported via CSV
  • 6-digit passcode for easy login
  • Offline access to data

Advanced Plan

  • Has all the features available in the Express Version
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Unlimited email alerts
  • Data restoration
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Account inheritance feature

Folder-Based Organization

Nowadays, users have multiple user accounts. So, to organize and track everything, Intuitive Password offers a folder-based organization that can be sorted by category. The default categories include:

  • Account – for IM and email accounts
  • Wallets – for banks and credit cards
  • Licenses – for software and application activation
  • Identifications – for storing driver license information or even library cards
  • Identities – for static data
  • Bookings – for hotel accommodations or car rentals

But of course, you can create nested folders in every category. You can even create as many folders as you want. This feature makes password organization easier.

Customizable Password Generator

Intuitive Password features a password generator that allows you to set the length, type of password, and what characters and symbols to include.

Emergency Access

If we ever become incapacitated, it will be difficult for our loved ones and friends to access our accounts and move forward with our affairs. Fortunately, this password manager grants emergency access for temporary incapacitation.

Account Inheritance

In the event of death, Intuitive Password’s account inheritance feature comes in handy. It allows you to hand over your account and password credentials to your heirs after your death. To use this, you need to enter a beneficiary and let him/her accept the role via email. If your beneficiary attempts to access your account details even when you’re still alive, you can always revoke his/her access.

How to Use Intuitive Password

It is easy to set up an account with Intuitive Password. Input your email and a password, select a plan, pay for it, and then verify your account via email. After that, you can start using it.

Once you are on the website, you will notice a confusing screen with many features. But don’t click away right then and there. Try to look for the Tutor Me tab. It should guide you in navigating the website and using its features.

How Secure is Intuitive Password?

Intuitive Password protects your accounts and passwords in many ways. First, it shows a security dashboard where you get notified for any duplicate or weak passwords. It even allows you to set expiry dates for your passwords. This makes you remember to change them every once in a while.

To further improve security, this password manager allows you to add another master password to sensitive data and passwords. By having a second password, you can rest easy knowing that even if cybercriminals get access to your passwords, they have to input another password to encrypt your records.

Intuitive Password Pros and Cons

Just like other password manager applications and programs out there, Intuitive Password has its fair share of pros and cons. These include:


  • It is completely browser-based, so you can access it anytime as long as you have a browser and a stable internet connection.
  • It is a platform-independent password management tool.
  • It comes with many security layers.
  • It is a secure storage of personal data and passwords.
  • It allows users to share login credentials with other groups and users.
  • It has an offline mode.


  • It lacks the password capture feature.
  • The password fill-in feature does not work all the time.
  • It does not fill in personal data in forms.
  • The offline mode has limited features.
  • Passwords are stored in the developer’s servers, not your devices.

Wrapping Up

In this Intuitive Password review, we have found that this password manager supports various operating systems and works in any modern browser. One does not even need help from professionals to install it. What it lacks is perhaps interface simplicity as it seems a bit complicated to use for the average computer users.

Have you been using Intuitive Password before? What can you say about its features? Let us know in the comments!

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