What is Comet Search?

Browser Hijack

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If you haven’t encountered a browser hijacker, it means your online behavior is on point. Browser hijackers are common and attack anyone who uses the internet. This type of malware relies on affiliate ads for monetary gains.

Comet Search is among the notorious browser hijackers that may appear like a genuine search engine to unsuspecting users. But the truth is, it is a dubious program that modifies the affected browser settings to promote a fake search engine.

Comet Search is more harmful than it seems due to its data tracking traits that capture and steal personal information. So, it is a privacy concern to your online activities and can lead to identity theft if not removed.

What Does Comet Search Do?

Comet Search is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application due to the dangers it poses. This browser hijacker targets any popular browser with a huge user-base, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, as well as Explorer. Once the malware infiltrates your system, it changes the homepage of your browser and puts fake web searchers along with dubious new tab URLs and search engines. This means any query launched or new tab opened gets redirected to cometsearch.info.

To make matters worse, Comet Search can block access to the browser’s settings page and restrict any reset permission to avoid any removal. This makes it impossible to recover your browser without first removing the malware.

The Comet Search browser hijacker tracks data such as search queries, and IP addresses. It also tracks sites visited, physical locations, as well as personal information. It then monetizes the collected information by selling it to third-parties who are likely cybercriminals. This leads to severe privacy problems, potential financial loss, and identity theft. To guarantee user safety and the integrity of the device, all dubious applications must be removed.

If you’re wondering how Comet Search got installed in your system, here are some of the common tactics used to distribute the program:

  • Software bundling – This is a common technique used by many virus developers. The malicious program gets bundled with suspicious yet legitimate-looking software installation files. It is then set up to automatically install together. That is if the unsuspecting user selects Express or recommended installation process.
  • Insecure downloads – This PUA is commonly found in torrents sites with pirated content. Users that have a habit of downloading pirated content from insecure sites are at They end up with various forms of viruses including Comet Search.
  • Email attachments and links – A seemingly harmless email can contain an attachment with a virus payload. Once the user clicks to download or view the attachment, the virus self-executes, finding its way to the computer.
  • Dubious ads – Most PUAs present promotional web pages that offer users massive wins. This is only under the condition that they download the software.

Staying vigilant is one way to avoid viruses online such as Comet Search. However, despite the extra measures put in place, such dubious apps will always find means to penetrate your system. In such a case, we present you with the best formula to remove Comet Search malware.

How to Remove Comet Search?

The removal process can seem complex at first, considering that the browser might not even be configurable. Well, that’s what these criminals want you to think; that there is no way out. By following the simple guide prepared, you will know how to get rid of Comet Search and wipe your system clean. You will also get rid of other malware that might have installed during the infection.

Solution #1: Uninstall the Program from the Computer

To uninstall Comet Search program from the computer and its associate applications, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the Windows button and select Apps & Features.
  2. Now, scroll through the available apps and identify all that’s related to Comet Search. Remove anything installed moments before, during, and after the infection.
  3. Click to highlight the program, then select the Uninstall button and follow the onscreen prompts. Pay attention to the prompts as some of the malware will try to trick you into keeping them unknowingly.
  4. When done, restart the computer and move to the next solution.

Solution #2: Perform a Full Scan Using Strong Anti-malware

Now that you have gotten rid of what you think is malware, it’s time to double-check with a software specifically designed to find and get rid of the malware. Download and install a strong anti-malware security tool. Run a full system scan to detect and quarantine anything malicious. Most of these anti-malware solutions offer long-term security features as well as advanced Internet privacy settings as well.

Solution #3: Remove Comet Search from the Browser

Removing Comet Search from the browser is the last but most important step. Remember, this is where the virus is doing most of its tormenting. So, you mustn’t get it wrong if you want your freedom. The following instructions are based on Google Chrome but can be used on just about any browser.

  1. Click on the 3 dotted Google Chrome icon at the top-right corner.
  2. From the emerging menu, select More Tools, and then click on Extensions.
  3. Now, find Comet Search as well as other extensions that got installed right before, during, and after the infection. Remove them all.
  4. Now, go back to the 3 dotted icon. This time, select Settings. Under the on startup category, deactivate Comet Search. Check for the URL link cometsearch.info under Open a specific or set of pages. If it is there, click on the 3 dotted icon and choose Remove.
  5. Then, go back to the main 3 dotted icon and select Settings before hovering to the Search engine section. Select Manage search engines… and then look for cometsearch.info and Remove from list.
  6. When done, head back to the main 3 dotted icon and click on Settings. Click on the Advanced link at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Scroll down to find the Reset button and click on it. Confirm that you wish to reset the browser to its original defaults. Do so by clicking on the Reset button again.
  8. When done, restart the computer and enjoy a virus free browsing experience.


Comet Search is a drop in the ocean as there are many sorts of viruses out there. From ransomware, spyware, to Trojans, you must stay prepared and learn to defend yourself against them by understanding their nature. Keeping an anti-malware security tool running in the background can help prevent many infections. You must also apply online cautious measures to avoid falling victim to any of the viruses.

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