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Shift to remote working has pushed the organization to implement their training programs through a virtual classroom which is popularly known as e-Learning. Besides this has come along with the challenge of developing the course for which the trainers might not have the required e-coding skills. Various options of learning management systems come in handy here. This learning management system helps the trainer to create and deliver the training online.

Simply developing and making it available is not sufficient. Ensuring the program is interactive and engaging is the key as there is minimal face-to-face interaction. The learner has to learn their programs on their own. At the same time, it is advantageous as the learner gets the liberty of learning it at their own pace and time. This also means that they should be able to access the program from any location and from any device. Thus it becomes critical for the instructional designer to ensure that the program is compatible with all kinds of devices, especially mobile devices.

Keeping the above requirement in mind, mentioned below are some of the features that the instructional designer must focus on while creating the training program.


To create more effective learning, the lessons should be broken into smaller chunks. It becomes easier to distribute the course in a better and engaging way by breaking down the complex topics into smaller subtopics. This process makes knowledge transfer significantly effective and easier to retain.

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Easy Availability

Woman using tabletThe LMS should be available anytime, anywhere and should be capable of delivering the information whenever demanded. The app and the content related to the app should be easily downloadable from the cloud server.

Spaced Learning

Reinforcement is the sure-shot successful method of retaining the knowledge for a longer period of time. The program should be designed such that the information is repeated through a set schedule, maybe in different formats or methods, if possible.


iPad and iPhoneThe tool should be simple to use and should enable even the less experienced trainer to create the course content easily with high effectiveness.


By making the course interactive is one of the biggest challenges as you do not interact much with your audience. Also, the learning curve for every individual is different. Including the information in the form of quizzes and games makes it more engaging and interesting. This also helps in better knowledge retention.

Interactive Templates

The LMS must have the feature of creating interactive and gamified templates to create the course for better understanding and longer knowledge retention. This will enable and enhance microlearning and encourage peer learning.


Woman using phone and laptopAs the training courses are time-consuming and require more focus, you must ensure that your program is mobile optimized. Though it is understood, testing ensuring from all perspectives is important so that your course does not go hay-wire on a different platform.

Push Notifications

To ensure that the employees are taking the course seriously and are completing their assignments within the given timelines, create a system for sending timely notifications. This can also be used for informing about the release of new lessons, achievements, announcements, deadline reminders, etc.

Learning With Peers

Online LearningLearning with peers is always fun. You can promote this through social media by creating chat groups, discussion forums, and many other platforms. Through this method, relating with the content becomes easier and employees can share their creative ideas.


If the rewards are linked to your learning, it becomes more competitive and interactive. Rolling out small rewards at various stages of the course encourages the learner and keeps them involved.


Instead of choosing the desktop-based LMS, you must choose the LMS app which can be optimized with mobile devices easily and make m-learning fun.

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