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Using an auto clicker is one of the most common game hacks that players like to employ. It is a type of software or script designed to automate clicking. The auto-clicker is usually triggered to generate input, in the form of clicks, that has been recorded at an earlier time or generated from various settings. An auto clicker is basically a program that simulates mouse clicking.

Autoclickers are usually used to mimic clicks. This is useful for when you frequently use your mouse to click on any software. However, this is mostly used on online games. All you need to do is press the hotkey designed to initiate the clicks and you’re all set. This software makes clicking fully automated and hassle free.

What Does Auto Clicker Do?

Generic auto clickers are generally simple. They imitate clicking actions and often work with a computer program. It runs with the program at the same time and acts as if a physical mouse is being pressed.

Advanced auto clickers are able to perform complicated actions. They can also be customized for a specific program, which usually involves memory reading. Customized auto clickers are usually designed for online games.

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Advanced auto clickers enable the user to automate almost all mouse functions, including simulating an entire set of keyboard inputs.

Here are some of the common actions performed by auto-clickers:

  • Single Click
  • Double Click
  • Left click
  • Right click
  • Button Down
  • Button Up

However, customized auto clickers may have a narrower limited scope compared to a generic auto clicker. For example, a custom auto clicker may be designed to perform successive single clicks only, which is what the user needs for a particular program.

Auto clicker apps are popular among players of role-playing video games since the player has to repeat the same action, over and over. Minecraft is one the popular sandbox games where auto clickers are widely employed.

Auto clickers are considered automation software because they basically do the clicks for you — usually at a more rapid pace than what is considered normal. And this is how online games that ban the use of auto clickers are able to determine the users who are cheating.

Yes, using an auto click can get you banned from your game. It is considered a form of cheat, which is unfair for other players. In a shooting game, for example, the auto clicker allows the player to shoot at a rapid pace, which means clicking rapidly, without lifting (or pressing) a finger at all.

Most auto clickers are designed for computers because it is the original device with a mouse. However, auto clickers have also been created for other platforms, such as Android and iOS.

Auto clicker apps provide relief from repetitive and tedious tasks. And if you think about it, the automated clicker is actually more efficient than human clicks. In terms of design, the backend of these apps is simple and lightweight, all for the purpose of carrying out computerized clicks. Some auto clickers come with time delay setup to match human clicks.

Is Auto Clicker a Safe File?

There are several auto clicker apps for different platforms, so users are wondering whether this file is safe. Well, as long as the auto clicker was installed from the developer’s website, then it should probably be safe to use.

When you install an auto clicker on your computer, it is normal to find AutoClicker.exe running in the background. There are many apps that make use of this process, including OP Auto Clicker and AutoClicker Application.

AutoClicker.exe is a safe file that is associated with the auto clicker software on your computer. Here are some information about this file:

  • File: AutoClicker.exe
  • Programs: OP Auto Clicker or AutoClicker MFC Application
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Location: C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\
  • Operating system: Windows 10/8/7/XP
  • File size: 783,175 byte

AutoClicker.exe is not a Windows system file and is not required for the running of the Windows OS. It also causes relatively few issues so it is safe to use.

However, most malware are known to mimic legitimate files in an attempt to avoid detection and removal. So if you’re experiencing issues on your PC due to the AutoClicker.exe file or you find this process running in Task Manager even though you don’t have an auto clicker installed, then what you have is probably malware.

Another way to verify whether AutoClicker.exe is malicious is by double-checking the file information listed above. If the AutoClicker.exe is located in a folder that is not C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\, especially the System32 folder, then you need to stop all of its processes immediately and remove it from your computer.

Is it Safe to Uninstall Autoclicker.exe?

If the autoclicker.exe is causing performance issues on your computer, such as frequent hangs, unresponsive screen, sluggishness, app crashes, or boot failure, then it is better to remove it from your device as soon as you can. Its damage has long outweighed its benefits, so you are better off without it. You can also choose an alternative auto clicker that won’t give you much trouble.

To uninstall Autoclicker.exe, you need to uninstall the main application first. Follow the steps below to ensure complete removal:

Step 1: Uninstall Auto Clicker.

  1. Click on Start, then type in Control Panel in the search box.
  2. Click Control Panel from the search results, then click on the Uninstall a program link under Program.
  3. The Control Panel looks the same for Windows 7 computers, but for Windows XP users, click on Add/Remove Programs instead.
  4. For Windows 10 users, you can also uninstall programs by navigating to Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features.
  5. Click Uninstall, then click Uninstall once again to confirm the action.

Step 2: Run a Scan.

If you suspect the Autoclicker.exe to be malicious, you should scan your computer for malware and delete them thoroughly. You need to use a reliable antivirus program that is able to detect even the smallest threats.

Step 3: Remove Leftover Files.

To make sure that the auto clicker has been totally removed from your PC and it will no longer cause an issue, remove the leftover files using a PC cleaner. This would remove all traces of the app or malware, even from the deepest directories.


Auto clickers are useful for automating clicks, especially for gamers. However, if the Autoclicker.exe is behaving suspiciously or it is triggering some errors on your computer, it would be better to remove it and find a better alternative.

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