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It’s easy to fall prey to the Google Prize scam. The creators behind this hoax took advantage of the simple fact that it is human nature to love and thrive on freebies. Only a few people tend to think twice before clicking on an ad that is well presented and claims to be a prize. That is the Google Prize scam modus operandi. This article shares easy tips on how to remove this scam from the system in case you’re attacked.

How Does the Google Prize Scam Work?

You might ask, “What is the Google Prize scam?” Well, this scam is an entire fraudulent page with a message telling the user that they have won one or more prizes from Google. To redeem the prize, they must click links that will redirect to the fraudulent websites.

How does this happen? The process is seamlessly done. Usually, by the time the user wakes up and notices what is happening, they would already be in the middle of following through with the scam instructions. The Google Prize scam can be installed in the system via fake software updates or piggybacking on software bundles. Therefore, it qualifies as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Usually, PUPs go unnoticed as they infiltrate the system. However, in just a single click, they can cause hard-to-repair damage.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of the adware being on your system:

  • Constant browser pop-up ads that are usually fake news, updates or non-existent software
  • An excess of adverts, even at odd places
  • Frequently visited web pages have changed their alignment or no longer displaying properly
  • Sudden change in the homepage display to something that you don’t recognize or remember permitting
  • Constant redirects from the page that you would have initially requested for or opted to visit

Most users don’t pay attention when installing software. The optional installs need to be checked, especially since they can sneak in the Google Prize scam adware which won’t be noticed right away. If installations aren’t custom selections, then the user automatically accepts anything accompanying the software or program meant to be installed. This is when the Google Prize PUP and similar scams get into the system and take over.

What Does the Google Prize Scam Do?

Google Prize scam qualifies as an online scam, Internet phishing scheme, and adware. Although not too dangerous, it still is harmful to the system. There are no alterations done to the system, but users are tricked into visiting dodgy websites. The scam mostly affects the Google Chrome browser. However, this doesn’t mean that other browsers are immune to it as it has been reported by users on Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

The Google Prize adware has been discovered to be harmful and most often, affecting Android, iPhone and iPad devices. It is super easy to spread around as it can be passed along pretending to be a software bundle or just coming out as a malicious ad.

Users are constantly and easily redirected to less trusted websites displaying Google Prize Scams and other similar scams. It can be easy for the Google Prize scam to move about as it has aliases. Giving the scam different names is a clever way of sneaking it around in case users become familiar with one or two names. Some of the most used and recent names of this scam include:

  • Google Sunday Prize
  • Google Customer Reward Program
  • Congratulations, you won
  • Google Membership Rewards Program
  • 5 Billion Prizes
  • Google Survey

There are a lot more, and the names keep getting shuffled around and changed to continue with the deception. Still, the Google Prize scam will record and store the collected information. This can be sold off to third parties without the user’s knowledge or consent. The Google Prize scam is not a product of, neither is it affiliated with Google. Taking data from analysts and users who have come across this scam, you can also follow the instructions below to get rid of this scam virus.

Google Prize Scam Removal Instructions

There isn’t a solution or tool dedicated to helping remove Google Prize scam. The best way to go around the scam would be using a tried and proven software security tool. A right security tool works best in combating the scam in the background without you having to probe or worry about it.

Safely install an anti-malware program. The security program can also easily detect the Google Prize scam adware. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Windows, open Programs and select Uninstall or Remove
  2. Select all programs you don’t recognize or remember authorizing their installation
  3. Use the trusted security software tool to help you remove the Google Prize scam virus
  4. Also, check for additional PUP and malware
  5. Reset the browser to automatically remove these scam popups and similar notifications in the future

Another way of going about it would be to manually remove the adware. This method is not the easiest, especially when considering that you might not know what exactly qualifies as the PUP. You have to go about deleting all unknown extensions, add-ons, plug-ins and programs from unverified sources that are already installed on the system.

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