What is Wup.exe?

Malware Attack

Wup.exe is a malware entity identified as a Trojan virus or coin miner (or simply Trojan Coin Miner) that uses an infected computer system’s resources for crypto mining.

Most antivirus software programs identify wup.exe as malware. For example, TrendMicro detects it as TROJ_COINMINE.CYE or TROJ_GEN.R002C0OJI17, while Symantec detects it as Trojan.Gen.2.

The wup.exe virus’ executable files only target the Windows operating system. However, they are not essential for a Windows PC to run as it will likely cause problems.

The main symptom of a wup.exe file infection is an abnormal CPU consumption, up to almost 100%. The virus can also alter the Temp folder’s content and create related Registry keys.

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Is Wup.exe a Virus?

Yes, wup.exe is a Trojan virus that belongs to the family of Trojan coin miner. It is a file executable associated with www.AGEIA.com or PetGame software. The wup.exe virus has been termed a Trojan because of its intrusive and questionable behavior.

How Did Wup.exe Virus Get into My Computer?

The main methods through which the wup.exe virus is distributed is software bundling, intrusive advertisement, and redirects to shady sites. Pirated software packages, Torrent files, bogus updates promoted on malicious banners, and pop-ups ads can also contain the wup.exe executable.

What Does Wup.exe Do?

To successfully conduct its activities (as operated by miners), the wup.exe virus will be using much of your computer’s resources. If this happens, you’ll notice the following:

  • High amount of CPU, RAM and graphics usage, up to almost 100%
  • Your PC will run slower than usual because of high resource use
  • Sluggish video games that may falter or freeze
  • High PC temperatures and even overheating
  • Most programs in your PC will run slower

Other than its stealthy and secretive tendencies, the wup.exe virus can secretly download other threats and open back doors for hackers to access your PC.

Should Wup.exe Be Removed?

The wup.exe virus is a stealthy and silent virus. Many users cannot even notice the existence of the wup.exe virus in their PC because the file executable has no information regarding the product developer.

Besides, the program is not visible on the PC system. The processes involved use ports to connect to or from the Internet or a LAN. It isn’t a Windows system file, and it can monitor other applications and manipulate other programs.

This is why it is classified as a high-risk infection (with a technical security rating of 99% dangerous) and puts your computer, privacy, and other essential personal information at high risk.

If you spot it, you need to remove and get rid of it completely from the PC to avoid any further damage that it can cause.

How to Remove the Wup.exe Virus

Note: When removing the wup.exe virus, you need to eliminate its core files. You need to clean your PC system thoroughly and remove all its traces to terminate its activities. Otherwise, it may reinstall itself or even get installed a few more times to continue with its activities.

The best way to remove wup.exe is to use a quality anti-malware program that can get rid of such malware. Some of the anti-malware programs that you can use include SpyHunter 5, Security Task Manager, and Malwarebytes.

You also need to ensure that your PC remains clean and tidy to avoid further trouble. This means you also need to clean your hard drive for malware. Use the following methods:

  1. Disk Cleanup

When the hard drive fills up, Windows will run slower. Disk Cleanup can get rid of unused and unnecessary temporary files. To conduct disk cleanup, run the command cleanmgr:

    • Press Windows key + Q.
    • Enter cmd > then a combination of Ctrl + Shift + Enterto run it as Administrator.
    • Enter the command cleanmgr and press Enter.

Follow the instructions to clean the disk.

  1. System File Checker (SFC)

Use the SFC utility to examine your Windows file for errors and damaged files. It will also check activity logs and repair damaged files. If you want to check an activity log, it is stored in the Windows folder as \Logs\CBS\CBS.log.

To run the SFC utility:

    • Press Windows key + Q.
    • Enter cmd > then a combination of Ctrl + Shift + Enterto run it as Administrator.
    • Enter the command sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  1. Uninstall malicious (unnecessary) programs
    • Press Windows key + X to open the Start menu.
    • Click Programs and Features (or apps in Windows 10/11.)
    • In the list of installed programs, locate www.AGEIA.com or PetGame or other malicious programs.
    • Click the software you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall.
    • Follow the instructions to uninstall the program.


The wup.exe virus is a high-risk infection. Should you experience a problem with it, remove it immediately and get rid of all its related files. Recall the last program you installed or your last internet activity before the problem’s first appearance to give you an idea where to start.

We believe this article has helped you know about the wup.exe virus and how to remove it. Do you have anything to share with us regarding wup.exe? Please leave us a comment.

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