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IAStorIcon is an abbreviation for “Intel Array Storage Technology Icon Service.” The “.exe” extension on the name shows that the file is executable. Most executable files can be harmful to the system, especially if they’re malicious.

Keep reading this post to find out if the IAStorIcon.exe file on your computer is a legitimate application or a virus that needs to be deleted. Reading this will help you move forward with the PC repair process.

A Brief Definition of IAStorIcon.exe

The legit IAStorIcon.exe program is a software component of RST by Intel Technology. This executable file usually has a size of about 21.53MB. The file is found in the Windows Taskbar next to the clock and other notification items.

IAStorIcon.exe starts with Windows by default and displays messages related to any storage device that is connected to the computer.

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Is IAStorIcon.exe a Virus?

The first question that people ask themselves when they notice this Windows process on Task Manager is, “Is IAStorIcon.exe a legit file?”

If you are having problems with this executable file, you should dig deeper to figure out if it’s trustworthy or not. The results you get will determine if you should delete the process or keep it. There are several things that you can check to determine whether or not the IAStorIcon.exe file is a virus. These include:

The Location

A legitimate IAStorIcon.exe process should run from “C:\Program Files\intel\intel(r) rapid storage technology enterprise\iastorui.exe” and not from any other subfolder.

To confirm the file’s directory, follow these steps:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Select “View.
  3. Choose “Columns.
  4. Click on “Image Path Name.
  5. A location column is added to your Task Manager. If you notice a suspicious location, then investigate more.

The Verified Signature Label

Another tool that helps users detect bad processes is “Microsoft Process Explorer.”

To check if the IAStorIcon.exe is a harmless process, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the process.
  2. Under options, activate “Check Legends.
  3. Click on “View.
  4. Select “Columns.
  5. Then, add “Verified Signer” as one of the columns.

If the status returns an “Unable to Verify” message, that is an indicator that you need to investigate further. However, keep in mind that not all “good” Windows processes have a Verified signer, but neither do the bad processes.

The Publisher and Size

The publisher needs to show “Intel Corporation,” and as we’d previously mentioned, the file is known to be up to 21.53 MB on most Windows devices.

The Spelling

Sometimes, cybercriminals can get very sneaky. They slightly change the name of a legitimate file to confuse users. It’s not easy to spot a misspelled IAStorIcon.exe file name as most people think. For instance, one should be able to tell the difference between a lowercase “L” and an uppercase “I.” This trick is used to make users believe that a file is something it isn’t. In the case of IAStorIcon.exe, the different misspelled variations are:

  • IAStorlcon.exe
  • LAStorIcon.exe
  • IAStoreIcon.exe
  • lAStorlcon.exe

IAStorIcon.exe Error Messages

The most common way in which users realize that there is a problem with the IAStorIcon.exe process is the appearance of error messages. Some of the error messages that you should expect to see include:

  • IAStorIcon.exe failed.
  • IAStorIcon.exe not found.
  • Cannot find IAStorIcon.exe.
  • IAStorIcon.exe is not running.
  • IAStorIcon has stopped working.
  • IAStorIcon.exe Application Error.
  • IAStorIcon.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.

These messages usually pop up during the installation of an app, during the execution of its associated software, during the startup/shutdown of windows, or during the installation of Windows OS.

How to Remove IAStorIcon.exe?

As opposed to other files that are necessary for Windows’ stability, IAStorIcon.exe has a limited purpose, and it can be removed without causing problems. This means that it’s okay to eliminate this process if:

  • It’s using up too much CPU or memory.
  • You start getting IAStorIcon.exe errors.
  • You suspect that the IAStorIcon.exe file is malicious.

If you suspect that a virus has infected your computer, then you need to fix the problem immediately.

To delete the IAStorIcon.exe process, you have to download and install a robust anti-malware tool, and then run a scan. If the functionality of the virus hinders its deletion, you first have to enable Safe Mode with Networking. The manual removal process is quite long and requires you to uninstall Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology using the “Uninstall a Program” path under “Control Panel.”


IAStorIcon.exe starts as soon as you start your PC and is not an essential part of the OS. So, if it starts causing problems, you should remove it. Since some malicious programs camouflage themselves as IAStorIcon.exe, it’s advised to check the process to see if it’s a threat. A fake IAStorIcon.exe file needs to be deleted as soon as possible.

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