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Security software, such as antivirus and anti-malware programs, is designed to protect your device from malicious applications. However, sometimes these security programs can also cause problems on your device. For example, some components of these applications can conflict with your operating system or other processes running on your computer.

One specific example of this case is the Navlibx error that has affected several Mac users recently. Navlibx is part of the Symantec Norton security software. The problem may not be critical, except for the constant pop-ups, but a lot of users believe that Navlibx is malware because of this. It might seem scary every time the error message appears, but you don’t have to panic. There are many possible reasons why you’re having an issue with Navlibx on macOS — malware is just one of them.

But what is Navlibx and why is it returning an error on your Mac? Is Navlibx safe? This article will provide information on this Navlibx error and what causes it.

What is Navlibx?

Navlibx is a genuine library file associated with the Norton Symantec security software. This means that the file is not malicious as several Mac users claim. The error encountered by the affected users does not mean that the Navlibx is infected by malware.

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The error message usually reads like this:

“Navlibx” will damage your computer.

This file was downloaded on an unknown date.

Report malware to Apple to protect other users

This error message prompted a lot of users to conclude that the Navlibx file is a type of malicious software that will damage their devices. When users try to remove the app, the onscreen prompt asks for the user’s admin password, making users more paranoid. This gets them into thinking that the app is probably trying to access their personal information. However, this particular error message is legitimate because it is from macOS itself and your information won’t be transmitted through the internet.

According to reports, most users encountered the error after they updated their macOS to Catalina, which was launched in October 2019. In most cases, the error immediately appears when the computer restarts after upgrading macOS. The error message keeps coming back even after closing the window. The reason why this error occurs is because of the software conflict between the Symantec Norton software and the newly updated macOS.

Is Navlibx Safe?

If you have the Symantec Norton security software installed on your computer, then your Navlibx file is probably legitimate. But if you’re running a different security program and you get this error message, that’s when you need to be worried because it is obviously malicious.

The Navlibx error message is part of a series of error messages that help identify malicious files on your Mac. Because most malware operates by disguising themselves as legitimate files or processes, we cannot discount the fact that this Navlibx error might actually be a threat. Some malware even warns users about fake malware infections or other non-existent threats, urging the unsuspecting users to download apps to “clean” their devices or remove the “threats” detected.

When you get these prompts, don’t download anything because you can actually infect your Mac with malware. The Navlibx notification is safe because it does not come from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other browsers as fake pop-ups do.

Navlibx on macOS

How do you know if the Navlibx on macOS is a real system prompt or malware? Take note that any kind of system message, including the Navlibx notification, can be imitated so users are right to be suspicious of all these messages. To distinguish between a fake and real prompt, here are some of the things you need to look for:

  • The error message popped up as soon as you visited a URL using your browser.
  • The error message says that your Mac is infected by viruses, your personal information is being stolen, or other alarming threats.
  • When you close the prompt or the ad, either by clicking the x or the cancel button, you are redirected to a suspicious website where you are urged to download tools to clean the infection or protect your device.
  • The error message looks vague or doesn’t make sense. Sometimes you’ll even notice grammar errors in the notification.

So before you try to delete the Navlibx file, make sure to do some digging first to make sure that you’re not deleting a legitimate file. When you do so, you’ll definitely encounter more errors that are related to the app associated with the Lavlibx file.

What Does the NavLibx Virus Do?

In case you’re infected with a malicious software imitating the NavLibx process, you should remove it from your Mac immediately. The Navlibx virus is a type of pop-up ad generator that displays annoying and intrusive ads on your device without your permission. It is associated with a lot of potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) and is distributed through various web browsers.

Here are some of the dangers of Navlibx that you need to watch out for:

  • It can log the keys that you type on your keyboard.
  • It can monitor and redirect the websites that you try to visit.
  • It can disable your anti-malware program and cause apps to crash or malfunction.
  • It can download other malware or adware.
  • It can take screenshots of your Mac.
  • It can tap into your audio and video.
  • It can read, modify, or delete your files.

How to Stop Navlibx Pop-Ups

If you’re getting the Navlibx error message after upgrading to macOS Catalina, you can easily resolve this by updating your Norton security software. The latest version of that particular anti-malware app should be compatible with the newest version of macOS. Click the Apple menu > About this Mac > Software Update to check for new updates. Or you can visit the Norton website to download the updates manually. Once your security software is updated, the Navlibx error should now be resolved.

However, if you’re dealing with a Navlibx virus, it takes more than updating your security software to resolve this issue. You need to follow our malware removal guide (insert template) to make sure that it is completely deleted from your system. You can also use a Mac cleaning app to delete all leftover infected files so they won’t be able to reinfect your computer.

Once you have removed the Navlibx virus from your Mac, practice safe internet browsing protocols to keep away from unwanted programs, adware, and other malicious software.

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