What is Free Package Tracker Plus?

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Potentially unwanted programs have become quite common. They’re commonly used by developers as a way to monetize a user’s clicks. These programs claim to bring huge benefits to the user, benefits that will enhance their browsing experience. These programs may appear legitimate and tempt the user to download and install them, but unfortunately, they rarely deliver on their promises.

Free Package Tracker Plus is a malicious program that is falsely advertised as a useful tool, because in truth, this adware-type browser extension offers the user little to no benefits. Once installed, it causes the redirection of search queries and promotes advertisements as a way of earning revenue from pay-per-click websites.

What Can Free Package Tracker Plus Do?

Free Package Tracker Plus is designed to track the user’s online activities to monetize on ad revenue. The most prominent aftermath of its infection is the flooding of your online browsing sessions with ads. This program use dubious ads to deceive users into installing more serious infiltrations like Trojans.

Once it gets into your system, the so-called Free Package Tracker Plus induces several changes, including changing the web browser settings, without permission. This causes the results to be altered whenever the user makes a query. Search results are filled with sponsored links which include:

  • Pop-ups
  • In-text links
  • Banners
  • Coupons
  • Promo
  • Discounts
  • Deals, etc

These are shown on every page you visit. Other actions apart from redirection to untrustworthy websites include:

  • Infection with browser hijackers
  • Establishing browser cookies for tracking private data
  • Promotion of other apps that are potentially intrusive or could even cause harm

What Type of Data Does the Free Package Tracker Plus Collect?

The tracking collects different types of data, including:

  • Sites that are visited
  • Links created
  • Language of preference
  • The browser version
  • Timestamps
  • ISP, etc.

As a result, personal information, such as email addresses, location, and IP addresses are collected.

How Does the Free Package Tracker Plus Infect Computers?

There are quite a number of factors that facilitate the widespread distribution of PUPs in the class of adware. Adware is a common program that affects computers globally and may result in compromising a user’s privacy. To understand this class of malicious software clearly, you need to study the different types of malware and what they do.

Programs in the same family as Free Package Tracker Plus are distributed via deceptive methods such as software bundles or fake Flash Player installers. These sneaky bundle packages create a leeway for the installation of malicious software behind the user’s back.

Developers take advantage of how users pay very little attention to the steps when installing a new application. Users absent-mindedly click “Next” so that they can get done with the installation quickly. Unfortunately, this is how users easily allow the adware to get into their computer.

Users need to be extra vigilant when surfing the internet and when they’re downloading software that they aren’t familiar with. Here are some tips to help you avoid infiltration by malware:

  1. Read through forums and reviews before installing software.
  2. Make sure that the applications provide a Privacy Policy.
  3. Avoid shady websites that are known to distribute untrusted software.
  4. Avoid downloading/installing cracked software versions.
  5. Always enable the “Advanced/Custom” option instead of the pre-checked options.
  6. Always employ a powerful security tool that’ll protect you from malware.

How to Remove Free Package Tracker Plus

As previously mentioned, this program tracks the users’ private data, so if you care about your privacy and don’t want to see annoying ads during your browsing session, you should uninstall Free Package Tracker Plus as soon as you find it. You can either do it manually by following Free Package Tracker Plus removal instructions or automatically using a robust anti-malware tool. The automatic removal method comes in handy if you encounter problems during the removal or if you’re not so sure of your computer skills and fear damaging your computer further.

More often than not, the Free Package Tracker Plus removal problem shouldn’t have any problems. This is mainly because such a program does not alter the computer settings. However, more complex PUPs may require more advanced removal techniques.

After you’re done removing the extension, you should also consider resetting the browser settings to default. Scan your computer with an anti-malware program to complete the termination.


The Free Package Tracker Plus has no genuine value to its users despite the fact that it’s presented as a useful app. Instead, it, unfortunately, leads to some serious issues. Users report noticing intrusive ad campaigns, and sometimes the program leads to force-opening malicious sites.

We strongly advise you to opt for Free Package Tracker Plus removal the moment you realize that your computer has been infected. After the uninstallation, you need to check your computer with a reliable PC Repair tool.

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