What Is Securityhealthsystray.exe?

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Anything that features the word ‘security’ can be easily associated with being safe. However, with the evolving cyberattacks, human psychology has been studied to come with swift infiltration methods. With most of the online users now aware of the common tactics used by cybercriminals, dubious developers now opt to clone legitimate processes and use them as malware.

If you came across the Securityhealthsystray.exe file in your system, you must be cautious and investigate to find out if it is legitimate or a cloned virus version. Securityhealthsystray.exe is a Windows file responsible for a particular process running in the system. However, eyebrows can be raised if this executable file triggers several processes in the background. It should also be alarming if this file consumes a lot of CPU resources.

Executable files can harm the system, if deemed malicious. However, before removing the file prematurely, you must first determine if it is dangerous or not. The best way to do so is through the use of trusted anti-malware programs.

Once you identify that the Securityhealthsystray.exe file is malicious, you can then execute the recommended steps to remove it permanently from the system. But if the file is legitimate and belongs to a certain Windows service, removing it abruptly may cause damage to the system and lead to malfunction issues. Therefore, a proper diagnosis must be carried out since the real file belongs to Windows Security Health software.

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Is Securityhealthsystray.exe a Virus?

Securityhealthsystray.exe is an executable file that is related to Windows Search Filter Host. It is run by the operating system along with other processes of the system. The legitimate file is vital to some Windows functionalities and its existence should not be the cause of any system problems.

Regardless, a lot of users have raised concerns about securityhealthsystray.exe that runs on the system. Disabling the process from the Task Manager is not recommended as it will still appear when the procedure is needed for the device to launch. So, you must first verify the details before deciding to remove it. This includes the actual location of the file, size of the file if it’s not more than 80 bytes, as well as the publisher information.

The legitimate file must be located in Windows System folders as well. If there are discrepancies in the location area and in file size, you’re likely dealing with a cyber threat. Also, anti-malware programs can help identify executable files that are dangerous or related to malware.

A cloned securityhealthsystray.exe file can be any sort of virus such as Trojan or malicious processes programmed to inflict harm to the machine. Users must be concerned when the intruder triggers several issues to the system such as computer slowness, high CPU usage, constant crashes, as well as freezing.

If the securityhealthsystray.exe file is a threat, it can be programmed to carry the following harmful actions:

  • Open doors for other malicious programs to infect the system
  • Make harmful changes to system processes
  • Use the system resources to mine cryptocurrency

Unlike ransomware or other viruses that have symptoms which can be easily recognized by the user, securityhealthsystray.exe is a different case. Its existence is hard to notice, hence causing severe system damage.

Should Securityhealthsystray.exe Be Removed?

If you have confirmed that the securityhealthsystray.exe file you’re dealing with is malicious, then you should remove it from the system to avoid severe damage. The key to avoiding problems with securityhealthsystray.exe is to keep your system clean and tidy. To do so, you must run a full system scan using a strong anti-malware tool.

You must also clean your storage drive and check for any system file discrepancies using the sfc/scannow command. Get rid of all programs that you no longer need and use msconfig to identify programs that autostart. Lastly, you must enable Windows’ automatic update option to ensure that your software is always updated and using the latest security patch. Don’t forget to perform periodic backups or set several restore points.

Here are the procedures to follow when removing securityhealthsystray.exe virus from your system:

Solution #1: Perform an Anti-Malware Full System Scan

Download and install an updated version of a trusted and reputable anti-malware software tool such as Outbyte AVarmor from a legitimate source. Launch the program and execute a full system scan to identify all malicious content together with the securityhealthsystray.exe virus file. Once detected, quarantine or delete everything that has been flagged as malicious, PUP, or dangerous to the system.

Solution #2: Perform SFC Scan

The chances of the virus damaging other important system files are high. Therefore, you must regularly run a System File Checker tool to identify any issues within system files. The utility will then fix any issues by replacing the damaged, corrupt, or missing files along with fresh ones.

  1. Launch the Command Prompt with Administrator rights by pressing the Windows + R keys combined.
  2. Into the text field, type cmd and then press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys. When prompted by the UAC to give administrator privileges, click on the Yes button.
  3. Now, in the Administrator: Command Prompt window, insert the following line and hit the Enter key:
    sfc /scannow
  4. Wait for the process to complete, and then restart the computer.


If you want to maintain a productive online experience, keeping your computer clean and protected is crucial. Utilizing robust, updated anti-malware security software can contribute to the prevention of virus attacks. With ongoing improvements to security features like Windows Defender, the additional use of a reliable third-party security suite that complements these features can further enhance your protection measures.

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