The Best Virtual Classrooms Software for Effective Learning

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Choosing the right virtual classroom software is very important for learning and teaching. It’ll help you to improve the effectiveness of studying and make lessons fun. There is a large variety of platforms for online learning today. Each learner can choose the virtual classroom software he/she finds the most user-friendly one. All of the tools differ with at least one feature.

If it is better for the student to watch the video, offer the record of lessons if the student needs to switch more often, increase the number and types of assignments. In the process of learning, evaluate the results achieved. For implementation, a single environment is needed where all services with a single authorization are present, in which sets of tasks are modeled, diagnostics are carried out, and tools are offered. Moreover, the simpler the tool is, the better. So, your task is to find the virtual class software that can meet the personal requirements of your learning content.

Tips on How to Make the Best Choice

There are several things to keep in mind when searching for the platform for online classes.

  • Choose the tool keeping in mind your personal needs. Think whether you’ll study with one person or several users at a time.
  • Make the choice depending on the flexibility of the learning platform. Flexibility is the main advantage of the where each academic solution is tailored to the needs of students.
  • Choose the one that is maximum user-friendly and simple.
  • Make a list of the features that are crucial for you and test those that look like tools that can meet your requirements. Most companies offer to test run the tool for free before you choose the paid plan. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Great Tools for Getting Education Online

Here are the most popular interactive platforms for live communication with students online. Learn about their features to make the right choice for your web-based course.

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Vedamo serves as a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and administering e-learning projects. The solution can be applied to different educational systems – traditional, online one with pre-prepared materials (asynchronous), virtual class (synchronous), and all mixed options. The platform was developed in close cooperation with all stakeholders in the field of education and business. The platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and provides full control over the activities of teachers and all the participants.

Google Classroom

It’s a platform for maintaining a list of classes, courses, and activities. There are tools for teachers to formulate assignments for students, assign grades for lessons, and students can prepare and submit assignments in Google documents. When creating jobs, videos and documents are clinging automatically. They can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices. The platform is comfortable and simple, but like any other, you need to get used to it. You can clearly see when and to which class you need to hand over the assignments. You can immediately check the homework in the app itself.


This platform is perfect for media sharing, live videos, etc. Choosing this app, you’ll benefit from all the pros of the interactive whiteboard. The price depends on the number of students using the platform for learning. The courses presented here contain interesting quizzes and audio/video files. Even a kid of six could use LearnCube as it’s as easy as ABC.

Electa Live

It’s another perfect tool for online courses. Record the lesson and then listen to it again and again until you memorize the words of the tutor. Electa is an effective platform for collaboration. Check the content you’re sharing with ease. Just download the app and get started with live lessons wherever you are. It’s very convenient to interact with other participants of the course using the Electa platform. You can either join existing sessions or run your own one and anyone can join it. All the slides, images, and other pieces of educational content are available for Electa Live users.


Users can join the video conferencing as a presenter, moderator, and listener. The moderator can get a list of all “present” at the conference, disconnect the user completely or put him in “view only” mode. The creator of the conference automatically receives the status of a moderator, other users can be only listeners. The user can zoom in on individual fragments in order to better view them, communicate in a group or private chat. All participants can use webcams to exchange video information.

BBB supports more than 40 languages. When communicating in the chat in different languages, translation can be carried out automatically (the quality is at an acceptable level). To connect to the server, the user just needs to use a web browser with Adobe Flash support, that is, it can be any computer running Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Use one of the best apps in the market and you’ll see that learning can be fun and effective.

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